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Feb 2006     Testing the Testing Software: Morae 1.3 is put through its paces
Feb 2006     Media: Design Management Institute summarises User-Focussed Innovation
Feb 2006     No More Black and White Music?
Feb 2006     Open Content For All Reports now Available
Feb 2006     Media: Internet Bidding gets the Wharton Scrutiny
Feb 2006     Feature: Eight Guidelines for Usability Testing
Feb 2006     Media: Boxes and Arrows Reveals the Tricks of the IA Trade
Feb 2006     Gender Differences in US Internet Take-Up are diminishing
Feb 2006     Cockton reaps NESTA Award to explain Interaction Design to Business
Jan 2006     Include 2005 Proceedings go Online
Jan 2006     INTERACT2005 Special: Smart Spaces make People Smarter
Jan 2006     Media: You're It! reviews a Year of Tagging
Jan 2006     INTERACT2005 Special: Keep Designs open for Human Ingenuity
Jan 2006     Media: UIE analyses the Process of Recommending
Jan 2006     INTERACT2005 Special: Home Monitoring and Control for Older People
Jan 2006     INTERACT2005 Special: When Interactions happen without You
Jan 2006     Media: Buxton makes his new Position clear for CNET
Jan 2006     Estonians twice as likely to use public e-Services than Britons
Jan 2006     Forrester slams Hard to Use Consumer Electronics
Jan 2006     Media: Cooper on how Personas can prevent bad Design Politics
Jan 2006     Feature: Effective Websites – the Responsibility of the whole Organisation
Jan 2006     In Brief: Firefox's year-end Browser Share speaks of Serious Challenge
Jan 2006     Local Authorities in Britain meet e-Service Delivery Deadline
Jan 2006     HCI 2005 Feature: Making a Drama out of User Requirements
Jan 2006     Media: uiGarden on Experience Design of the Future
Jan 2006     Media: Etre launches a Web Usability/Accessibility Newsletter
Jan 2006     Experiences lead to Business Value and the Experience Economy
Jan 2006     Caroline's Corner: A Magazine about Psychology?
Dec 2005     Call for Support: WebRadio is way in to looking at Customisation and User Behaviour
Dec 2005     Media: Findability with Morville on the AIGA site
Dec 2005     New guidelines for the design of ICT products and services to be used by young children
Dec 2005     Media: Fast Company sings the Praises of Simplicity
Dec 2005     Mobile Phones and other Technology can narrow Social Divides
Dec 2005     Feature: Improving Usability for Screen Reader Users
Dec 2005     Media: Userfocus looks at institutionalising Usability
Dec 2005     Maps: Putting Ourselves in the Picture
Dec 2005     Maps Special: The missing Layer of Personalised Places
Dec 2005     Maps Special: Digging to the Other Side of the World
Dec 2005     Maps Special: How far can 100 Euros get you?
Dec 2005     Review: Winter Bookshelf
Dec 2005     Increased Sophistication of Websites changes Web Accessibility Priorities
Dec 2005     Media: Etailers still not providing Customers with Information they need
Dec 2005  *  14 Media: Awards from TechDigest reward Best and Worst Gadgets
Dec 2005  *  18 HCI2005 Feature: Alternative business Models for HCI
Dec 2005  *  14 Media: Just Kiel on what Games Designers are talking about
Dec 2005  *  13 Targetting Users with Ads improves Conversion
Dec 2005  *  9 Media: MarketingProfs preaches Usability to the Uninitiated
Nov 2005  *  8 Caroline's Corner: Teaching Beginners to find Usability Problems
Nov 2005  *  7 Help improve Resources for Web Accessibility
Nov 2005  *  47 Connecting up the Home with the Needs of Users
Nov 2005  *  47 Media: Connected Home is Confusing
Nov 2005  *  165 Media: Boxes and Arrows gives us Kindergarten Design
Nov 2005  *  162 Media: Good Experience on Integrated Experience Design
Nov 2005  *  166 National Award Opportunities for UK Leaders in Innovation
Nov 2005  *  108 Linux gets Usability Support
Nov 2005  *  169 Media: Peter Cochrane on excessive Key-stroking
Nov 2005  *  157 User Experience Magazine launches on Web
Nov 2005  *  179 Andrew’s Usability in the Real World: Who are our Users?
Nov 2005  *  129 Media: IBM's Evaluation of Different Technology Implementation Methods
Nov 2005  *  146 EU makes Presentations on Addressing e-Inclusion Issues
Nov 2005  *  79 Clackmannanshire Council Website wins top Prize for Acessibility
Nov 2005  *  147 Votes go to Morphed Images that look most like the Voter, finds Study
Nov 2005  *  2 HCI2005: Ted Nelson's Big Picture is a Sour One
Nov 2005  *  1 Call for Support: Help design a new Interface to MP3s - maybe?
Nov 2005  *  1 Feature: People-Centred Innovation climbs the Agenda
Nov 2005  *  2 Ease of Use is Key to Uptake of Mobile Data Services, suggests Study
Nov 2005  *  1 UK Minister urges Customer-centricity upon Government Services
Nov 2005  *  1 Feature: A World Usability Day Diary
Nov 2005  *  10 First UK UPA Awards commend Firefox, Flickr, Google, Apple, John Lewis and BA
Nov 2005  *  1 Feature: Design Machines - Method and the Division of Labor
Nov 2005  *  1 A Snapshot of the World Usability Day in the UK
Nov 2005  *  2 World Usability Day Events girdle the Earth
Nov 2005  *  1 The Accessibility Channel goes all out on World Usability Day
Oct 2005     Caroline's Corner: Ticket, please? Thoughts on Visibility of System Status
Oct 2005     Media: Ajax causes a Storm on OK/Cancel
Oct 2005     Media: Unusable People
Oct 2005     Wireless Communications Risks evaluated by UK Department of Health
Oct 2005  *  1 Feature: Usability of GPS Receivers in a Sporting Environment
Oct 2005  *  1 Media: uiGarden is back with a Sense of Presence
Oct 2005  *  3 INTERACT 2005: Hot Ideas for Interfaces in the Kitchen
Oct 2005  *  1 Media: NextD Report on Design and Strategy Conference
Oct 2005     Media: OK/Cancel take the PaperClip on
Oct 2005     HCI2005: The UK Home Office Public Website gets a Makeover
Oct 2005     Interaction Design Group becomes an Association
Oct 2005  *  1 Media: Wharton on more Complexity than we can Handle
Oct 2005     Andrew’s Usability in the Real World: Friends in Unexpected Places
Oct 2005  *  1 Dundee uses Theatre to improve Accessibility
Oct 2005     Media: IDEO on what makes Design Research
Oct 2005     Educational Research is getting left out of e-Learning Design, says NESTA Futurelab
Oct 2005     Media: IBM Ease of Use brings us Tales of poor Information
Oct 2005  *  1 European Usable Platform for Mobile Citizens gets Launch
Oct 2005     Media: Scott Berkun challenges us to make Better Software
Oct 2005     Media: Internet Week on Online Sales Trends
Oct 2005     Univ of Illinois Web Accessibility Wizard V2.0 Released
Oct 2005     US Consumers want Personalisation, but fear the Data Costs
Oct 2005  *  1 Feature: What's Different about Writing for the Web
Oct 2005     Media: Doors of Perception asks Where the Social has gone in Technology Policy
Oct 2005     HCI2005: The Bigger Picture for HCI, from Multiple Monitors to a Lifetime in one Take
Oct 2005     Media: Business Week on how Apple can do it for Video
Oct 2005     Media: Design in Industry introduces a Bus for Mobile Surgery
Oct 2005     The Usability Company and WebAbacus launch Foviance
Sep 2005     Caroline's Corner: What's News? (and what's Not)
Sep 2005     Interact: Buxton challenges HCI to understand Design Skills
Sep 2005     Media: Lycos reveals the 50 most Popular Searches of its 10 Year History
Sep 2005     Interesting Interfaces: Wearable Futures online
Sep 2005     Media: IT Conversations plays Jakob Nielsen (audio)
Sep 2005     Games meets Interaction Design: War, Indifference or Love?
Sep 2005     Media: Radio 4 Shoptalk scrutinises Ethnography (audio)
Sep 2005     Notice: uiGarden suspends temporarily after Hacking
Sep 2005     Poor Image of IT hampers bringing in young Women
Sep 2005     Media: Pixel Sales fund Student through Studies
Sep 2005     Media: New Thinking advocates Simplicity
Sep 2005     66% of Blog Readers have no Idea about RSS, claims Survey
Sep 2005     Media: BBC brings out the Squirrels
Sep 2005     Feature: Where Visual literacy and Interface Design meet
Sep 2005     Feature: Kids swarm over Leading Edge Science
Sep 2005     Media: Marketing Profs looks at Curating the Shopping Experience
Sep 2005     Media: Authentic Boredown presents Mobile Web Design
Aug 2005     Caroline's Corner: Registration Forms - what to do if you can’t avoid Them
Aug 2005     Call for Support: Mobile Phone Survey
Aug 2005     Media: New Statesman asks if current eGovernment owes most to Orwell or Huxley
Aug 2005     Most Useful List topped by Armed Corkscrew
Aug 2005     Feature: More than just Pearls of Wisdom
Aug 2005     In Brief: Company sees 25% Increase in Online Conversions
Aug 2005     Media: Good Experience looks at Vodafone's Simpler Phone
Aug 2005     UK Public Sector Sites come under general Scrutiny for Improvements
Aug 2005     Comment: Websites should display the Target Document Size
Aug 2005     Media: Irrepressible Instinct guides Adducive to Personas
Aug 2005     Paul's Interactions: Perfect usability – The one-button machine?
Aug 2005  *  64 Russell Reflects: Having fun, or taking professional development Opportunities
Aug 2005  *  15 CHI 2005: Conference closes with a Symphony
Aug 2005  *  13 Media: Clickz' Table of Internet Penetration
Aug 2005  *  7 Review: Don't click here for Content
Aug 2005  *  9 Context Special: Not just Task, but Room Temperature
Aug 2005  *  163 Media Context Special: UIE on why Context matters
Aug 2005  *  164 Context Special: What Mobile Phones say without Words
Aug 2005  *  165 Context Special: Beads as Remote Chat for Teenagers
Aug 2005  *  163 Context Special: Re-evaluating the Relationship between Context and Action
Aug 2005  *  161 Public Needs should drive Digital Innovation, says ippr
Aug 2005  *  159 Media: JohnnieMoore on Getting away from Boring Conferences
Aug 2005  *  161 Caroline's Corner: Sentence or Title Case for Labels?
Jul 2005  *  45 Heritage Project wins Award for Bridging Digital Divide
Jul 2005  *  10 Media: Good Experience embraces Games
Jul 2005  *  15 Media: UCD should make way for ACD
Jul 2005  *  74 CHI2005: How Groups of People use iTunes to listen to Music and manage their Work Identities
Jul 2005  *  64 Media: Kafka anti-bureaucracy Website yields Streamline Government
Jul 2005  *  19 Feature: Should Design inform Social Policy?
