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Planning for redesign, 1: Establishing the context (02 Aug 2004)
I'd like to demonstrate that even a truncated and simplified version of the standard process is useful and valuable. You get what you pay for, of course. But even when there's no time or budget for proper discovery, you can still strike to the core of the issues around the perceived requirement for a redesign, and hopefully point towards satisfactory resolutions, just by knowing what to ask.

Despite the technical-sounding and sometimes intimidating names the above deliverables bear, and the depths they frequently drill into, the informational demand at their heart can always be expressed in simple, natural-language questions. This is something I've come to insist on over the past several years: there is literally no need to mystify this process, to clients or anyone else, unless you're convinced that your value as a professional is enhanced by an impenetrable aura of obscurity.
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