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Content reuse in practice (03 Sep 2004)
'Content reuse' is often seen as one of the key benefits to be gained by implementing a content management system (CMS).

It is certainly true that there are considerable advantages in being able to use a single page (or piece of content) in multiple locations on a single site, across multiple sites, or in different published formats.

The reality however is that few organisations are able to realise this vision of content reuse in practice. Instead, content reuse is typically only used in a few limited situations, with authoring and publishing continuing unchanged to a large extent.

This article explores the reality of content reuse, with the aim of presenting a practical view of content reuse, how it can be implemented in common situations, and the barriers to adoption that exist in many situations.

This will assist organisations to make more informed decisions regarding the selection of content management systems and the adoption of content reuse.
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