Jul 2005  *  1 Media: Tangentium hosts the Mundane Computer
Jul 2005  *  2 Review: Simply Phonecalls
Jul 2005  *  1 Feature: User Experience in a Software Development Team
Jul 2005  *  1 Media: uiGarden meets Doc Norman
Jul 2005  *  1 Mobile Age: The Stories that Pictures tell
Jul 2005  *  1 Media: Fast Company reviews Thackara's Idealistic Design
Jul 2005  *  1 World Usability Day Plans Unwrapped
Jul 2005  *  1 Review: Service Design gets Defined
Jul 2005  *  1 Andrew’s Usability in the Real World: Life intrudes - Rare but important Use Cases
Jul 2005  *  1 Media: The Media review the Future of Media
Jul 2005  *  2 Feature: Choosing Your Users
Jul 2005  *  1 Media: Christian Science Monitor goes into Online Reading Research
Jul 2005  *  1 3AD: A Shift of Focus to Context
Jul 2005  *  1 Call for Support: Student Representatives wanted for the British Human Computer Interaction Group
Jul 2005     Media: Fortune looks at Microsoft's Enthusiasm for Ethnography
Jul 2005     PhoneAnything wins Accessibility Award
Jul 2005  *  2 Tagint Wiki launched to support Tangible Interaction
Jul 2005     UPA Journal of Usability Studies to Start late 2005
Jul 2005     Media: Computer Weekly on securing Mobile Phones in a Manageable Way
Jul 2005     Accessible Design Guidelines can be Simple
Jul 2005     Review: ZDnet editor-in-chief on the future of user interfaces
Jul 2005     Feature: Doing Web Accessibility for Screen Magnifier Users
Jul 2005     Call for Support: What's your Attitude to Reality?
Jul 2005     Less is More as Microsoft ponders Life beyond the PC
Jul 2005     Media: Lazier, stupider and evil(er) designers: An interview with Obi-Wan Jakobi
Jun 2005     Caroline's Corner: Survey Response Rates? 2% is not Good Enough
Jun 2005     Report: The future of fashion?
Jun 2005     Media: Pervasive Computing Journal goes Smart Mobile
Jun 2005     In Brief: PledgeBank opened to encourage Social Action
Jun 2005     The Reinvention of the Appliance Design Conference
Jun 2005     In Brief: More mature Belgian Women take to the Internet
Jun 2005     Accessibility e-Learning Website launches
Jun 2005     Media: VNU reports on Popularity of Sponsored Links
Jun 2005     UK Government promises to overcome Digital Divide
Jun 2005     Media: Knemeyer looks beyond the Software
Jun 2005     TV/Broadband Media Meshing takes Off
Jun 2005     Media: Adaptive Path looks at Task as Common Denominator
Jun 2005     Media: Marketing Karma looks at the Fit between Branding and Web Design
Jun 2005     Geert Hoftstede to deliver keynote at IWIPS 2005
Jun 2005     Online competition BrainAcademy 2005 promotes HCI
Jun 2005     Instant Messaging in Companies to double during 2005, claims Ovum
Jun 2005     Media: Search Engine Watch reports on Who is winning the War
Jun 2005     Media: Wharton traces Shopping Patterns with RFID
Jun 2005     Mobile Age: How Young People use their Mobiles
Jun 2005     In Brief: The Failure of 3G
Jun 2005     Caroline's Corner: Persona-led Heuristic Inspection is Here
May 2005     Review: An Interaction Design Encyclopedia opens its Pages
May 2005     Feature: What is Rapid about Rapid Contextual Design?
May 2005     In Brief: UK Government discusses Implications of Changing National Insurance numbers to ID Cards
May 2005     Revised Version of Standard for Consumer Product Usability is Available for Testing
May 2005     Media: PeterMe reviews Design Strategy Conference
May 2005     CHI 2005: Human Centred Design counts other Stakeholders too
May 2005     Andrew’s Usability in the Real World: Searching Questions
May 2005     In Brief: Interaction Design Group launches Resource Library
May 2005     New Human Technology Journal launches
May 2005     Feature: Life in the Mobile Age
May 2005     Media: Wharton reviews the Progress of TiVo
May 2005     Use of Mobile Data Services rises by an average 3% in a Month
May 2005     Frabfab buys Oyster Partners
May 2005     Media: BBC Reith Lectures online
May 2005  *  11 Accessibility Special: Disability Rights Commission plugs Knowledge Gap with BSI Guidance
May 2005  *  11 Media Accessibility Special: e-consultancy interviews Trenton Moss
May 2005  *  6 Media: CNET looks at how Search Optimisation compromises Usability
May 2005     Serco publishes Guidelines for GPS In-Car Navigation Systems
May 2005  *  64 Media Accessibility Special : eGov Monitor assesses Access to on Museums and Archives
May 2005  *  61 Accessibility Special: On the Usability & Accessibility Campaign Trail
May 2005  *  61 Media: Creating Passionate Users picks up on Context
May 2005  *  10 Media: on Using Mobiles to Talk about the Environment
May 2005  *  10 In Brief: 2005 Coperican Award Winners announced
May 2005  *  10 UK Political Parties fail Accessibility Test, claims Agency
May 2005  *  10 Caroline's Corner: Easy Read and other Advice about writing for People with Learning Disabilities
May 2005  *  10 Cross-Cultural Study indicates one Limit of Metaphor in Design
May 2005  *  10 Media: Computer Weekly looks at the Background to a Report of Bad Practice
Apr 2005  *  67 Media: Clickz reports on an Awakening in the Media to Targeting
Apr 2005  *  72 Media: Wired looks at the new Thinking Skills needed for Life with Abundance
Apr 2005  *  77 Copernican Awards announced for Companies that Orbit their Customers
Apr 2005  *  54 Designing a Workshop: A Journey from Design to Use
Apr 2005  *  52 Media: CHI 2005: OK/Cancel tackles giving Conference Papers
Apr 2005  *  53 Media: The Guardian looks at how Email dumbs down
Apr 2005  *  44 Why We merged and why We think it’s Important to the Industry
Apr 2005  *  124 Interactionary puts Design Teams through RFID Challenge
Apr 2005  *  123 Media: Alertbox on Medical Unusability
Apr 2005  *  107 Designing a Workshop: The Benefits of Non-Place
Apr 2005  *  111 Media: TheFeature on Mobile Phones and their Complexities
Apr 2005  *  1 Media: Creating Passionate Users takes Curiosity and Seduction
Apr 2005     Media: Computer Weekly on Blogs, Malware and Social Engineering
Apr 2005     The Usability Company and WebAbacus announce Merger
Apr 2005     Andrew’s Usability in the Real World - First date with a Usability Agency
Apr 2005     Media: HFI dwells on Details of Consistency
Apr 2005     Media: UIE looks at what makes Change unpopular and designing to avoid this Distress
Apr 2005     Call for Support: Scottish Online Usability Community launched
Apr 2005     Media: Wharton on the Future of Blogging
Apr 2005     CHI 2005: Randy Pausch sells Interdisciplinarity as the Key to the Big Issues
Apr 2005     Radio Frequency Identification Tags need Design Space
Mar 2005  *  7 Media: The Register reviews Progress on the American anti-Terrorist Software
Mar 2005  *  12 Usability and Accessibility Market will grow by 25% this Year, claims Research
Mar 2005  *  12 HCI 2005: The Keynotes are Announced
Mar 2005  *  11 Media: How UIE first sniffed the Scent of Information
Mar 2005  *  8 Mobile Spam is Threat to Phone Operators
Mar 2005  *  9 Media: Computing looks at the Biggest eLearning Disaster in History
Mar 2005  *  134 Feature: When the Going gets Tough, where's the Funding?
Mar 2005  *  134 Media: Cambridge Blog finds Design Museum Exhibition lacklustre
Mar 2005  *  119 Semantic Web Interface improves Presentation of Search Information
Mar 2005  *  131 Andrew’s Usability in the Real World: Living with the Nintendo DS
Mar 2005  *  132 Brief: EU governments approve contentious software patent bill
Mar 2005  *  133 Media: Nesta Futurelab looks at the Place of Technology in Education
Mar 2005  *  167 Nearly Twice as many US Americans bank online than in late 2002
Mar 2005  *  67 Media: New Thinking on the Strategy behind Use
Mar 2005  *  68 Serco Usability Services publishes Design Guidelines for Handheld Gaming.
Mar 2005  *  104 Feature: Tools of Inspiration
Mar 2005  *  103 Media: Computer Weekly looks at the Impact of Outsourcing on Customer Relations
Mar 2005  *  1 Media: Involution presents Trends in User Experience Design
Mar 2005  *  1 Hope that UK Local Government will make 2005 Online Service Delivery Target
Mar 2005  *  1 Media: Bloug on User Experience Education
Mar 2005  *  1 e-Society Programme yields Insights into Online Life
Mar 2005  *  1 Media: The Other Blog draws a Portrait of the UX Curriculum Space
Mar 2005     Dyslexia List launches with Major Research Programme into Accessibility Guidance
Mar 2005     Media: IBM gets up to All Sorts in Almaden
Mar 2005     Feature: Developing Your Site for Performance, part 2 - Optimal Cache Control
Mar 2005     Media: Clickz considers Online Identity in terms of Counting Visitors
Mar 2005     Media: Computer Weekly on Business User Initiative
Mar 2005  *  1 Media: New Invasive Software to be Aware of
Mar 2005  *  1 In Memory of Jef Raskin
Feb 2005     Media: uiGarden delivers in English and Chinese
Feb 2005     Nearly Half of Confidential Data stays on the PC when the PC leaves
Feb 2005     Designing for the 21st Century Conference puts its Gems Online
Feb 2005     Media: UIE on Getting it Wrong
Feb 2005     Media: UPA Voice paints Picture of China at its First Usability Conference
Feb 2005     Media: Gerry McGovern on the Clashing of Cultures
Feb 2005     Stronger Year predicted for Usability Professionals
Feb 2005     Media: OK/Cancel sorts out the Design/Usability Interface
Feb 2005     The Secret Benefit of Accessibility part 1: Increased Usability
Feb 2005     Media: Management Consulting News talks to Steve Krug
Feb 2005     Why Content is Not as important as Connection
Feb 2005     Media: IBM looks at the Fully Mobile Wirelessly Connected World.
