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Wave Goodbye to the Ordinary User Interface (24 Apr 2004)
A gesture, made with our first tool, the hand - communicates a lot in a short span of time. A hand, palm forward and in your face, means stop. Fingers sliced across a throat, unmistakable.

Wilson thought that computers today could understand gestures too. He designed the GWindows system to allow you to use gestures to control your computer, using two webcams and some clever software.

"In GWindows we use two webcams above the monitor. The machine senses when there is something in the space in front of the webcams. It puts up a little hand on the computer display. You can grab onto a window, move it, and let it go. Or you can say 'scroll' and it maps the up and down scrolling motion. So you can combine speech and gesture."

"We still have to work on many other things to make our vision of innovative user interface complete," said Wilson. "But I believe that anything is possible."
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