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Audience monitoring of BBC Interactive services on DTV (01 Jun 2004)
The BBC is keen to have a method of accurately measuring how much viewers use its Interactive services on digital television. This White Paper describes some preliminary investigations into a method for digital terrestrial television, based on the insertion of a 'digital index' on each interactive page, created by the MHEG rendering engine in the set top box or integrated digital television receiver. This would be detected by a purpose-designed logging unit monitoring the composite signal on the SCART connection of the digital receiver. It is concluded that the method appears technically feasible, and although potentially visible on screen in some situations, would probably be acceptable both to our audiences and editorially. Further study would be needed to establish the total cost of such a system, which would need to cover not just the elements described here, but also mechanisms to assign and insert the digital index, and to collect and analyse the results.
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