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Language of Privacy: Learning from Video Media Space Analysis and Design (15 May 2004)
Video media spaces are an excellent crucible for the study of privacy. Their design affords opportunities for misuse, prompts ethical questions, and engenders grave concerns from both users and non-users. Despite considerable discussion of the privacy problems uncovered in prior work, questions remain as to how to design a privacy-preserving video media space and how to evaluate its effect on privacy. The problem is more deeply rooted than this, however. Privacy is an enormous concept from which a large vocabulary of terms emerges. Disambiguating the meanings of and relationships between these terms facilitates understanding of the link between privacy and design. In this article, we draw from resources in environmental psychology and CSCW to build a broadly- and deeply-rooted vocabulary for privacy. We relate the vocabulary back to the real and hard problem of designing privacy preserving video media spaces. In doing so, we facilitate analysis of the privacy-design relationship.
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