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Mobile Devices for Control (22 Nov 2002)
The Pebbles project is exploring the many ways that small handheld Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) such as PalmOS devices or Pocket PC / Windows CE devices can serve as a useful adjunct to the "fixed" computers in those situations. For meetings, our applications allow the presenter to use a PDA to have better control of presentations, and allow the audience to actively participate with their own PDAs. For the office, other Pebbles applications allow the PDA to be used as an extra input and output device. For the home, we are exploring the use of the PDA as a customizable, intelligent "personal universal controller" (PUC) for appliances. For classrooms, we are investigating how the students' handhelds can enhance testing and notetaking when they are connected to the instructor's PC. For the disabled, we are investigating how PDAs can serve as assistive devices for access to computers and appliances.
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