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Apr 2006     Thumbnail: Jakob Nielsen
Apr 2006     Usability Body of Knowledge (BoK) Survey
Feb 2006     A Pattern Language Approach to Usability Knowledge Management
Feb 2006     Culture: Wanted? Alive or Dead?
Feb 2006     Do Usability Expert Evaluation and Testing Provide Novel and Useful Data for Game Development?
Feb 2006     Empirical Evaluation of a Popular Cellular Phone’s Menu System: Theory Meets Practice
Feb 2006     Designing Better Elections
Feb 2006     Thumbnail: Caroline Jarrett
Dec 2005     Special Issue: World Usability Day 2005
Nov 2005     Iterative Usability Testing as Continuous Feedback: A Control Systems Perspective
Nov 2005     Towards the Design of Effective Formative Test Reports
Nov 2005     Usability for the Masses
Nov 2005     Usability Testing of Mobile Applications: A Comparison between Laboratory and Field Testing
Nov 2005     Usability Testing of Travel Websites
Oct 2005     Meet Sue Leitner: Public Relations Support for World Usability Day
Oct 2005     NYC-UPA Talk by Andrew Purcell: How FreshDirect Delivered e-Commerce Success
Oct 2005     Overcoming Resistance to Change: The North Carolina Board of Elections Tackles Accessibility
Oct 2005     UPA Code of Conduct Approved
Aug 2005     Thumbnail: Jared Spool
Jun 2005     Ginny Redish
Jun 2005     How to Create a Winning Tagline
Jun 2005     Take Breaks! A Simple Way to Improve Your Heuristic Evaluation Results
Apr 2005     Status Report on the Code of Conduct
Apr 2005     The Gates: Changing the User Experience of Central Park
Apr 2005     The Problem with Usability Change Recommendations
Apr 2005     UPA Gains Momentum Across the UK
Apr 2005     UPA Member Interview with Alain Robillard-Bastien, M. Sc
Apr 2005     Why Listening to Users Can Damage Your Website
Apr 2005     Customer Relatiosnhip Management (CRM) 2
Feb 2005     Guerilla Facilitation
Feb 2005     It’s All Happening in China: A Report from User Friendly 2004
Feb 2005     UPA Member Interview with Lucia Filgueiras
Nov 2004  *  10 Cleaning up for the housekeeper or why it makes sense to do both Expert Review and Usability Testing
Nov 2004  *  2 Criticizing Our Colleagues: Tough, But Kind
Nov 2004  *  2 Project Summary: Punch-Card Voting Instructions for Low-Literacy Voters in the Ohio 2004 Presidential Election
Aug 2004  *  1 E-Bill Usability
Aug 2004  *  1 Ode to Balloon Help
Aug 2004  *  2 Tools and programming languages for creating interactive prototypes
Aug 2004  *  1 User-Centered Deliverables: Communicating the Right Things to the Right People
Aug 2004  *  2 Voting and Usability Projects: How You can Participate
Jun 2004  *  1 Critical Readings on the Usability of Voting Systems
Apr 2004  *  1 Children are Users Too!
Apr 2004  *  1 Contribute to a new ISO
Apr 2004  *  1 Difficulties in Modeling GNU/Linux User Behaviors
Apr 2004  *  1 Does a piece of paper really matter? Friend of usability
Apr 2004  *  1 Social networking and social software
Apr 2004  *  1 UK accessibility investigation of 1000 web sites - results released April 14th 2004
Feb 2004  *  2 This Is Broken - a compilation of bad experiences
Feb 2004  *  2 Trends towards greater usability in voting technology
Feb 2004  *  1 Update on the status of the Common Industry Format (CIF)
Feb 2004  *  2 Using email to promote usability
Nov 2003  *  1 I want tools, give me Tools!! - An AWF Editorial
Nov 2003  *  1 Salary survey reveals truth about UK usability market
Oct 2003     Continuing eBook Classroom Studies
Oct 2003  *  2 Elections from where I (used to) sit
Oct 2003  *  1 On being modern: New technologies and voting outside the US
Oct 2003  *  3 Professional Title and Association du Jour
Oct 2003     The Why and How of an Effective Workshop
Oct 2003  *  1 Voting and Usability Project Update
Jan 2003  *  1 New research based guidelines anounced
Jan 2003     Industry Usability Reporting and the Common Industry Format
Jan 2003     The Usability of eBook Technology
Jan 2003  *  2 What is Open Source Software and is it usable?
Sep 2002  *  1 Common Principles: A Usable Interface Design Primer
Sep 2002     Using Usability Testing to Determine "Related Links" in An Online Brokerage Web Site
Apr 2002  *  1 Usability Professionals: Stay Prepared for Business Waves
Jan 2002     Speed...The Missing Link in Usability Testing
Sep 2001     Fast-Track UCD Techniques
May 2001     What Web Sites Could Learn from Radio Stations
Dec 2000     Immersibility: What the world needs now?
Dec 2000  *  1 Nip It in the NUB
May 2000     Usability as Therapy
May 2000  *  1 Why ask Why in a Usability Evaluation?
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