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Feb 2004     Dodging the Ditches
Jan 2004     Through the Eyes of a Troubled Customer
Jan 2004     When Enough is Not Enough
Jan 2004     Dear Aunt Fern
Jan 2004     One Bad Apple
Dec 2003     Trading Gold for Days
Dec 2003     Software Professional Validates Santa
Dec 2003     Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Dec 2003     Predicting the Future of Testing
Dec 2003     Becoming an Information-Gathering Skeptic
Nov 2003     The Only Winning Move
Nov 2003     Testers Shine on Agile Projects
Nov 2003     Itís Not About the Bugs
Nov 2003     The Secret Ingredients of High Morale
Oct 2003     Human Communication on Projects
Oct 2003     Predicting Iterative Projects
Oct 2003     Escape from Documentation
Oct 2003     Real Guidelines for Improving the Maturity Process
Sep 2003     Creating Team Norms
Sep 2003     The Maturity Maturity Model
Sep 2003     Model-Driven Architecture
Sep 2003     The Tyranny of the To Do List
Sep 2003     How to Improve Meetings When Youre Not in Charge
Aug 2003     Bridging the Technical Generations
Aug 2003     Testing Error Code
Aug 2003     Always Assume Your Assumptions Are Wrong
Aug 2003     The Meaning of Schedule
Jul 2003     The ROTI Method for Gauging Meeting Effectiveness
Jul 2003     When Should You Start Project Overtime?
Jul 2003     Hello Up There! Will the Sarbanes-Oxley Act Finally Catapult QA to the Boardroom?
Jul 2003     Open Source and Hype
Jun 2003     Want-Ads for QA that Nobody Really Wants
Jun 2003     Test-Physicians, Source Code, and BSODs
Jun 2003     Are You Lying to Your Customers?
Jun 2003     Whos Testing Your Software?
May 2003     First Things First: Emotions in the Workplace
May 2003     Give em the Business
May 2003     Testware for Free
May 2003     The Ten Commandments of Software Testing
May 2003     Improve Tester Performance
Apr 2003     An Ingenious Solution
Apr 2003     Random Testing and "App Compat"
Apr 2003     Communicating Up
Apr 2003     Ten Ways to Guarantee Project Failure
Mar 2003     Tell the Right Story : Making Sure Your Test-Status News Is Presented Effectively
Mar 2003     Assuming the Worst about Requirements
Mar 2003     Arguing Apples and Oranges
Mar 2003     Clarify Your Ranking for System Problem Reports
Mar 2003     Test Organization Strategies: Centralized, Distributed, or Hybrid?
Feb 2003     Will the Real Professional Testers Please Step Forward?
Feb 2003     What Metrics Can Do for You
Feb 2003     Venus and Mars in the Workplace
Jan 2003     Where Are the Testers in XP?
Jan 2003     Strike Three - Time for a New Batter
Dec 2002     Computer Bribery
Dec 2002     Software Professional Validates Santa
Dec 2002     Climbing the Learning Curve - Practice with Feedback
Dec 2002     The Internet and Web Sites - Why Test?
Nov 2002     Taking the Heat
Nov 2002     Brewing Trouble
Nov 2002     Automated Testability Tips
Nov 2002     Taking the Mystery out of Requirements
Oct 2002     Keeping a Project Journal
Oct 2002     XP, Iterative Development, and the Testing Community
Oct 2002     Not Getting What You Want?
Oct 2002     Maybe We Shouldnít "Write" Requirements
Sep 2002     What To Do When What Youíre Doing Isnít Working
Sep 2002     XP - That Dog Donít Hunt
Sep 2002     Donít Just Do Something, Stand There!
Sep 2002     Real Money
Sep 2002     You Canít Fight Change
Aug 2002     What Testers Can Do about Technical Debt - Part 2
Aug 2002     What Testers Can Do about Technical Debt - Part 1
Aug 2002     Weíre All Human
Aug 2002     But I Donít Have Time!
Jul 2002     Is IT Accountable for Corporate Shenanigans?
Jul 2002     Start a Revolution
Jul 2002     Modeling Practice and Requirements
Jul 2002     Telling Our Story
Jul 2002     Donít Become the Quality Police
Jun 2002     Do Your Inspections Work?
Jun 2002     Testing Testers
Jun 2002     Risky Business - Using risk analysis to prioritize testing
Jun 2002     Troubled Times
May 2002     Taking a Risk - How to Make Risk Conversations More Effective
May 2002     Thinking Games
May 2002     Hope Happens - The Golden Age of Quality?
