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Putting Endings First (16 Jun 2004)
A good ending absolutely, positively, must do three things at a minimum, Bruce DeSilva of The Associated Press told participants at the 2001 Narrative Journalism Conference co-sponsored by the Nieman Foundation and Poynter:

1) Tell the reader the story is over.
2) Nail the central point of the story to the reader's mind.
3) Resonate. 'You should hear it echoing in your head when you put the paper down, when you turn the page. It shouldn't just end and have a central point,' DeSilva said. 'It should stay with you and make you think a little bit. The very best endings do something in addition to that. They surprise you a little. There's a kind of twist to them that's unexpected. And yet when you think about it for a second, you realize it's exactly right.'

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