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A Cosmology for a Different Computer Universe: Data Model, Mechanisms, Virtual Machine and Visualization Infrastructure (by Ted Nelson) (16 Jul 2004)
I propose to go back to the beginning and branch in another direction. Let's go back to 1945, say, when anything seemed possible, and when conventional wisdom could be challenged more easily because it had only been made up a few months before, perhaps by another 20-year-old in the same lab.
The evolving conventions of those days involved lump files with short names, hierarchical directories for storing them, programs as long strings, databases as tables stored in files. (These would later be packaged into "folders" and "applications".)

But now imagine that a few guys had snuck off to another lab and created a whole new system of conventions, completely different, for everything. Such an imaginary team, unfettered by years of courses, journal articles, meetings, ads and handouts, just might have come up with the following ideas.
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