Feb 2005     Online Government Services offer few Improvements, says EU
Feb 2005     Media: on how to be the best Consultant
Feb 2005     The BCS launches e-Citizen Training Course to overcome Digital Divide
Feb 2005     Feature: An Interview with Tom Erickson
Feb 2005     Broadband set to rise to 41% of European Households by 2010
Feb 2005     Media: Wired on the Ethics of employings Robots
Feb 2005     Media: Clickz (be)rates the Travel Industry on Responsiveness and Privacy
Feb 2005     EU Survey on Public Website Usage shows Potential
Feb 2005     Media: Portals Revisited at Tangentium
Feb 2005     EU Accessibility Consultation runs till End of Week
Feb 2005     Media: Wharton advocates the Philosophy of Technology as a Business Tool
Feb 2005     Media: Learning and DNA in Pipeline for Robots
Feb 2005     Paul's Interactions: The extreme Challenge of Moore's Law and what Stormy Petrels have to do with it
Feb 2005     Gartner predicts: Nearly Half of IT Jobs will be Lost to Automation by 2015
Feb 2005     Caroline's Corner: We can't find Them so They don't Matter
Feb 2005     Media: Brandchannel examnines the Future of the Customer
Feb 2005     Gartner Predicts: Device Convergence by 2008
Feb 2005     Media: Zef[a]media looks at Software Specifications with Vision
Feb 2005     Gartner predicts: Productivity will increase from Collective Intelligence
Jan 2005     Gartner predicts: MicroPayments are on their Way
Jan 2005     Media: First Monday on improving Take-Up of Complex Technologies
Jan 2005     Media: CW declares Functionality is Dead, long live Usability
Jan 2005     Proceedings on Interplay between Usability Evaluation and User Interface Design go Online
Jan 2005     Media: Marketing Sherpa talks how Business Purchasers search
Jan 2005     Sonic Spreadsheet Prototype gives Data Overview
Jan 2005     BayDUX hears Dirk Knemeyer on the Future of Digital Product Design
Jan 2005     Media: The Register points at some Inaccessible Sites
Jan 2005     Feature: The Principle of Genuine User Participation
Jan 2005     Media: UIWeb debates Browser Design
Jan 2005     Canadian Teens use Email and Instant Messaging Most
Jan 2005     Media: A-Clue takes a Cool Assessment of Trends
Jan 2005     Media: BBC endorses Inclusive Design
Jan 2005     Media: The Guardian explores some of the Interface Issues of Free Information
Jan 2005     New UK UPA Line-Up agreed
Jan 2005     Andrew’s Usability in the Real World: Predictive Usability
Jan 2005     EU Biometric Visa Plans come Unstuck
Jan 2005     Media: Dyson chides Britain for losing the Engineering Vision
Jan 2005     Internet Shopping shoots up in the US, suggests Research
Jan 2005     Media: HFI's Annual Research Round-up
Jan 2005     Interacting with Computers' Special Issues go Broad
Jan 2005     Feature: Developing Your Site for Performance, part 1 - Tips for Client-Side Code Optimisation
Jan 2005     Media: USA Today looks at the Gadgets to Come
Jan 2005     Media: PC Magazine on the worst Products of the last Year
Jan 2005     People's Dreams should design Products, says DTI Speaker
Jan 2005     Media: Elegant Hack on Getting on with the Design, not the Discussions
Jan 2005     UXNet brings Unifying Principle to the UK
Jan 2005     Comment: Mouse Sensitivity challenges Scope of Fitts' Law
Jan 2005     Media: VNU on uK eBusiness for 2004
Jan 2005     Homes are giving up their fixed-line Phones
Jan 2005     December UPA Meeting hears Games Design Principles and plays EyeToy
Jan 2005     Media: The Register hears the Argument for Digital Media Flat Fees
Jan 2005     Caroline's Corner: Books on Usability? ...Not One in a Thousand
Jan 2005     Unusual Interfaces: People-centred Traffic Lights
Dec 2004     eSociety New Research: Privacy and Self-disclosure online
Dec 2004     eSociety New Research: Personal Identification and Identity Management in New Modes of e-Government
Dec 2004     Media: CNet presents the Art of Safe(r) Computing
Dec 2004     eSociety New Research: Federated Identities, Circles Of Trust and Decentred Regulation In M-Commerce
Dec 2004     Media: Illawarra Mercury on the Door that knows when to Resist
Dec 2004     eSociety New Research: Privacy, Trust And Identity Permissions For Ambient Intelligence
Dec 2004     Media: Journal Gazette heralds the Return of the Phone Booth
Dec 2004     What do we Trust on the Internet, asks eSociety Event
Dec 2004     Media: Computer Weekly explores the Security Perils of Wireless Use
Dec 2004     People-Centred Design Trip yields Innovation Advice
Dec 2004     Andrew's Usability in the Real World: Usability for Evil
Dec 2004     Media: NY Times reports on a Crime of Interface Design
Dec 2004     Media: Business Week looks at Samsung's Culture of Innovation
Dec 2004     Report: Can Ethics Improve the Design of Location Based Services?
Dec 2004     IDC predicts Tech Realignment in 2005 and Year of IT Turbulence
Dec 2004     Feature: My Winter Bookshelf
Dec 2004     Media: Computing gets the Story on Pensions Crash
Dec 2004     Media: Boxes and Arrows announces Winners of its Redesign Competition
Dec 2004     Media: Ease of Use and the networked Home discussed in The Register
Dec 2004     Young Adults are driving Wireless Adoption in the Home
Dec 2004     Media: This is Broken finds that Usability News is broken
Dec 2004     Web Usability moves up the Corporate Priority List
Dec 2004     Australian Government Guidelines promote Collaboration
Dec 2004     Comment: Is Accessibility the last great Alchemy?
Dec 2004     Media: InfoWorld wonders when the rest of Software will adopt the Adaptability of Voice Recognition
Dec 2004     Comment: Multipurpose Devices get the Blackberry
Dec 2004     Media: LA Times talks TiVo, Advertising and Personal Information
Dec 2004     Media: Norman talks Empathetic Personas
Dec 2004     UK Government Report plans Way Forward for Digital Inclusion
Dec 2004     Brief: Welsh UPA Gathering launches
Dec 2004     Response: Value Supported Cooperative Work - Joined up HCI
Nov 2004  *  1 Caroline's Corner: Not beyond Usability – just nearby
Nov 2004     Best User Experience shortlist for Information Projects announced
Nov 2004     Media: Web Design from Scratch blends Looks and Ease of Use
Nov 2004     UK eInformation Group launches from UKOLUG
Nov 2004     Report: The "No One Opens Attachments Anymore" Paradigm
Nov 2004     Research Network unites Culture, Creativity and Interaction design
Nov 2004     Internet is Growing Channel for Purchasing, claims Survey
Nov 2004     Media: Digital Web views the End of Usability Culture
Nov 2004     Media: CMO on how Staples took to the Easy Life
Nov 2004     Media: Radio 4 names and shames the Child Support Agency Computer
Nov 2004     HCI 2004 Feature: Ghosts, Haikus and New Design Relationships
Nov 2004     Media: Digital Web looks at Design for Usability Engineering
Nov 2004     Europeans devote 20% of Time to Internet, claims Survey
Nov 2004     Media: The Register analyses the NHS deal with Microsoft
Nov 2004     Media: BBC reports on Mobiles as Smart Cards
Nov 2004     UK UPA announces Second Salary Survey
Nov 2004     Andrew's Usability in the Real World: Changing Bridges
Nov 2004  *  1 Brief: UK Businesses are buying over Web
Nov 2004     Comment: Linking out is Good Practice
Nov 2004  *  1 Feature: Three Reflections on how to Design Well
Nov 2004     User Vision crowned Scotland's Small Business of the Year
Nov 2004  *  1 Media: ZDNet puts the Business Case for Good UCD Design
Nov 2004     The Robots are Coming
Nov 2004     Media: DonnaM discusses Card-Sorting Techniques
Nov 2004  *  2 Report: HITS is a welcome Collaboration of Design and Business
Nov 2004     Call for Support: Timeline for the History of Web Design
Nov 2004     HCI 2004 in the Extreme: Designers in Denial and the resulting Presentation Issues
Nov 2004     Media: Darwin looks at Privacy and Ads on the Web
Nov 2004     Search, Support and Promotion is Key to Online Success
Nov 2004     Brief: Device to swtich off TV sells
Nov 2004     HCI 2004 in the Extreme: Patterns for Change in Older Users
Nov 2004     HCI 2004 in the Extreme: Getting Children to have a Big Idea
Nov 2004     Media: Wharton on Buying what your Neighbours buy
Nov 2004     HCI 2004 in the Extreme: Where the Ordinary becomes Extraordinary
Nov 2004     Media: New Thinking talks Trust
Oct 2004     Caroline's Corner: Usability Test Reports - your Chance to influence a New Standard
Oct 2004     Media: Brandchannel looks at the User Experience of Websites
Oct 2004     London Bus Ticket Interface gets a Mauling
Oct 2004  *  1 UPA Audience goes straight for the Learning Point - how to work with Project Management Techniques
Oct 2004  *  1 Catriona Campbell named one of top 100 UK Internet individuals
Oct 2004     Chinese/English Magazine launches with Forums
Oct 2004     Media: New Thinking finds some Poor Thinking in Irish Government Online
Oct 2004  *  1 The OII asks how much Email troubles its Users
Oct 2004  *  1 Comment: Preaching to the Choir or Moving the Mountain?
Oct 2004     Media: CW looks at the Need for Usability in Legacy Systems
Oct 2004     The Knexus Community tackles Usability
Oct 2004     Media: Bloug questions Validity of Information-hunting Tests
Oct 2004     81% of FTSE 100 Websites are Inaccessible, claims Study
Oct 2004     Media: e-consultancy forum offers good Text Linking Practice
Oct 2004     Instant Messaging moves into the American Workplace
Oct 2004     Media: Good Experience talks to eBay about Tradeoffs
Oct 2004     Media: KM Column reviews Strawman Procedure
Oct 2004     UK Government Procurement Processes get Shake-Up
Oct 2004  *  1 Media: AskTog describes the Self-Destruct Button on his Car
Oct 2004     Travel Sites agree to become Accessible
Oct 2004     eWell-Being Awards call for Entries from Innovative Projects
Oct 2004     UK Government targets Children in Parents Online Week
Oct 2004     Unusual Interfaces: New Scientist presents the Machine inside
Oct 2004  *  1 DTI sends Mission to US to investigate UCD
Oct 2004  *  1 Media: Clickz comes up with Persuasion Architecture
Oct 2004     BCS HCI Group has new Chair at the Helm
Oct 2004     Media: InfoWorld looks at Getting the Most out of Existing Technology
Sep 2004     Caroline's Corner: The Piece of HTML created just for Me: Reset
Sep 2004     HCI 2004: Industry day - a Practitioners Perspective
Sep 2004     Media: Internet used for US Presidential Elections
Sep 2004     Internet Deprivation Study shows new Dependence
Sep 2004     Media: The Guardian celebrates 30 Years of Ceefax
Sep 2004     People's Bad Password Habits exposed
Sep 2004     HCI 2004 hears the New Rules of Design
Sep 2004     Media: Supermarket Trolleys cease their Chatter
Sep 2004     Unusual Interfaces: Nose gets Work as Mouse
Sep 2004  *  1 Eyetrack Study defines where People look
Sep 2004     Media: The Register gets funny about Planes with Phones
Sep 2004     Media: Alertbox chooses a Presidential Winner
Sep 2004     Brief: Cheaper Services sees Internet Use shoot up
Sep 2004  *  2 Comment: Separate text-only Version? No Thanks!
Sep 2004     Limits on Personal Media Recorders in the Pipeline
Sep 2004     Media: Organisational Structure impedes Design argues Adaptive Path
Sep 2004     Feature: Narrative vs Control in the Online Story World
Sep 2004  *  1 Media: Digital Web on getting Users to act responsibly
Sep 2004  *  3 Andrew's Usability in the Real World: Undercover Heuristics
Sep 2004     Media: Nico Macdonald in the Guardian on GUIs
Sep 2004  *  2 NHS Direct Website too complicated for Diabetes Sufferers
Sep 2004     Interactivity supports Science Learning, finds Witchita State's SURL
Sep 2004  *  1 Media: Web Informant explains how to clean your Machine
Sep 2004     Paul's Interactions: Decisions, Decisions...
Sep 2004     AIfIA launches Mentoring Programme for Information Architecture
Sep 2004     Media: First Monday introduces Homo Interneticus
Sep 2004     Forrester Research stresses Value of UCD Methods
Sep 2004     Media: NextD Journal interviews Tim Brown of IDEO
Sep 2004     CHI 2004 Feature: Reflections on Reflective HCI
Sep 2004     Media: UIE uses OK/Cancel to Promote Conference
Sep 2004     Report: That Engagability Thing
Sep 2004     Discussion Forum on Total Customer Experience launched
Sep 2004     Media: KM Column presents Knowledge Management Strategy Overview
Sep 2004     Media: News Observer looks at IBM's Custom Design Facility
Sep 2004  *  1 Web Searchers don't use Radio Buttons
Aug 2004     Caroline's Corner: Designing comparative Evaluations
Aug 2004  *  1 Unusual Interfaces: Human Beans' Fictional Products in Berlin
Aug 2004     Journal devotes new Annual Issue to Technology and Cognition
Aug 2004     Russell Reflects: Too many Remotes, too little Control?
Aug 2004  *  1 Usability & Accessibility Working Group launches Website
Aug 2004     Olympic Website fails to get Gold for Disabled Users
Aug 2004     HCI 2004 Tutorials tell a Usable Tale
Aug 2004     Call for Support: What Women want to Buy Online
Aug 2004  *  1 The Best Novel Interface at CHI 2004?
