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More Eric Meyer on CSS (28 Jul 2004)
What sets this book apart for me is the abundance of margin notes and 'asides.'

Throughout the book there are many 'asides' (detailed explanations of the technique or alternatives you could choose). They are color-coded and can be safely skipped whilst doing the project, but they are a very useful addition.

The margin notes come in three forms: Note, Warning and Web site notes. The latter links the text to the Web site-which files you need to download, etc. Warnings highlight parts of the project that might cause cross-browser problems, and Notes, my favorites, add little snippets of very useful information.

For example, one snippet I picked up from the margin notes was that absolutely positioning an element always generates a block-level box, regardless of what sort of box it would have generated normally. Another was that when setting a border on an element, you donít need to declare a color, as the border color will be the same as the element color unless specifically declared otherwise.
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