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Userati ratings last updated on 05 Apr 2006
Acm  acm.org  176
Constantine & Lockwood  foruse.com  90
IBM  ibm.com  60
SIGIA-L  info-arch.org  12
CHI-WEB  listserv.acm.org  9
UPA (US)  upassoc.org  8
Usability Must Die  usabilitymustdie.com  7
SigCHI  sigchi.org  6
IaSlash  iaslash.org  4
IDBlog  idblog.org  3
Usability News  usabilitynews.com  3
BoxesAndArrows  boxesandarrows.com  2
Evolt  evolt.org  2
GroupLab  cpsc.ucalgary.ca  2
Microsoft  microsoft.com  2
SitePoint  sitepoint.com  2
W3C  w3.org  2
ElegantHack  eleganthack.com  1
InfoDesign  bogieland.com  1
The Other Blog  dev11.otherworks.com  1
Tomalak's Realm  tomalak.org  1
WebWord  webword.com  1
A List Apart  alistapart.com  none
Accessify  accessify.com  none
Adaptive Path  adaptivepath.com  none
AIFIA  aifia.org  none
BCS HCI  bcs-hci.org.uk  none
Bloug  louisrosenfeld.com  none
CHI Place  chiplace.org  none
Confusability  usability.typepad.com  none
Cooper Interaction Design  cooper.com  none
David Crow  davidcrow.ca  none
Digital Web  digital-web.com  none
Findability  findability.org  none
Gerry McGovern  gerrymcgovern.com  none
HCI Index  degraaff.org  none
HFES  hfes.org  none
HP Labs  hpl.hp.com  none
IAWiki  iawiki.net  none
Information Flow  ramanarao.com  none
Jerz's Literacy Weblog  jerz.setonhill.edu  none
Jnd  jnd.org  none
Kairosnews  kairosnews.org  none
LouiseFerguson  louiseferguson.com  none
LucDesk  website-analyst.co.il  none
Macromedia  macromedia.com  none
Mappa Mundi  mappa.mundi.net  none
New Architect  newarchitectmag.com  none
NN Group  nngroup.com  none
NooFace  nooface.com  none
NU blog  contenu.nu  none
OK/Cancel  ok-cancel.com  none
PeterMe  peterme.com  none
Plasticbag  plasticbag.org  none
Semantic Studios  semanticstudios.com  none
TaskZ  taskz.com  none
UIE  uie.com  none
UPA (UK)  ukupa.org.uk  none
Usability.gov  usability.gov  none
UsableWeb  usableweb.com  none
Useit  useit.com  none
Zeno's Paradox  ronz.blogspot.com  none
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