Aug 2004     iSociety Report puts the Local back into ICT Use
Aug 2004  *  1 Unusual Interfaces: Shopping Trolleys get Interactive
Aug 2004     Interaction Design Group Launches Website
Aug 2004     Media: Dilbert returns to Design Issues
Aug 2004  *  2 CHI 2004: European Research Perspectives bring much-needed Theory
Aug 2004     Media: Clickz monitors US Kids' Interest in Consumer Electronics
Aug 2004     Andrew's Usability in the Real World: The Paradox of Usable Security
Aug 2004     Media: The Register argues that Text is Best , or Does it?
Aug 2004     Voice over Internet Protocol is still an Obscure Technology
Aug 2004     Feature: The Design Virus - Pursuing Originality doesn't Work
Aug 2004     Honest Appraisal shows that asking Users may give Misleading Results
Aug 2004     Media: Web Informant assesses Social Networking
Aug 2004     Brief: Philadelphia UPA Chapter gets revival Champion
Aug 2004     China UPA Branch launches with Conference
Aug 2004     Call for Support: Survey of Online Shopping Behaviour
Aug 2004  *  1 Caroline's Corner: How not to get a Job in Usability
Jul 2004  *  1 A more usable Camera Phone Technology?
Jul 2004     Media: Free Pint Newletter argues for Usability
Jul 2004     Feature: Striking a Collaborative Chord
Jul 2004     Media: The Role of Requirements troubles Boxes and Arrows
Jul 2004     Media: New Scientist reports on Apologising Computers
Jul 2004     Rogue Diallers join Other Illegal Activities monitored by ICSTIS
Jul 2004  *  1 Case Studies show Way of Testing Product Messages and Online Documentation
Jul 2004     Media: Bloug asks about Usability for CMS
Jul 2004     Media: Measuring Usability offers Guidance on Confidence Intervals
Jul 2004     Parents Clueless about their Offspring's Internet Pursuits
Jul 2004     Guerilla Accessibility as the Odeon Saga rolls on
Jul 2004     Media: CW Campaign reaches Parliament
Jul 2004     CHI 2004: Mobile Comms: Sketching Input in Space; hearing Output around You
Jul 2004     Media: The Economist charts the Battle between Computers and Consumer Electronics
Jul 2004     Brief: MSc in Child Computer Interaction launches
Jul 2004     CHI 2004: Mobile Comms: How to control your Robots
Jul 2004  *  1 Review: Usability Test Data Logger
Jul 2004     CHI 2004: Mobile Comms: The Medium is the Message
Jul 2004     Media: Everything we know about traffic-calming is wrong
Jul 2004  *  1 Media: US e-Voting Activist opens the Black Box
Jul 2004     UPA President Joins Election Assistance Commission’s Technical Guidelines Development Committee
Jul 2004  *  1 Media: KM Column looks at Training for Intranets
Jul 2004     Worldwide IT Services Revenue Grew 6.2% in 2003, says Gartner
Jul 2004     Brief: Discussion List launched for Contextual Design
Jul 2004     UsabilityNews goes RSS and PDA friendly
Jul 2004  *  4 Feature: Debunking Web Accessibility Myths
Jul 2004     Media: Adaptive Path takes on Usability Testing
Jul 2004     Media: IBM Ease of Use interviews its own Berry
Jul 2004     RSA Inclusive Worlds Design Awards recognise New Talent
Jul 2004     Media: OJR on the Quality and Findability of News Video Feeds
Jul 2004     Web-based Survey on Videoconference Experiences launched
Jun 2004     Caroline's Corner: Don't get bitten by JAWS; it deserves respect
Jun 2004     Media: Fast Company assesses the Masters of Design
Jun 2004     Resistors and Unconnected left as US Internet Penetration stalls
Jun 2004  *  1 Feature: Designing for Loyalty the New Zealand Way
Jun 2004     Media: EE Times on Why Tablets aren't Taking Off
Jun 2004     Doctors reject IT Developments in NHS over Lack of Consultation
Jun 2004     Media: The Register reviews the Bluetooth Folding Keyboard
Jun 2004     Comment: Arrogant Interfaces are Bad Design
Jun 2004     Media: nettime discusses Race, Identity and the Internet
Jun 2004     Media: HFI identifies the Optimum Number of Users
Jun 2004     Mobile Phones used to Boost Online Take-up of Northern Irish Services
Jun 2004  *  1 Excerpt: Toward a Critical Practice in Design
Jun 2004  *  1 Media: USA Today rounds up what's sending Web Consumer Confidence down
Jun 2004     Cheskin's Ireland applies Best Design Principles to User Data
Jun 2004     Media: Userfocus asks if Consumer Research is losing its Way
Jun 2004     Andrew's Usability in the Real World: Welcome, New Usability Graduates
Jun 2004     Brief: E-consultancy publishes the Outcome of its Usability and Accessibility Roundtable
Jun 2004     Design Council invites Designers to improve Citizen Participation
Jun 2004     CHI2004: Call for CHI to get Safety Critical
Jun 2004     Media: elearningpost talks Experience
Jun 2004     BCS/RAE Report spells out the Challenges of Complexity
Jun 2004     Media: E-Commerce takes Off without Usability in The Economist
Jun 2004     Caroline's Corner: Pick a name, any name?
Jun 2004     Media: roBlog argues for People who like People
Jun 2004  *  1 Comment: A wasted Opportunity for the Web Accessibility Cause
Jun 2004     Media: Bloug finds an Information Representation that leads to Answers
Jun 2004     Media: InfoDesign interviews Aaron Marcus
Jun 2004     Russell Reflects: The Usability of CHI
Jun 2004  *  1 Media: The Register reports on Biometric ID Card Trials in Glasgow
Jun 2004     UK nears Top of E-Readiness Chart
May 2004     Comment: The Down-with-the-Digital Holiday Experience Manifesto
May 2004     Media: Computer Weekly Special Supplement on Mobile Technology
May 2004  *  1 BIMA Awards Call for Accessibility/Usability Entries
May 2004     Brief: Salary Surveys show Gender Gap alive and well, but other Distinctions Narrowing
May 2004  *  1 Media: New Thinking advocates Designing for the Majority
May 2004     Review: Legislation, Death and Music in the Blogs
May 2004     E-Learning Consultation invites Involvement
May 2004     Media: Japan Media Review looks at the Success of Mobiles
May 2004  *  1 Media: Cooper looks at Offshore Outsourcing and Design
May 2004  *  1 Feature: The Shape of Conferences to Come?
May 2004     Media: UIE explains the KJ-Method for reaching Consensus
May 2004  *  2 Feature: Accessibility Checklists get a Ticking Off
May 2004     Design in the Dark yielded the Sky Handset
May 2004  *  1 Media: Marketing Karma asks Ethical Questions about Trust
May 2004  *  1 Black Hole eats Web Resources, claims Survey
May 2004     Media: STC Usability SIG looks at Intervening in Testing Situations
May 2004     Andrew’s Usability in the Real World: Fantasies of the Technical Writer
May 2004     Comment: Stating the Blinking Obvious
May 2004     Media: PC World reports on Nielsen-Norman Findings
May 2004     CHI2004: Social Norms of Mobile Telephone Use get Scrutiny
May 2004     Media: OK/Cancel do their Stuff on CHI2004
May 2004     Media: Network World takes Trust to Task
May 2004     Most People use Two Media Simultaneously at least some of the Time
May 2004  *  2 W3C Web Initiative based in Usability Research and Analysis
May 2004  *  1 Learn, Reflect - and Assist! International Study on Mobile Learning needs You
May 2004     Media: Rotman shows the Design in Business
May 2004  *  1 Caroline's Corner: A Farewell to Pop-Ups
May 2004     Media: Userfocus gets Tough on Web Accessibility
Apr 2004  *  1 Government criticises Telecoms Market and Support for Consumers
Apr 2004     Comment: What actually happens to Good Intentions
Apr 2004     Media: Experience Designers Network asks the Big Question
Apr 2004     Cultural Probes offer a Different Human-Centred Design Tool
Apr 2004     Media: Bloug reflects on Boundary Trouble
Apr 2004  *  1 Ten Quick Tests to check your Website for Accessibility
Apr 2004  *  1 W3C argues with DRC Web Accessibility Findings
Apr 2004     Andrew's Usability in the Real World: Spanish in the Land of the Gringo
Apr 2004  *  1 Bunnyfoot Research into Pop-Ups shows Users Hate Them
Apr 2004     Media: Design by Fire pits Gurus against Bloggers
Apr 2004  *  1 Russell Reflects: How the Web is Changing
Apr 2004     Government Figures for Consumer Durables show Half British Households now own PCs
Apr 2004     Media: Boxes and Arrows takes on Guidelines
Apr 2004  *  1 Media: New Thinking finds Convenience an Essential
Apr 2004     Review into GP Websites suggests things are Good, but could be Better
Apr 2004     Media: The Economist charts the Rise of the Anthropologist
Apr 2004  *  1 Web accessibility and the law in the UK: Is Your Website Legal?
Apr 2004     Designers challenge UCD to be People-Centred
Apr 2004  *  4 Comment: Usability is dead, long live Product Value
Apr 2004     Media: Demystifiying Usability asks how Usable is Jakob Nielsen?
Apr 2004     Small Design inspires Big Ideas at AIGA Meeting
Apr 2004  *  1 Media: MercuryNews on Voting Machines with a Difference
Apr 2004     Reviews sought by Team devising ISO on Web Interfaces
Apr 2004     Comment: Knocking New Zealand e-Govenment Sites into Shape
Apr 2004     Media: MIT Technology Review takes on China's Design Culture
Apr 2004  *  1 Interactive Design Award launched for DIS 2004
Apr 2004     Media: EWeek finds WiFi less Connected
Apr 2004     Feature: Muscular Design is Design supported by Research
Apr 2004     Media: Cooper on Technical Writer as stealth User Advocate
Mar 2004     Media: Grok looks at the many Points of Conversion
Mar 2004     Two Consumer Studies of Customer Trust and Satisfaction launched
Mar 2004     Media: EE Times explores Experience Design from the Engineer's Perspective
Mar 2004     New Interaction Design Group meets in London
Mar 2004     Comment: Finding the Hidden Interest in Detail
Mar 2004     Media: Computer Weekly updates on Microsoft's Change to User Security
Mar 2004     Call for Case Studies to impress the Businesses of Yorkshire
Mar 2004     Media: The Economist reviews Car-based Call Screening
Mar 2004  *  1 International Salary Survey launched
Mar 2004     Media: Revolution discusses the Problem with Web Advertising futher
Mar 2004     Telewest tests out how Email is Scent
Mar 2004     European ICT market on the way to recovery, says Ovum
Mar 2004     Media: Good Experience challenges Information Architecture
Mar 2004  *  1 International Journal of Technology and Human Interaction opens for Business
Mar 2004  *  1 Media: Online Journalism Review takes the Future of News as a Special Issue
Mar 2004     Andrew's Usability in the Real World: DiTV - including the Excluded?
Mar 2004     Media: Web Informant takes on the Customer Service Aspect of Satisfaction
Mar 2004     Microsoft surveys the Market for Assistive Technology and Accessibility
Mar 2004     Brief: New MSc in Human-Centred Systems
Mar 2004     Media: Call to Arms against the Broadcast Flag from Technology Review
Mar 2004     New Content Management Systems Lists appear
Mar 2004     Design Council asks what makes Service Design different
Mar 2004     Media: Revolution pinpoints the Problem with Web Advertising
Mar 2004     Comment: Adventures with a Flexible Keyboard
Mar 2004     Ethical Media offers Recycling Links
Mar 2004     Media: UIE looks at Inherent Value Testing on Websites
Mar 2004     Users adopt Two Stage Process to refind Web Material
Mar 2004     Media: Digital Web tackles Usability vs Accessibility
Mar 2004     Media: CW asks about User Motivation to Submit to e-Government Sites
Mar 2004     Review: Hotspot Site keeps Finger on WiFi in Towns
Mar 2004     Media: A-Clue continues to talk Always-On, with Business Models
Mar 2004     Caroline's Corner: It's Time to make a Bigger Pond
Mar 2004     Four out of Five Publishers plan to Charge for Content says AOP
Feb 2004     Media: Digital Web runs Lash's Thoughts on Web Footers
Feb 2004     County takes e-Democracy Seriously with Online Game
Feb 2004     Media: InfoDesign talks to Lou Rosenfeld
Feb 2004     Paul's Interactions: When Smart Thinking is not Enough
Feb 2004     Brief: Upgrading Back on the Agenda means Improved Economy?
