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How to get great content from people (14 Jun 2004)
A major problem with content is the disconnection between creator and reader. Much content is published today with no clear idea of who it is for or why they would want to read it.

Someone, somewhere, at some stage, decided that content should be created for some reason. This may have been for a marketing, administrative or legal reason. Over time, the reason for creating the content has disappeared.

However, the content keeps on getting created. Every day, organizations create significant quantities of this type of content. Nobody is interested in reading it. There is no value created. There is just a cost.

If we connect the creator with the reader, we will be able to significantly reduce this wasted effort. If nobody is reading this content, it needs to be seriously questioned as to why it is being published. If, after people read content, most of them are confused, it needs to be rewritten. If, after people read content, most of them are more knowledgeable, creators need to be told that they are doing a good job.
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