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RTFM - whose time is it anyway? (06 Feb 2000)
I was driving back to Dallas one afternoon last week from a client site in Las Colinas. It was mid-afternoon, and as I swung on to the freeway, I was buzzed by an alien. [Err. Aren't you the Alien in these here parts? Ed.] The alien had big hair, a black rockers T-Shirt, a pale complexion and was driving a Honda Civic, pre-97 3-Door model. The Civic had been lowered and stiffened, the wheel arches flared to accommodate the wider tyres, the paint work had been re-done a sparkling multi-coat metallic giving it a tinsel glow. The back shelf was attired with Bose speakers, no doubt blasting out a piercing thud which otherwise couldn't be heard above the drone of the Janspeed exhaust. The license plate holder declared the owner to be an Alumni of a local Texan university. Finally, what really caught my eye were the 6 inch high, letters RTFM home cut from vinyl proudly sitting top right on the rear window. A little private joke. Well it made me smile.
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