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Terrible Twos (18 Mar 2004)
As we celebrate Boxes and Arrows' second birthday with pride, I find myself looking at our profession as well. As a manager of designers and as a member of the community, I am struck time and time again at how timid and uncertain so many designers are. It doesnít matter if they are information architects, graphic designers, or interaction designers; a pervasive feeling of fraud floats through the air. 'What if they donít believe me,' 'I need data,' 'What have I got to offer?' Around dear Boxia's birth, Jesse James Garrett accused the community of dressing up in lab coats to try to pass for a professional. To this day I see designers reaching for data like a thug reaches for a baseball bat before entering a street fight. The research they want to do is not to learn, but to win arguments. This is, of course, bad for design and bad for research.
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