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Mike Buzzard: the v-2 interview (08 Feb 2004)
I wish people understood the amount of time, experience and care that goes into the work we produce at Cuban Council. It often happens that customers are intimidated with the fees we propose for projects, and this fear ultimately escalates into a controlling, kung-fu grip on the project. Which directly conflicts with what it is that we do.

I think that the work we produce displays a level of detail-oriented precision and care that is obvious if you know what you're looking for, yet at the same time isn't in-your-face. It can be a tough thing to sell. I do know that every project we are involved with either pays for itself, or becomes profitable for the client within a matter of three months. So that tends to help justify the means to the less "design-aware" folks.

I also wish that people understood that we do what we do because, first and foremost, we love it. We often take on work that pays very little because it is the type of work we enjoy most. We live simple, we work simple, and we focus on a balance between those things we enjoy and those things we require.
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