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User Interface Modeling (01 Mar 1999)
The goal of a System or UI Designer must be to provide a system which is functional whilst being minimal. What do we mean by minimal? Minimal means that everything that needs to be there is indeed there and nothing more. This is the goal of both the Object Modeller and the UI Designer. The Object Modeller wants to put the minimum number of classes into the model, with the minimum number of references, and the minimum number of methods, whilst maximising re-use and facilitating future extensibility. The UI Designer seeks to do the same with the external face of the system, the Graphical Interface and User Interaction. It, too, should be minimal. What does that mean? It means the minimum number of screens which meet the functional requirement, with the minimal amount of interaction. The computer should facilitate the User to complete a task, not get in the way. This is most likely with a minimal design. As a side effect of such a design, the UI Designer would hope to provide a more Usable system.
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