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Post-desktop User Interfaces (18 Oct 2002)
We observed that, while tools have made GUIs easy to prototype and experiment with, research in post-desktop UIs often gets bogged down in technical details: Just try to add a simple physical button to your research prototype, and you will find yourself soldering PCBs, running wires, and writing serial device drivers before you know it.

To address this situation, we have begun to create the iStuff toolkit of wireless physical user interface components that makes integrating post-desktop devices into your user interface prototype as simple as adding a line of Java code to your application. The toolkit leverages our existing ubiquitous computing infrastructure, which allowed us to move much of the device complexity into a proxy computer in the environment, making the devices themselves simple, cheap, and easy to reproduce or replace with commercial technology. A flexible software framework that creates multiple abstraction layers of device and event semantics, and our interactive PatchPanel event intermediary, make the toolkit platform-independent, and allow dynamic integration of new devices into an application without even relaunching it.
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