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On My Mind: Commentary on Web-Wise (03 May 2004)
Audiences are also far ahead of us in some cases, in others far behind, in their adoption of technologies. In particular, early teens are experimenting in new ways with technologies such as instant messaging, SMS (short messaging service), and Google as new modes of interactivity. In many ways this threatens some traditional assumptions we have had about our audiences searching us out using tools we expect them to use. I think this threatens the portal models we have been experimenting with, both in terms of Web places at which people will congregate to find their information as well as the structures of information they will access to find the specific information they are looking for. As museums, we know well how the visiting public access information and engage in social behavior in our physical spaces, but how they do this via the Web, cell phones, or other devices is as yet an undiscovered country for us.
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