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Web users suffer from the fall (21 Mar 2002)
The web is bad now, and it is getting worse. Every day, the gap between what people want and what the web offers gets wider. Usability experts call it "the customer experience gap". Azeem Azhar, from Go Albert UK, who worked on Online in its early days, explains it this way: "Ten years ago, every web user was a physicist at Cern, and every web site was plain text. Today, sites are much more complicated, and users are much less sophisticated."
Experts tell me that website designers should be making their sites more usable every day, because of the number of inexperienced users still coming on to the web. But are they? Of course not. Everybody who uses the web knows that a lot of sites are actually getting worse. Partly this is because of the increasing use of Macromedia Flash, Java and other effects that mostly get in the way.
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