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Awareness on the move: Desktop and mobile awareness prototypes for coordinating contact (27 Apr 2001)
Our Network Communities research group has explored the use of awareness cues to facilitate communication among distributed work groups by developing a series of prototypes. The ConNexus prototype integrates awareness information, instant messaging, and other communication resources in a desktop computer interface. The Awarenex prototype extends that functionality to wireless handheld devices, such as a Palm, and integrates telephony into the system.

A speech interface also enables callers to make use of the awareness information over the telephone. While the prototypes offer similar functionality, the interfaces reflect the different design affordances and use contexts of each platform. We discuss the design implications of providing awareness information on devices with varying interface and network characteristics. We will also comment on the challenges of transferring the experience gained in the research commmunity on awareness to the fast-moving market of instant messaging products.
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  90.00    (John C. Tang and James "Bo" Begole)  

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