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Aggregate Record Management in Three Clicks (10 Sep 2003)
The development and acceptance of electronic journal publications by the research community has been in some ways both a blessing and a curse for libraries. On one hand, electronic journals (e-journals) provide 24-hour desktop access to research materials, without the traditional constraints of users physically having to visit the library. On the other hand, e-journals represent a potential maintenance nightmare for many Technical Services departments charged with providing uniform access to these ever-changing resources. How does one "fit" e-journals into a library's central database without unbalancing current processing workflows? And how does one easily communicate vital information like journal coverage and availability to patrons? These are not easy questions, and frequently, the lack of a suitable or affordable answer has led to the creation of many disparate access solutions like static e-journal lists, secondary web databases and the creation of third-party e-journal management solutions.
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