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A review of "Designing for the User with OVID" by Dave Roberts, Dick Berry, Scott Isensee & John Mullaly (01 Apr 1999)
Unfortunately, things began to go a bit down hill in the introduction. I had known that the authors were firmly in the OOUI camp of which I remain firmly sceptical. However, it became evident that OOUI and User Centered Design are the religious foundations to which OVID is firmly pegged. There was little to substantiate why either of these approaches are better and I was reminded of the HCI group at my university which were often berated for making unsubstantiated claims such as "Windows is better". Alarm bells began to ring when the book hinted that major software disasters could have been avoided if only the developers had used OVID. Airliners would not have crashed and patients would not have died. The "High and Mighty" aire of the whole piece was underscored by a quote from the poet Ovid, who we are told, "describes creation and change according to a grand design". I was left hoping for better once the real text got going.
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