Feb 2004     Now Ring-Back Tones are Set to Play Out in Europe
Feb 2004     Media: Washington Post features the Plastic Paper we've all been Waiting for
Feb 2004     Review: Rounding up the Commentators
Feb 2004     BayCHI hears of ROI Usability Myths
Feb 2004     BT plans to hide Transmitters in Street Furniture
Feb 2004     Media: Users come in for a bashing in The Register's Security Thinkpiece
Feb 2004     Web Usability: A New International Standard
Feb 2004     Media: MIT Technology Review on Obsolete Tools that Persist
Feb 2004     Poor CRM comes under Fire from BT, but it's not the Whole Story
Feb 2004     London Boroughs pull Together to serve Better e-Government
Feb 2004     Media: Search Engine Watch finds Local Things for Local People
Feb 2004     Feature: The People Element
Feb 2004  *  1 Media: CW reckons the Hutton Inquiry Site is a Model of Clarity
Feb 2004  *  1 Online Advertising shoots Ahead of IAB Target
Feb 2004     Media: Googling leads to Man's Arrest reports IndyChannel
Feb 2004     New List for Inclusive Design
Feb 2004     Brief: Microsoft withdraws Authentification Formula that led to Scamming
Jan 2004     Media: Cranky User looks at a Dangerous Innovation in Marketing
Jan 2004     Ofcom welcomes Emergency Service Mobile Phone Location
Jan 2004     Media: Emotional Designer Norman is interviewed in Scientific American
Jan 2004     RNIB Simply the Best Awards Nominations Invited
Jan 2004     Media: OJR looks at Accessibility in Online News
Jan 2004     Nomensa Accessibility Study into FTSE 100 Websites makes Disappointing Reading
Jan 2004     Media: InfoWorld reviews the Spam Conference
Jan 2004     Online Fraud in the States rises by 60%
Jan 2004     Media: Good Experience offers Five Thoughts
Jan 2004     The Government's CRM Products for Councils appear Early
Jan 2004  *  2 Feature: The Role of Business Analyst - a Need but no Room for HCI?
Jan 2004     Media: New Thinking lays into the Incomprehension of Branding on the Web
Jan 2004     New UPA President takes over Stateside
Jan 2004     Feature: The Usability Lab as Teaching Playground
Jan 2004     Media: Radio 4's In Touch looks at Usability for Partially Sighted People
Jan 2004     UK UPA team welcomes New Additions
Jan 2004     Media: Web Informant looks at Internal Pop-Ups
Jan 2004     UN Survey Results: All the Other Things You said
Jan 2004     HFI pull together a Great Research Resource
Jan 2004     Media: Wired asks what the Year holds
Jan 2004  *  1 Caroline's Corner: Four Ways to Lose an Order (and One Way to get One)
Dec 2003     Internet enables Deeper, Wider Participation
Dec 2003     Brief: Subscription leads to Satisfaction, or Vice Versa
Dec 2003  *  1 More people are Willing to Pay for Online Music
Dec 2003     UN Survey Results: Using the Newsletter (if you know about it)
Dec 2003     Media: BTExact shows Personal Side to Accessibility Developments
Dec 2003     Paul's Interactions: Spit-Not-So, or What's in the Layout?
Dec 2003     Media: Computer Weekly tips Five Technologies
Dec 2003     United Nations reviews eCommerce (and Spam) Year in Developed and Developing World
Dec 2003  *  2 Feature: Why Birmingham Focus on Blindness scooped a BIMA
Dec 2003  *  1 BT launches Campaign to get Kids teaching Older Generations to Surf
Dec 2003     Media: Business Week applauds More Usable eCommerce
Dec 2003     Europe Grows WiFi Faster Than North America
Dec 2003     Brief: Christmas Shoppping Traffic will make up 10% of December Website Visits
Dec 2003     HCI2003: Big Questions for the Future of HCI yields Little Outcome
Dec 2003  *  1 Caroline's Corner: Flash is 99% Good (for the Right Audience)
Dec 2003     IwC features Learning Environments
Dec 2003     Media: Computer Weekly looks at how Microsoft Conferencing Tools are Progressing
Dec 2003     Texting replaces Letter Writing for Difficult Social Situations, claims Research
Nov 2003  *  1 Comment: When Present can mean Virtually Absent
Nov 2003  *  1 BWDMA launches Accessibility Accreditation Initiative
Nov 2003  *  1 Media: Register explores Device to keep Elderly Alert
Nov 2003  *  1 Work Foundation Analysis shows ICTs Undervalued in Workplace
Nov 2003     HCI2003: Accessibility Keynote shows Macromedia’s Commitment
Nov 2003     Media: Guardian offers Challenge to Protecting the User from the Guts
Nov 2003     Unusual Interfaces: Talking into your Hand, Tapping into Typing
Nov 2003     Canberra Interaction Design HF Group kicks off
Nov 2003  *  1 Media: Sitepoint interviews RNIB's Howell on Accessibility
Nov 2003     Local Authorities struggle with Online Targets as Citizens Advice reject Usefulness
Nov 2003  *  1 Inclusive Worlds: Briefing for Tutors considering RSA Student Design Awards
Nov 2003     Media: AskTog introduces another D'ohLT
Nov 2003     British HCI Group launches Membership Survey
Nov 2003  *  1 Media: HFI talks Decision-making
Nov 2003     Feature: The Usability of Eavesdropping
Nov 2003     Media: UIWeb develops the Art of Benchmarking
Nov 2003     Media: Bloug asks what Would MachIAvelli Do?
Nov 2003     New BCS President calls for Better Representation of Users in the IT Workforce
Nov 2003     Brief: NHS eBooking System promises greater Patient Control
Nov 2003     UK UPA calls for Committee Nominations
Nov 2003     Media: Discover tells How the Web Edits News
Nov 2003  *  2 Usability wins over Personalisation in Cost Effectiveness says Report
Nov 2003     HCI2003: Microsoft's Smillie shares Compelling Vision of Future
Nov 2003  *  1 Media: Guardian questions Extent of Usability's Value
Nov 2003     Scotland gets a SOUL
Nov 2003     Broadband is for Social Activities, not Faster but Different
Nov 2003     Media: IBM Systems Journal dedicated to Ease of Use
Nov 2003     Review: Virgin Toilet poses Interesting Questions
Nov 2003     Media: CW on Barclays' Accessibility Initiative
Nov 2003 Launched to promote Socially-minded Software
Nov 2003     Media: IBM describes the NCI tidy-up of a Government Website
Nov 2003  *  2 UPA UK Salary Survey shows 38,000 pounds Mean
Nov 2003     Caroline's Corner: The joys of labelling - an orderly portable lab for 24.99
Nov 2003 Quietly releases New Version of Guidelines
Oct 2003     Wireless could Improve Public Services, suggests Report
Oct 2003     Brief: US Men spend More, but US Women shop More
Oct 2003  *  4 Survey on Email shows Impact of Spam on Users' Behaviour
Oct 2003     Paul's Interactions: Maori Culture? Who cares?
Oct 2003     Media: New Scientist plays up QMC Collaborative Music for Mobiles
Oct 2003     CHIplace is back!
Oct 2003     Review: the Wittiest New Addition to Usability?
Oct 2003     Brief: European Gender Balance lags behind US
Oct 2003     eGov Bulletin reviews Progress towards Electronic Health Records
Oct 2003  *  1 Media: Adaptive Path talk User Expectations of Smart Devices
Oct 2003  *  1 Models for Broadband Content are Short on Users and Usability
Oct 2003     Formal Launch for U-Pods sees Wide International Reach
Oct 2003     Media: CW gets the Lowdown on Coping with Big Brother on the Web
Oct 2003     Argos Site prioritises Ease of Access to Products
Oct 2003     HCI2003: New Research into Emotion shouts : Look At Me!
Oct 2003     Readers Choice: HCI2003 Sessions up for Grabs
Oct 2003     Use, not Access, is the Big Challenge, claims Survey
Oct 2003     Media: CW Case Study on Easyjet's Website Development
Oct 2003     Review: Moneyclaim Online is an e-Government Success Story
Oct 2003  *  2 Feature: Attitudes to Web Accessibility
Oct 2003     UIE tackles Design Patterns
Oct 2003     Usability drives Improvements in Bank Site Business
Oct 2003     HCI 2003: iTV meets Mobile Communications and Survives. Just
Oct 2003     Feature: Mouse helps in Quest for Digital IDs
Oct 2003  *  1 Media: Boxes and Arrows talks Colours of Nature
Oct 2003     Pinder Ponders Usable Name for Government Services
Oct 2003  *  1 Feature: Click um about Here to Vote
Oct 2003     Media: Good Experience discusses the IDEO Experience for Organisations
Oct 2003     UPA states view on Voting System Usability and Effectiveness in California Recall Decision
Oct 2003     Inclusive Worlds: Details of the Challenges for Student Designers
Oct 2003  *  1 Pinder is Postive about Possible Amendments to Quality Framework Document, but...
Oct 2003     UK UPA conducts Pay Survey for UK Usability Professionals
Oct 2003     Caroline's Corner: What have the Romans done for us?
Oct 2003     Media: Ubiquity Interview on the Flow of Innovation from Practice
Sep 2003  *  1 HCI2003: Please help with our Millions of Pages of Hot Air!
Sep 2003     Media: CW on Banning Internal Email at Work
Sep 2003     New British Accessibility and Usability Pressure Group Launched
Sep 2003     HCI2003: Good Incremental Science sees Improved Tools for Interaction
Sep 2003     Media: Silicon Valley looks at Aids for Password Entering
Sep 2003     Feature - Usability and Games: Enjoyability and how People choose what to Play
Sep 2003  *  1 Brief: Annual User Modelling Award goes to MIT Researchers
Sep 2003     North Tyneside One-man Band among Nielsen Norman Group 10 Best Intranets
Sep 2003     Disabled Users cannot Book Air Tickets Online, claims Report
Sep 2003  *  1 Media: BBC Radio 4 gets interactive
Sep 2003  *  1 Comment: Research on the Scrapheap
Sep 2003     Media - Usability and Games: What Usability can learn from Games Design
Sep 2003     Media: Guidelines for Fieldwork Interviews that get the Right Information
Sep 2003     Usability and Games: Nokia's Guidelines for Greater Fun
Sep 2003  *  1 Feature - Usability and Games : Cultural Dimensions determine Use
Sep 2003  *  1 HCI2003 Comment: Let's share the Toys
Sep 2003     Media - Usabilty and Games: BBC on Tomb Raider Usability Failings
Sep 2003  *  1 Media: Are DIY Tools Different for Girls?
Sep 2003     Usability and Games: Appeal broadens to Women and Older People, suggests Survey
Sep 2003     eGovernment Challenge dwarfs all Technical Considerations
Sep 2003     Media: Is Dan Gilmor giving up on Email?
Sep 2003  *  2 Some History to THAT Document
Sep 2003  *  1 HCI2003 Feature: How Design creates Society
Sep 2003     Media: CommKit talks Psychology of Community
Sep 2003     RNIB launches Web Accessibility Resource
Sep 2003     Feature: Learning from Problems in Zurich
Sep 2003  *  2 E-Retailers Themselves Unsatisfied with Online Experience, and How to Plan it
Sep 2003     Media: Spam in Software Applications changes Perception of Use?
