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Letters: Cooperism must end! Revisited (12 Nov 2000)
In the course of its investigation, Cooper researched the wide range of people who would use the passenger interface. To meet the goals of these different users, Cooper then developed a Primary Persona named Clevis. The key passenger Persona, Clevis had simple goals: he wanted to keep from looking stupid in front of other passengers, and he wanted to keep himself entertained during the flight. Cooper recognized that an interface which Clevis could immediately understand and use would serve any passenger on the plane. To meet Clevis' goals, Cooper developed a single control for the system: a physical knob which scrolls a flat list of options back and forth, including movie posters to indicate movie selections, CD covers to indicate music selections, and so on. To make a selection, Clevis simply touches the item. A preview of the selection appears automatically, along with all of the information that Clevis needs. From there, he can start the movie or go back to the main list: two clicks, and Clevis has what he needs.
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