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A review of "Designing Web Usability" by Jakob Nielsen (11 Mar 2000)
Many of you reading this review may well already own a copy of the book. Many of you will have read it too. It has been in the bestsellers since it was published two months ago. Many of you may have been greatly impressed by the sycophantic reviews and unbelievable claims of some reviewers. If the hype is to believed then this book does indeed, "part the sea" of mediocre web site design and "lead us all across to the promised land" of a usable web.

Jakob Nielsen, however, makes some rather more modest claims. He claims that this is the first of two books. This one details with the "what" of web design, identifying the parameters and detailing the elements which make up web design. The second book will detail the "how". Further, he sets the modest goal for this book, that if in some way it makes the web a little better, makes people think a little more before they lay out a design then it will have achieved its goal. The goal of this first book is to change our [the web designers] behavior. This apparently is to be done without teaching us how we should behave.
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