Sep 2003     Tom Stewart receives Key Ergonomics Award
Sep 2003     Feature: John Knight puts User-Lab on the Map
Sep 2003     Media: The Linux Argument is couched in Usability Terms by DevX
Sep 2003     e-Envoy Pinder states Belief in Importance of Usability
Sep 2003     UPA launches List about e-Voting Foibles
Sep 2003     Caroline's Corner: Playing Piggy in the Middle
Aug 2003     Compelling Topics from the OTHER Usability News
Aug 2003     Media: Cooper reviews what led to Personas
Aug 2003  *  1 From Design Space to Task Analysis, by way of Telephone Usability: the Bath Tutorials
Aug 2003     Media: Jef Raskin on the future of user interfaces
Aug 2003     Brief: Fortune 1000 Websites not exploiting Bandwidth Savings to speed Services
Aug 2003     CHI2003: Don Norman finds Emotion and ends Conference
Aug 2003     Media: Forwarded Messages show how Email links
Aug 2003     Comment: Quality Framework - the First Iteration?
Aug 2003     Ann's Rant: Is it all in the Language and the Editing?
Aug 2003     Come to Bath? Report on HCI2003 for UN? Read about the Keynotes here ...
Aug 2003     Designers argue that Different Brains demand a Different Design Style for Women
Aug 2003     eGov Feature on e-Envoy Framework causes Questions (and Fur?) to Fly
Aug 2003     Cross-Generational Digital Support Alive and Well
Aug 2003  *  1 Media: The Competitive Edge of User Experience
Aug 2003     U-Pods herald New Structure for Managers to Exchange Support
Aug 2003     Teens put Internet first, says US Media Survey
Aug 2003     Feature: Lou Rosenfeld uses Entreprise to employ the Best of Librarianship
Aug 2003     Media: Revolution provides Insight into When to Send Email
Aug 2003     Listening to Music is Most Important Home Media Activity, says US Survey
Aug 2003     Media: The Register explains Why Copying is Not Theft
Aug 2003  *  2 CHI 2003: How to Make Group Environments Social
Aug 2003  *  1 Feature: The Art of Blending Humanities and HCI
Aug 2003  *  1 Humanities and Arts Research Agenda brings together HCI Enthusiasts
Aug 2003  *  2 Half Web Searchers enter One Query, look at One Page of Results
Aug 2003     Media: IBM looks at the Specialist User Experience that Autonomic Computing provides
Aug 2003     Media: The Register explodes Myths about Men with Featuritis
Aug 2003  *  1 Interesting Interfaces: Drinking Cup CDs, or Pop meets Pop
Aug 2003  *  1 List provides Way for Developers to Reach Testers with Visual Impairment
Aug 2003  *  1 Feature: Selling User Research to the Reluctant
Aug 2003     Bluffers' Guide to ISO 9241
Aug 2003     Media: The Dangers of Trusting your Software
Jul 2003  *  1 Caroline's Corner: We'll never get this past Legal
Jul 2003     Banking Sites Share of Traffic up 65% in One Year
Jul 2003     Media: Government Usability Framework falls foul says The Register
Jul 2003     Media: Computer Weekly on MPs, Vulnerable Children and IT.
Jul 2003     UPA rises above Heatwave and Awkward Customers with Management Games
Jul 2003     Government issues Usability Guidelines for Public Sector Websites
Jul 2003     Media: The Register Votes for Open Source Balloting Software
Jul 2003     Freeserve Challenges Thinking on Optimal Advert Design
Jul 2003     Review: This is Broken shares Bad Experience
Jul 2003     Feature: Failures in the New Workplace
Jul 2003     Media: CrossTalk reveals How Defence Software is made Safe
Jul 2003     BT/Demos Report into Virtual Vice sums Irritants up Nicely
Jul 2003     Accessibility Survey explores Designer Attitudes
Jul 2003     Digital Home Connectivity comes Nearer with New Working Group
Jul 2003     Media: The Complexity of Connections raised by Technology Review
Jul 2003     Culture and Usability: Why Internet Kiosks are Invisible
Jul 2003     Media: Technology Review Interviews Tim Brown of IDEO
Jul 2003     Culture and Usability: Will Design Patterns ease Problems of Context?
Jul 2003     Culture and Usability: ATMs and the Mumbai Story
Jul 2003  *  1 Review: Day-lightening Moment from NaDa Site
Jul 2003     Culture and Usability Feature: Culture as a Design Heuristic
Jul 2003     Culture and Usability: Molich shows What Not to Do
Jul 2003     Media: Good Experience socks it to Ya
Jul 2003     Computer Weekly/Times Survey shows Doctors in the Dark
Jul 2003  *  1 Review Site offers HCI Book Overview
Jul 2003     Brief: Europages Survey shows Internet to be Key Tool for SMEs
Jul 2003  *  1 Feature: The Myths as a Defining Narrative
Jul 2003     Public Accounts Committee Sees IT as Component in Benefit Fraud
Jul 2003     Car marketed to Discourage Use, Competition to Discourage Emissions
Jul 2003     Media: Entertaining Account of Segway Use on BBC
Jul 2003     Inclusive Worlds: RSA launches New Approach to Encouraging Inclusive Design
Jul 2003  *  1 Media: NMA argues for Users Earlier and Better
Jul 2003     3G Hardware slammed by Mobile Operators
Jul 2003     Media: Web Informant looks at Pinpointing Users Locations
Jul 2003     Hidden Dangers lurk for Broadband Users
Jul 2003     Dogma Scriptwriter turns Attention to HCI Personas
Jul 2003  *  1 Media: Darwin talks Offline Usability
Jun 2003  *  1 Caroline's Corner: Negative Plans for Positive Results
Jun 2003     Ann's Rant: Successfully Trained People are Happy, Creative Users
Jun 2003  *  1 Media: Free Pint writes Well for the Web
Jun 2003  *  1 Unlikely to be Web Accessibility Test Case, says Expert
Jun 2003  *  1 Media: Sitepoint on Visual Psychology, Colour and Design
Jun 2003     What Future for WiFI, asks Report
Jun 2003     CHI 2003 Reader Choice: How People Behave differently when Interacting with Computers and People
Jun 2003  *  2 Media: InContext offers Guidance on Creativity
Jun 2003  *  1 Review: More Pages of Usable Help than you Conceive Of
Jun 2003  *  1 Complaints shoot up about Unsolicited Telecom Services
Jun 2003  *  1 Government All Party Group addresses Spam
Jun 2003  *  1 Media: CNET interviews Sterling on Future Privacies
Jun 2003  *  1 Interfaces #54 Available Online with an Emphasis on the Value of Language
Jun 2003  *  1 Media: Three Steps to Blogging for Business by Computer Weekly
Jun 2003     CHI 2003: The Value of Theorising to HCI?
Jun 2003     Media: The Register runs a Report on 3G's Poor Marketing
Jun 2003  *  1 UK UPA kicks off Mentoring Initiative
Jun 2003     Media: A Dishwasher that AskTog finds Wanting
Jun 2003     Survey reveals Reluctance to Use Credit Cards Online
Jun 2003  *  2 Two Books for Summer Shelves
Jun 2003     It's Official, Games can make you Smarter...
Jun 2003     Media: 'Women in IT' is becoming Oxymoronic suggests Computer Weekly
Jun 2003  *  1 Media: BBC's Bill Blog looks at Social Software and Informed Opinion
Jun 2003     Unusual Interface Collection: Toilet Tales from CHI 2003
Jun 2003  *  1 Intelligent Buildings should make People feel Better, says Arup's Read
Jun 2003     Media: Computer Weekly reports on Privacy and its Consequences
Jun 2003     Pop-up Advertising: Hated but Effective
Jun 2003  *  1 Draft 'Ease of Operation' Standard Available for Review
Jun 2003     Media: UIE looks at Subtle Shfits vs Dramatic Changes
Jun 2003     Caroline's Corner: The Value of Otherness...
May 2003  *  1 A Practical Application of Mental Models
May 2003     Media: JoDI compares Left and Right Hand Action
May 2003     Age Concern celebrates the Internet and Silver Surfing
May 2003     Media: Step Two looks at the Usability Needs of Content Management
May 2003     CHI 2003: Digital ID requires Semi-Permanent Roles for Flexibility
May 2003     Media: Adaptive Path looks at the Route to Remote Collaboration
May 2003     Media: The Register hears the Case Against PC Noise
May 2003     Seasonal Search Round-up shows Human Interest dominating
May 2003  *  1 Feature: Designers' Roles in Communicating with Users
May 2003     Media: Computer Weekly records Year-on-year Fall in IT Services
May 2003  *  1 RSA Inclusive Design Student Award Winners Announced
May 2003  *  1 CHI2003: Suggested Solution to the Benchmarking Exercise
May 2003     e-Government Guide hits Racks
May 2003     European Survey shows Influence of Web on Car Purchases
May 2003     Media: Wall Street Journal takes on the Complexity of Home Appliances
May 2003  *  1 Illuminating Interface bypasses Screen to Activate Exhibits
May 2003     Media: EuropeMedia on the Push of Users' Expectations on Development
May 2003     Media: LA Times presents the Social Phenomenon that is the TV Remote
May 2003  *  1 Online Newspapers begin to show Way Forward
May 2003     CHI2003: Benchmark Yourself Against the Experts
May 2003     Choose the Propitious Starting Place to bring in Usability, Conference urged
May 2003     Feature: Making URLs clean up their Act
May 2003     Online Voting Inspires Mixed Reactions
May 2003     Response: More Myths, this time brought to you by Syntagm
May 2003  *  5 Feature: The Persistence of Usability Myths
May 2003     Caroline's Corner: Fuzzy Recommendations - Being Definite without Being Dogmatic
May 2003     Media: Another Jibe at Nielsen's Didactic Style
May 2003     Organising the Process of Developing New Services
May 2003     UPA German Chapter Organises Usability Professionals Track for Conference
May 2003  *  6 CHI 2003 Feature: Testing... 1 2 3 4 5 ... Testing...
May 2003     CHI 2003: Don't Go to a Panel Like This Again!
Apr 2003     Will the Scottish Elections 2003 be Fully Inclusive?
Apr 2003     Media: When Security is Usability
Apr 2003     Passwords demonstrably Weak Link in Secure Design
Apr 2003     Media: EuropeMedia looks at Spending on Higher Education and Research
Apr 2003     Commission your Own CHI News Story...
Apr 2003     Accessible Museum Website Award launched
Apr 2003  *  1 Media: Customer Support goes East
Apr 2003     CHI 2003: Opening Plenary Compares On and Off-line Media
Apr 2003     Formal Accessibility Investigation Kicks off with Open Meeting
Apr 2003     Identity Theft is Highest Rising Crime in USA, claims Report
Apr 2003     Work with Children as Designers, advocates Ultralab's Heppell
Apr 2003  *  1 Government consults on New Privacy Regulations for Spam
Apr 2003     Usability is short of Ethics, says UsabilityMustDie Proponent
Apr 2003     Brunel Launches Research into Emotion Recognition Technology
Apr 2003     Media: Big Blunders investigated by Sitepoint
Apr 2003  *  1 Dylexic Perspective on Websites Published
Apr 2003     e-consultancy builds Compendium of eCommerce Rates
Apr 2003     Media: Guardian discusses Police PDA Initiative
Apr 2003     Media: Shirky describes the Nearly Net
Apr 2003     Media: UKinsite looks at User Skill and User Testing
Apr 2003  *  2 Web ignored Lessons from Hypertext, says Expert Bernstein
Apr 2003     Response: Intellectual Property - Whose Right is it Anyway?
Apr 2003     Media: talks to Andy King about Optimisation
Apr 2003     Most Corporate Notebooks to Have Wireless by 2005, claims META
Apr 2003  *  2 Ann’s Rant: The Time and Place for Usability
Apr 2003     Media: New Thinking reflects on the Hippie Era of the Web
Apr 2003  *  1 3G may be Here at Last, but is it Affordable?
