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A review of "Object Oriented Project Management with UML" by Murray Cantor (01 Feb 1999)
The books in question are not directly competitive. The first, Object Oriented Project Management with UML, by Murray Cantor is a book about building a project: a team and a process in order to build a large software system. The second, Practical Analysis & Design for Client/Server & GUI Systems, by David A. Ruble, is much more about system architecture. So in effect these two books are complementary. One tells you how to manage the analysis, design & construction and the other tells you how to go about analysis & design for front and back end systems.

Both books talk about User Interface, thankfully. So there is at least recognition that User Interface Design is important to the delivery of large software systems. So do these books arm you with what you need in order to deliver an attractive, intuitive, usable piece of software which meets functional requirements and minimises defects in User Acceptance Testing?
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