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Tipping with Usability : Little things that can make a good design better (06 Jun 2000)
The Tipping Point is the point at which something mundane suddenly becomes popular or hugely successful, or where something controlled suddenly breaks out and becomes uncontrolled. There are three key motivators behind Gladwell's Tipping Point: The Law of the Few; The Stickiness Factor; and The Power of Context. The Law of the Few states that to spread an epidemic you only have to infect or affect a few people. Those people have one of 3 key traits. They are Connectors, Mavens or Salesmen. The Power of Context states that behavior is very environmentally affected and that behavior will change in different environments and indeed the effect of The Law of the Few or The Stickiness Factor may be dissipated if the environmental conditions are wrong. However, it is The Stickiness Factor and one of the anecdotes given to back it up which are most interesting for Interaction Design.
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