Apr 2003  *  1 Brief: Zingo combines Cabs, Mobiles and GPS
Apr 2003     Feature: A Framework for Analysing User Experience
Apr 2003     Media: TRN reviews Keyhole Mobile Computer
Mar 2003     Caroline's Corner:The Market Research Society Conference, or Usability? What's that?
Mar 2003  *  1 Disability Rights Commission targets 1000 Sites for Compliance Testing
Mar 2003     Media: Fast Company keeps company with Google
Mar 2003     Brief: New Homes may be Set up for Broadband
Mar 2003     Media: iTracks compares Commercial Research with Usability
Mar 2003     European Union launches Consumer Affairs Website
Mar 2003     UK UPA Client Panel demands User-Centred Services
Mar 2003     SAP shares its Interface Design History
Mar 2003     Less Snoopy Charter Unveiled for Discussion, but still meeting Opposition
Mar 2003     Travel Website Booking Facilities lack Flexibility, says Report
Mar 2003  *  1 Ann's Rant: Warming Up to a Heated Response
Mar 2003     Call for Higher Visibility for User Experts
Mar 2003     BCS Study finds People Missing from the e-Business Process
Mar 2003  *  1 New Mailing List combines Usability and Accessibility
Mar 2003     Media: CW360 hears Privacy Problems with Voluntary ID card Scheme
Mar 2003     Relaunch for Surrey brings in Five Times Number of Visitors
Mar 2003     Policy-makers fail to Show at Accessability Dissemination Workshop
Mar 2003  *  2 "Interfaces" Winter 2003 edition goes Online
Mar 2003     Media: The Register looks at eVoting ahead of the Next Elections
Mar 2003  *  2 Gresham Lecture asks is Training in Maths or Human Factors more Important for Design
Mar 2003  *  2 Media: Art imitates Life - the Ambridge Wide Web
Mar 2003     Media: EuropeMedia reports on the SMS/iTV Interface
Feb 2003  *  2 Caroline's Corner: Estimating of Testing the Plausible Way
Feb 2003     Penn State announces the Striptease Effect of Slow Loading Pictures
Feb 2003     How to Exploit Branding to ensure Usable Products
Feb 2003     Media: BBC watches Blogging go Mobile
Feb 2003     Investors are Confused and Intimidated by Data on Corporate Sites, warns Nielsen Norman Group
Feb 2003     Usability takes to the Skies with Killam and Marcus
Feb 2003  *  2 Doors7: A New Performance Paradigm for Pervasive Computing
Feb 2003     Media: New Media Age warns of Accessibility Deadlines
Feb 2003     The Internet Society announces Code of Conduct
Feb 2003  *  7 Feature: How Nationwide tackled Accessibility - The Whole Story
Feb 2003  *  1 Succinct Scientist Competition promotes Usable Dissemination
Feb 2003     Wharton Report on Customer Relationship Management
Feb 2003     London's Congestion Charge Web Interface leaves Much to the Imagination
Feb 2003     New Legal Requirements for Websites have Usability Implications
Feb 2003     Year One of the International Journal on E-Learning (IJEL)
Feb 2003     How Control is Stifling Creativity and Code
Feb 2003     Media: The Register tries out Nokia's N-Gage
Feb 2003     Brief: US Navy adopts WLAN Aboard Ship
Feb 2003     European Public Sector e-Services need more Customer Focus, claims Survey
Feb 2003     Doors7: McCullough ponders Interactions in Context and the Architecture of Ordinary Life
Feb 2003     Student Interaction Design Competition Launched
Feb 2003     Media: OJR builds on Information Architecture
Feb 2003     Brief: Air France improves Usability of UK site
Feb 2003     Eye-Tracking Project invites Members for User Group
Feb 2003     UK Goverment Sites get a Further Hammering
Feb 2003     Review: Accessify Site offers Toolkit for Change
Feb 2003     TaskZ publish Report on Return on Investment and Testing
Jan 2003     Caroline's Corner: Getting the Video to talk to the Audio
Jan 2003     Government Report into Best Practice for Children Online
Jan 2003     Brief: Photo-Sharing takes Off in US
Jan 2003  *  1 Feature: Virtual Mobility offers Passage out of Social Exclusion
Jan 2003     Computer Use is Linked to Deep Vein Thrombosis
Jan 2003     Media: Business Week hears Raskin's Proposal for Replacing GUIs
Jan 2003     Travels in Jutland with an Academic - Review of NordiCHI 2002
Jan 2003     Unusual Interface Collection: A Fly in the Urinal
Jan 2003     Media: Business Week gets Visual
Jan 2003     Get Business Orientated and Get in There Longer, says Stewart
Jan 2003     Media: The Archers gets Usability
Jan 2003  *  1 Media: Good Experience interviews Travelocity VP
Jan 2003  *  1 Police 'Domestic Incident' was Man waving Gun at PC
Jan 2003     Doors7: Self-assembly Furniture gets Clued-Up and the Building of Fetish Objects
Jan 2003     Media: Bloug features Questions that London IA Folk Ask
Jan 2003  *  1 Media: SIGCHI peers into the Wireless Chasm
Jan 2003     Rounding up the Latest on Search
Jan 2003     Media: Petermemes dismisses the Generation Gap
Jan 2003     Review: 'Usability is not Everything' declares Site
Jan 2003     Media: New Thinking weighs Look and Content of Websites
Jan 2003     Norman collates Love and Hate of Software.. and other things
Jan 2003     Accessibility Survey for UsabilityNews Readers... and Others
Jan 2003     Media: Guuui talks Business-Centred Design for Websites
Jan 2003     UPA seeks Usable Venue for Monthly Meetings
Jan 2003     Report damns Government Website Design
Jan 2003     Comment: The Search for Infallible Humans Continues...
Jan 2003  *  1 Media: Constraining the User to the System
Dec 2002     UK UPA Line-Up goes Live for New Year
Dec 2002  *  1 Media: Alertbox does End-of-Year Fun Cartoons
Dec 2002     Media: HFI lists Do and Don'ts for Website Design
Dec 2002     Designing E-Business Organisations is a User-Centred Issue
Dec 2002     Cross-platform Online Help Authoring System Launched
Dec 2002  *  1 Online Communications are Curtailing Offline Activities
Dec 2002  *  1 Novel Interface Represents Innovative Bandwidth Increments
Dec 2002  *  1 Pebbles Project connects PDAs up Smartly
Dec 2002     Media: Five User Essentials beyond Market Research from UIE
Dec 2002     Personas used as Means of Motivating Design Teams
Dec 2002  *  1 Media: CNET explores Open Web Services
Dec 2002     Picture Messages were Too Difficult to Send, says 3G Labs
Dec 2002     Media: Step Two Case Study of Testing an Intranet
Dec 2002     Media: Key in Son's Stomach starts Car
Dec 2002     Design Council Project Humanises Technology
Dec 2002  *  1 Intelligent Interfaces for Local Communities
Dec 2002     Doors 7: The Value of Half Formed Spaces
Nov 2002     Joined Up Alarm Clock provides Time Sensitive Interface
Nov 2002  *  1 Doors 7: Body-Shaped Interface wins Grand Prix
Nov 2002  *  2 Review: The Elements Provide a Tool for Educating and Explaining
Nov 2002     Rosenfeld challenges Nielsen's Approach to Guidelines
Nov 2002  *  1 IwC gets Wider Distribution as Success Strikes
Nov 2002     Media: Sitepoint reviews NN Accessibility Product and interviews Norman
Nov 2002     The Semiotics of e-Commerce: Looking for New Insights
Nov 2002  *  1 Rosenfeld explains Enterprise Information Architecture
Nov 2002     UN news: Strapline Competition Winner gets Bubbly, etc
Nov 2002  *  1 Doors 7: Pervasive Computing gets Perceptive Treatment
Nov 2002  *  1 Feature: the Future of E-democracy
Nov 2002     Media: BBC features 3D Teaching Tool
Nov 2002     Report into Student Use of Internet reveals Weakness in School System
Nov 2002     HCI2003 launches with Design for Society
Nov 2002     EUPA/HCI2002: Government prioritises Accessibility, not Usability
Nov 2002     RSA Day on Interfaces raises More Questions than Answers
Nov 2002     Evaluating Design Effectiveness sparks Debate
Nov 2002  *  1 Worked like a Dream! More in Dundee today...
Nov 2002     Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture opens its Doors
Nov 2002     Media: CNet explores the Explosion behind XML
Nov 2002  *  1 Air Traffic Controllers get Larger Font
Nov 2002  *  1 Government Websites found Lacking Clarity and Design
Nov 2002     Ann's Rant: Creative Flail and Optimal Solutions
Nov 2002     Media: Clickz pursues Persuasive Architecture
Nov 2002     HCI2002/EUPA: CSCW offers up Usability Benefits
Nov 2002     UPA London hears NHS Handheld Pilot Evaluation
Oct 2002     Keyboard throws Light on Inputting to Mobile Gadgets
Oct 2002     SOCITM Conference points Way for Local Council E-Services
Oct 2002     EUPA/HCI2002: The Public Sector's UCD Challenge
Oct 2002  *  2 Feature: Information Appliances herald the New Usability
Oct 2002     Media: Bloug looks at Usability Promotion
Oct 2002     Review: Flow Interactive shares Usability Case Studies
Oct 2002     Brief: optimum.web appoints Consultant Director
Oct 2002     Brief: Europeans start to go Broadband
Oct 2002  *  1 HCI2002/EUPA: 15 Minutes of Fame at the Doctoral Consortium
Oct 2002     HFI Surveys the Information Gap between Research and Practice
Oct 2002     EUPA/HCI2002: Five Users Theory causes Conflict at Conference
Oct 2002     Untold Issues of Gender and Creativity get an Outing
Oct 2002  *  1 3G LAB performs Usability Comparison of Two Camera Phones
Oct 2002     EUPA/HCI2002: Accreditation Panel takes Next Step
Oct 2002     Media: Alertbox gets back to Research, on Newsletters and on Flash
Oct 2002     EU socks High-Tech Clothing to Manufacturers
Oct 2002     HCI2002/EUPA: Memorable Session on Memorable Systems
Oct 2002     Brief: Idiocy of Visual Interface for Radios Decried
Oct 2002  *  1 Web Design Competition Launched
Oct 2002     HCI2002/EUPA: Home Truths about Extending Usability
Oct 2002  *  1 Feature: Oxford Internet Institute Launch challenges Global Research Map
Oct 2002     Media: Don Norman fills New Scientist in on Usability
Oct 2002     Media: SATN asks if the Web is crippling Application Development
Oct 2002  *  1 Media: UIE challenges Belief in Guidelines
Oct 2002     Brief: Inland Revenue called to Account over Data Errors
Oct 2002     HCI2002/EUPA: Evaluation takes Centre Stage
Oct 2002     Media: IBM takes on Design for People's Lives
Oct 2002     Usability Centre wins Nationwide a National Award for Service
Oct 2002     HCI2002/EUPA: What People do in Virtual Environments and Games
Oct 2002     Media: CW360 offers report on radio tagging of goods
Oct 2002     Book Review: Handheld Usability from Scott Weiss moves Mobility Forward
Oct 2002     Media: Europemedia looks at Challenges of Asian iTV
Oct 2002     Media: Ubiquity heralds Shneiderman's New Computing
Oct 2002     Brief: Personal Video Recorders fail to Take Off
Sep 2002     Media: Step Two reconstructs the Corporate Intranet
Sep 2002     UPA launches Friends of Usability Certificates
Sep 2002     EUPA/HCI2002: Usability Managers talk Promotion from Within
Sep 2002  *  1 HCI2002/EUPA: Search Engines, Mouse-free Surfing, Sketch Retrieval and Space Robots
Sep 2002     Media: Dilbert does Interface Design.. Even More
Sep 2002     Media: The Flash Debate goes On...
