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The Role of ERPANET in Supporting Digital Curation and Preservation in Europe (22 Jul 2004)
ERPANET's online resources, events, and contributions to research, awareness raising, dissemination, and action provides a substantial resource for the community. We have helped promote change in the community, but we now face our most substantial challenge. As our first phase of funding is coming to an end, we are examining business scenarios to find one that will give ERPANET long-term viability. We will decide in July 2004 how, if at all, ERPANET will be continued beyond November 2004. While we hope that ERPANET will continue playing a part in satisfying the need for reliable knowledge about digital preservation methods and practices and high quality research, the ERPANET team recognise that many more organisations of this kind are needed if we are to develop effective preservation capabilities across public, commercial, and consumer sectors.
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