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Profits First, Users Second (18 Aug 2004)
Most people in the field of usability assume that usability as an end point makes sense. The idea goes like this. If we focus on usability, we are bringing the thoughts, desires, and needs of users into the fold. That is, if something is highly usable, it is something that is good for people. People like things that are more usable. People are willing to pay more for usable products and services. When people are at the center of design, then the things we sell them will make them happy. It seems that the idea is to have a closed loop system. Start with the users, build products and services they say they want, and then they will buy what they tell us they want. Seems like a great idea on the surface. But there are issues. If the focus is on users, and they always come first, will the business maintain the margins it needs? Where is the focus on the business? A focus on users does not guarantee good business whatsoever. Users at the center mean that companies are not. What does this entail? Where does it lead?
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