Sep 2002     New User-Centred Design Discussion List Launched
Sep 2002     Media: Dilbert does Interface Design.. the Upshot
Sep 2002     A Day at HCI2002/EUPA: a Practitioner's View
Sep 2002     Media: CNET appraises WiFi as Starbucks gets the Wireless Culture
Sep 2002     Media: Dilbert does Interface Design
Sep 2002     Feature: For Carjackings, Press 7 - Telematics goes the Extra Mile
Sep 2002     EUPA/HCI2002: Remote Evaluation gets Evaluated
Sep 2002     Tate Modern pioneers Interactive Experience
Sep 2002     Review: Inspiration for Future Laptops
Sep 2002     User Centred Design Techniques help win Boujou an Emmy
Sep 2002     Frontend at the Sharp End of Accessibility Research
Sep 2002     HCI2002/EUPA: Teach Failure as Endemic warns Hatton
Sep 2002     Media: New Architect on the Art of Making Mistakes Well
Sep 2002     Gender Division in Internet Usage among Silver Surfers
Sep 2002     Interactive TV not Suitable for Government Services, warns Analysts
Sep 2002  *  1 Media: Quirk's compares Remote and Lab User Testing
Sep 2002     Opensource Tool Released for Online Follow-up Interviews
Sep 2002  *  2 Response: The Nature of XP
Sep 2002     EUPA/HCI2002: Designing Accessible Products
Sep 2002     HCI2002/EUPA: Mackay puts Conference in Context
Sep 2002     Concern over User Involvement in Health Service IT Proposals
Sep 2002     Media: ZDNet finds Usability Useless at Times
Sep 2002     Review: Site lists Daft Linking Strategies
Sep 2002     British HCI Group introduces New Services for Members
Sep 2002     Media: Zen Haiku applies Usability Heuristics to Everyday Life
Sep 2002  *  1 Experts make nearly as Many Errors as Novices, claims Research
Sep 2002     Usability News celebrates First Birthday with Competition
Sep 2002     Media: WinWriters tests Models of Web-based User Assistance
Aug 2002     Media: WebWord interviews Isensee, Righi and Vredenburg
Aug 2002     Brief: Uploadable Pocket PC Shopping Lists go Live
Aug 2002  *  1 DIS2002: Tom Moran brings Adaptation to Design
Aug 2002     Users tolerate Ads on Mobiles like TV Advertising, claims Survey
Aug 2002     US sees Increase in User Willingness to Buy Content
Aug 2002     Government offers Design Tips for Local Authority Sites
Aug 2002     Media: Sitepoint juxtaposes Design, Usability and, yes, Innovation
Aug 2002     Social Issues in Design Discussion Group Launched
Aug 2002  *  2 Response: Why XP and UX have Something in Common
Aug 2002     Media: UIE interviews Online Community designer Powazek
Aug 2002     Media: Interviewing according to InContext includes Interpreting
Aug 2002     Media: Cooper critiques Online Bank Policy and Design
Aug 2002  *  1 Review: Book Reviews at Washington's Cyberculture Studies Resource
Aug 2002  *  1 Feature: The Reach of Sapient Collaboration
Aug 2002     French Company seeks Feedback on Accessibility White Paper
Aug 2002     Brief: Asia Internet Use to Surge
Aug 2002  *  3 DIS 2002: Xtreme Programming makes Good Partner to User-Centred Design
Aug 2002     American Doctors say Practice altered by Internet
Aug 2002     Media: PC World asks do we Really Want the Wireless Web?
Aug 2002     Media: EuropeMedia explores M Government
Aug 2002     Online Voting does not Significantly Increase Turnout, says Electoral Commission
Aug 2002     UK Businesses set to Drown in Spam, claims Survey
Aug 2002     All Councils will have Online Presence by late September
Aug 2002     Brief: Online Sales in the UK rise over Summer
Aug 2002     Media: IBM relates Perceived Usability to the Real Thing
Aug 2002     Media: Garcia Media gives Relationship Tips
Aug 2002  *  1 Comment: Technical Accessibility - a Means, not an End
Aug 2002     Media: Europemedia summarises Wharton on iTV and Ease of Use
Jul 2002     Email Response Psychology shows Weakness of Spam
Jul 2002     Media: Spiked reviews the Usability - Accessibity Divide
Jul 2002     Syracuse shares Guide to University Website Design
Jul 2002     Design Council assesses Future Needs of Europe
Jul 2002     Media: New Architect offers Better Usability, less Cost, less Resistance
Jul 2002     Survey of ICT Use Shows Majority of Homes now have Personal Computer
Jul 2002     JISC puts out Usability Studies Tender for Higher and Further Education
Jul 2002     Brief: Microsoft to follow Liberty to create Common Sign-Up Procedures
Jul 2002  *  1 DIS2002: Domestic Technology gives up its Stories
Jul 2002     Case Study: Testing Asda's TV Shopping Service
Jul 2002     Media: AIGA Experience Design Summit Report on Boxes and Arrows
Jul 2002     Media: Doors of Perception asks Does your Research Exist?
Jul 2002     Media: First Monday offers Information Retrieval Guidance
Jul 2002     Open System of Online Identity Sign-Up Launched
Jul 2002     Media: Yahoo looks at Future of Wireless Internet in US
Jul 2002     Media: CW360 on Automated Systems and the cost of Losing the Human Touch
Jul 2002     Workshop to spring from DIS2002 Critique of Scenario Use
Jul 2002     People are Keeping their Mobile Phones Longer, says Survey
Jul 2002     Review: Seven Precepts of Usability and Accessibility and What to do with Them
Jul 2002  *  1 DIS2002: Viant gets Taken to Task by User-Centred Design Experts
Jul 2002     Etailers Challenged to Design for Different Customers, at UPA
Jul 2002  *  1 Slight Fall in Internet Explorer Usage
Jul 2002     Spam threatens Future of Email, warns Inventor
Jul 2002     Media: TheFeature on Don Norman on Mobile Computing
Jul 2002  *  1 Web Accessibility vs Web Usability, argue Panel
Jul 2002  *  1 Media: Boxes and Arrows discusses the Consultant's Role
Jul 2002     Brief: EU bans Abusive Financial Marketing Practices online
Jul 2002     MIT's 'Oxygen' Addresses Human-Centred Pervasive Computing
Jul 2002     Ads don't affect Quality of Websites as much as TV, finds Survey
Jul 2002  *  3 DIS2002: Conference Panel reviews the State of the Art
Jul 2002     Media: New Thinking Encourages New Actions
Jul 2002     Brunel University launches Course in Mobile Phone Technology
Jul 2002     Online Banking and Buying Data from Royal Bank of Scotland
Jul 2002     Review: Publishers add Value by Building Sites round Books
Jun 2002     Brief: Asda finds New Market through TV sets
Jun 2002     Media: New Architect explores Joint Ventures on the Web
Jun 2002     Online VAT Collection gets Evaluation Sorted
Jun 2002  *  3 DIS2002: Bill Moggridge of IDEO presents User-Centred Design at One Remove
Jun 2002     Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Councils Broaden to Include Users
Jun 2002     Media: TAskZ takes Poor Usability Testing to Task
Jun 2002  *  1 eEurope in the Pipeline, says European Commission
Jun 2002     Free Pint publishes Web Usability Resource Guide
Jun 2002     Humane Design is More than Ethical High Ground
Jun 2002     CHI Web Comment represents Many Flash Developers
Jun 2002     Lack of Interest Mobile Data Services, finds Survey
Jun 2002     Privacy? Not in Britain, mate!
Jun 2002     Americans Indifferent to Networked Home Possibilities
Jun 2002     Review: SearchDay's Case Study of a Search
Jun 2002  *  1 How and Why People are Using Mobile Phones for Gossip
Jun 2002     Brief: Egg manages Account Aggregation through Sleight of Hand
Jun 2002     Brief: TiVo chooses Sponsorship for the User
Jun 2002     Flash Critic Nielsen turns Macromedia Advisor
Jun 2002     Steve Krug sets the Record Straight
Jun 2002  *  1 Feature: James Woudhuysen champions the Human, rejects the User
Jun 2002     Media: Cooper maps Controls onto Functions
Jun 2002     Media: Nua Analysis concludes that an End to Deep Linking would be Bad for Users
Jun 2002     Media: reviews the flap about Flash
Jun 2002  *  1 Response: Usability - In need of a Nanny?
Jun 2002     Brief: Monday is Internet's Busiest Day
Jun 2002     Inland Revenue Online Shares Personal Tax Information with Other Users
Jun 2002     Media: CNET on Networks and the Future Design Challenge
Jun 2002     Good Experience releases a Guide to Managing Email
May 2002     Brief: Two more Online Usage Surveys
May 2002     Media: Boxes and Arrows uses Both Sides of the Brain
May 2002     Media: Ubiquity interviews Norman about Emotion, Beauty and Design
May 2002     Europeans still prefer TV and Newspapers to the Web, finds Cultural Survey
May 2002  *  1 Media: HBS Working Knowledge Hears John Seely Brown on Visual Language and the Generational Divide
May 2002     RNIB launches Digital TV Campaign
May 2002     Media: Computer Weekly dishes the Dirt on the Swanwick Air Traffic Control Screens
May 2002     Brief: Draft of Updated Content Accessibility Guidelines Released
May 2002  *  1 Oftel releases Latest Online Usage Figures, showing Little Growth
May 2002     Smaller European Businesses are Starting to exploit Web
May 2002  *  1 Feature: Dave Roberts of IBM Ease of Use asks What's Needed?
May 2002  *  1 New Journal on Web Technology Launched
May 2002     Brief: EU Ministers warn of Digital Divide
May 2002     Magazines still Preferred to Websites, claims PPA
May 2002     Review: Usability and its Role in the Organisation
May 2002     Brief: Downloadable Music reaches High Street
May 2002  *  1 Media: Peter Morville looks for Findability at
May 2002     Review: Don Norman talks Gratuitous Graphics
May 2002     Gartner finds ID Mechanisms, like MS Passport, Unpopular
May 2002     Media: Wired oversees $1000 bet on the Future of Weblogs
May 2002     eGovernments getting more Sophisticated, says Report
May 2002     Internet Society releases a Request for Comments on Access
May 2002     Media: The End of Support as We Know It, asks CNET
May 2002     Review: Design Addict looks at the Damage done by Originality
May 2002     The Usability Heresies - Part III
May 2002     Media: reviews the Beeb's Search Engine
May 2002     Media: CNET evaluates Weblogs
May 2002     Brief: GPRS Bought but Not Used
May 2002     Peer to Peer leaps in Popularity
May 2002     Ann's Rant: Users as Designers - Challenge of the Network Age
May 2002     Review: The Usability Heresies - Part II
May 2002  *  1 Feature: Jared Spool, a Man with a Task
May 2002     Online Voting meets with some Success
May 2002     Simplicity is Wonderful, says Gibb at Experience Design Meeting
May 2002  *  1 Media: CNET Interviews Hochhauser about Privacy Agreements and their Abuse
May 2002     Brief: International Group calls for Opinion on Professional Certification
May 2002     Media: Self-Healing Computers inspire Information Week
Apr 2002     Consultation for Local e-Government Announced
Apr 2002  *  1 Media: Frontend looks at Integrated Product Design
Apr 2002     Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) becomes a W3C Recommendation
Apr 2002     Media: CNET imagines the Perfect Email Client
Apr 2002  *  1 New Site Feature: Try the UN News Feed
Apr 2002     Brief: BT announces Wireless Local Area Networks across UK
Apr 2002     Europeans Favour Ban On Mobile Phone Use In Public Buildings
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