May 2002     Charting a Course for Requirements
Apr 2002     Tinkerable Software
Apr 2002     Advice on How to Hire Testers
Apr 2002     Institutionalizing Poor Quality
Apr 2002     Managers and the Helpitis Malady
Apr 2002     When Being Correct Isnít Enough
Mar 2002     Make Your Point...without Pointing a Finger
Mar 2002     Going Down with the Ship
Mar 2002     Evaluating a Testerís Effectiveness
Mar 2002     Requirement #1: Ask Honest Questions
Feb 2002     Fightin' Words
Feb 2002     What Does It Cost to Fix a Defect?
Feb 2002     Measuring Up - How to Preview User Satisfaction before Your Release
Feb 2002     Improving Projects by Communicating What's Below the Surface
Jan 2002     Wizardry and Requirements
Jan 2002     Becoming a Testing Expert
Jan 2002     Avoiding the Script Cemetery
Jan 2002     Do You Know What They Want?
Dec 2001     How Should You Feel When You Find a Bug?
Dec 2001     Software Professional Validates Santa
Dec 2001     Reflections on a Fable about Developer/Tester Relationships
Dec 2001     Risk Analysis Basics
Nov 2001     Boost Your Testing Super Powers
Nov 2001     Take the "Groove Test" and Get Out of Your Rut
Nov 2001     Addicted to Adrenaline
Nov 2001     Five Ways to Think about Black Box Testing
Nov 2001     Did You Hear What I Said?
Oct 2001     Testing Your Worth
Oct 2001     The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Testing Organizations
Oct 2001     Revisiting the Definition of Software Quality
Oct 2001     How Did I Get So Jaded?
Sep 2001     License to Hack
Sep 2001     How Much Is Enough? - Testing as Storytelling
Sep 2001     The Problem Isnít Always THE Problem
Sep 2001     Exploratory Planning
Aug 2001     Does Test Automation Save Time and Money?
Aug 2001     Measuring Up - Measuring Test Managers from an Organizationís Perspective
Aug 2001     Whatís Wrong with Software Reuse?
Aug 2001     A Hudsonís Bay Start - Taking Some Risk Out of Large Projects
Jul 2001     Inspecting Requirements
Jul 2001     Where Does Exploratory Testing Fit?
Jul 2001     The Science of Catching Hidden Bugs
Jul 2001     An Installation Saga
Jul 2001     What You Donít Know May Help You
Jun 2001     Across the Great Divide
Jun 2001     What Is It You Want from Management?
Jun 2001     Whatís So Great About Inspections?!?
Jun 2001     A Test Managerís Output: What Is That?
May 2001     Whatís in a Name? Everything
May 2001     Measuring Requirements Management
May 2001     How Do You Spell Testing?
May 2001     Let Observation Be Your Crystal Ball
Apr 2001     Increasing the Odds - Tips for Improving Your Conference Presentation Proposal
Apr 2001     What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
Apr 2001     Getting to the Bottom of Project Troubles
Apr 2001     Whereís Charlie?! - Developing Your Hiring Strategy
Apr 2001     Quality: What a Fuzzy Term
Mar 2001     The Wonderful World of Software
Mar 2001     Exploratory Testing and the Planning Myth
Mar 2001     Making Sure You Buy the Right Packaged-Software Solution
Mar 2001     Snaring Black Widows in Ladybug Clothing
Feb 2001     Hey Vendors, Give Us Real Scripting Languages
Feb 2001     ERP Maintenance
Feb 2001     Youíre Too Valuable Where You Are
Feb 2001     When Helping Doesnít Help
Jan 2001     What Is Exploratory Testing?
Jan 2001     Getting a Late Start on Test Automation
Jan 2001     When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough GetÖ Gentle?
Jan 2001     Looking for Whatís Not There
Jan 2001     Quality Still Counts on the Web
Dec 2000     Has Web Development Changed the Meaning of Testing?
Dec 2000     Who Is the User Anyway?
Dec 2000     What Do You Manage?
Dec 2000     Three Keys to Test Automation
Nov 2000     Who Needs Management?
Nov 2000     Is Software Testing Advancing or Stagnating?
Nov 2000     T-shirts Are Not Enough
Nov 2000     Running Down Assumptions
Oct 2000     Shhhhhh! You Canít Say That!
Oct 2000     Taking the Heat
Oct 2000     A Fable about Developer/Tester Relationships
Oct 2000     Testing and Quality?
Oct 2000     Are Templates Dangerous?
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