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Interactive TV Advice (06 Apr 2004)
The benefit should be obvious: At Christmas 2003 viewers were encouraged to 'Sing Along' with Top Of The Pops, The Sound of Music and the Wizard Of Oz. These karaoke services did exactly what it said on the tin presenting the song lyrics in a banner along the bottom of the screen. Around three quarter of a million viewers joined in with each programme.

Simple user journeys work best - if viewers need a manual to use the service, many will simply leave.

A single-purpose service may be enough - all the viewer's needs may be answered by one thing: a vote - or being able to switch audio. They do not necessarily need multiple options within each interactive programme service. We encourage producers here to think of the main purpose of the service, and to ask themselves whether it needs to do any more than that.

Only certain types of programming benefit from a multistream video service, and the cost of producing special video for multistream services can be, as we know, prohibitive.
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