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Arthur K. Cebrowski on Transformation of Defense (11 Aug 2004)
One of the most stunning examples is that several years ago some people in government laboratories thought that we could compete on the basis of how well we could navigate and tell time and that rather than telling time by the stars we could create artificial stars. This of course came to be known as the Global Positioning System or GPS. The advent of this technology changed the character of warfare. It facilitated the movement from daylight operations to 24-hour operations. It significantly enhanced precision and it increased the speed of conflict. Just about every aspect of the organization changed by virtue of introducing this technology. This of course went on to change society. All nations of the world to varying degrees use GPS. We use it in many civil undertakings. For example, our regular aircraft routing now is done by virtue of GPS. You can see how by starting there you can essentially create a new future that was not possible until now.
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