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Public Opinion Polls and Digital Preservation (10 Nov 2003)
The variety and complexity of digital objects are at times overwhelming and will be increasingly so as we develop new technologies for delivering information. It isn't practical to try to preserve all of this complexity. Ultimately digital preservation becomes a matter of trust in some person, group, commercial enterprise or institution [14]. Digital preservation and archiving are natural extensions of the traditional roles of academic libraries with regard to the preservation of non-digital content. As an institution, the library offers a degree of permanence in academia not easily provided by other university departments or by commercial information organizations. Although considerable change will be required in roles, processes, and policies, it seems appropriate that academic libraries take on this challenge. The Eagleton Poll Archive represents one of the first such projects for Rutgers University Libraries; however, we expect the insight and experience gained from this project will also benefit many of our other digital projects.
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