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A Place On The Corner and Ethnography (05 May 2004)
In the 1970s Professor Elijah Anderson spent three years visiting Jelly’s, a bar and liquor store in the ghetto on Chicago’s South Side. His study of the bar and its regulars lead to A Place on the Corner, a classic analysis of street-corner life.

Professor Anderson later studied two Philadelphia neighbourhoods, and wrote Code of the Street and Streetwise: Race, Class and Change in an Urban Community, which described the emergence of alienated young black men as ghetto role models.

Also joining Laurie will be Professor Adam Kuper and Professor Dick Hobbs, who will swap notes on the pleasures and perils of ethnography.

How do students like Elijah find their 'way in' to a subject and what do the people they are studying think of them?

Both Professor Kuper and Professor Hobbs have conducted their own ethnographic studies - but in very different fields - are there any common approaches that ensure a project’s success?
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