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A Web Designer's Journey (16 Feb 2001)
This is a journey from six years of conventional web design practice to the way we’ll build sites in the future. Only it’s not set in the future. You’re soaking in it.

From the beginning, we’ve done whatever we had to do to make our sites work in every browser. In the world of non-standard HTML Design, we bolt every word, every image into place by manipulating table cells.

And we solve problems by replacing them with new ones. Netscape 4 ignores the CSS {margin: 0;} declaration? Extend the BODY tag with the Four Horsemen of Non-Validation: LEFTMARGIN, TOPMARGIN, MARGINWIDTH, MARGINHEIGHT. IE4 doesn’t fully support the CSS border property? Fake it by wrapping a black HTML table around your white one. Sure, it shouldn’t work, but it does, and this site was due yesterday. Build, test, rebuild.
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