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Sociable media for real and virtual spaces (10 Jan 2003)
Most of our communication with other people consists of the exchange of social information - about identity, reputation, trustworthiness, motivations, etc. In face to face communication, these cues may be sent via subtleties of gaze and intonation, as well as choice of words and overt statements. In the mediated world of email, IM, discussion boards, etc. these cues are often missing or difficult to discern.

This talk is about designing interfaces that can convey the subtle signals that are essential for a vibrant social environment. The main questions I will be addressing include: What is the information we "read" in face to face interaction? What information would we want to have in an idealized world? How can we legibly and intuitively depict social patterns? Is one's face the best representation of a person - and what are some alternative?
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