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Getting Your Resume Read (26 Jan 2004)
Would I reject someone just because they don't quite understand the relationship between the comma and the space? Well, not necessarily. But when I have to find two summer interns out of 300 applicants, here's what I do with the resumes: I make three piles: Good, OK, and Bad. I give the same resumes to Michael and he does the same thing. There are always enough people that we both put in the Good pile that those are really the only people that stand a chance. In principle if we can't find enough people we like that we both rated as "good" we would consider some people who got Good/OK, but in practice this has never happened. Much as I'd love to be able to consider everyone on their merits instead of on superficial resume stuff, it's just not realistic, and there's just no reason a college graduate can't get this right.
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