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TaskMaster: Resource management in an email client (14 Feb 2003)
This talk will focus on the design of a novel prototype, TaskMaster, that embeds task management resources directly in an email client. The idea of making email more task-centric came from field investigations of personal information management in which email emerged as a central locus for information management online. The adoption of the XP methodology by our research team allowed fieldwork to directly shape the design rather than taking its usual place as a basis for critiquing design. TaskMaster was optimized for testing on real mission-critical email in a two-week evaluation. Some users continued to use the tool in preference to Outlook, long after the evaluation study was ended. Since TaskMaster had only a small fraction of the features of Outlook, the task management features it embodied were clearly advantageous enough, for several users, to make up for its many limitations. In addition our user evaluation has provided us with a great deal of inspiring feedback about how to improve on our design.
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