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Feb 2005     A Breakdown of the Psychomotor Components of Input Device Usage
Aug 2003     A Comparison of Face-to-Face and Computer-Mediated Student Project Teams
Jul 2001  *  23 A Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which is Best and When?
Jan 2002  *  26 A Comparison of Popular Online Fonts: Which Size and Type is Best?
Aug 2003     A Comparison of Two Computer Fonts: Serif versus Ornate Sans Serif
Feb 2005     A Comparison of Two Evaluation Techniques for Technical Documentation
Feb 2003  *  5 Aesthetics and Usability: A Look at Color and Balance
Jul 2002  *  2 Are You in Good Hands With Allstate?: A Comparison of Three Auto-Insurance Websites
Jul 2001  *  1 Balancing Image Quality and Speed: How to Shave Seconds off Your Download Time
Jul 2000     Before and After: How Can You Show Your New Website is Better?
Jul 2004  *  1 Blackboard Gets A Global Review
Feb 2003  *  6 Breadcrumb Navigation: An Exploratory Study of Usage
Aug 2003  *  15 Breadcrumb Navigation: Further Investigation of Usage
Jul 2002     Bringing the Chat Room to the Classroom
Aug 2003  *  1 CADUCEUS: Using the Web to Share Student Misconceptions and Solutions
Feb 2003     Can Expanding Targets Make Object Selection Easier for Older Adults?
Feb 2003  *  3 Can Internet Shoppers Be Described by Personality Traits?
Jul 2002  *  2 Can Personality Be Used to Predict How We Use the Internet?
Feb 2003  *  9 Cascading versus Indexed Menu Design
Jul 2004  *  1 Comparing Data Input Methods on Handheld Computers
Jan 2000  *  1 Computer and World Wide Web Usage of WSU Undergraduates
Jul 2000  *  1 Constructing User-Centered Websites: Design Implications for Content Organization
Jan 2000  *  1 Constructing User-Centered Websites: The Early Design Phases of Small to Medium Sites
Jan 2000     Data Collection in the Palm of your Hand: A Case Study
Jan 2001  *  3 Designing a Touch Screen Kiosk for Older Adults: A Case Study
Jan 2002  *  1 Designing Online Banner Advertisements: Should We Animate?
Jul 2002  *  4 Determining Cognitive Predictors of User Performance within Complex User Interfaces
Jan 2001  *  9 Determining the Best Online Font for Older Adults
Jan 2001  *  2 Developing Schemas for the Location of Common Web Objects
Jan 1999     Do We Need the "GO" Button?
Feb 2004  *  6 Does Background Music Impact Computer Task Performance?
Jan 2000  *  1 Does Computer-Mediated Collaboration Really Improve Group Communication?
Mar 2006     Does the Intrusiveness of an Online Advertisement Influence User Recall and Recognition?
Jan 2000  *  1 E-Books: Are We Going Paperless?
Jul 2001  *  1 E-Commerce, the Consumer Decision Process, and the Theory of Reasoned Action
Jan 2000  *  1 Entering Text Into Hand-Held Devices: Comparing Two Soft Keyboards
Feb 2005     Ergonomic Mice: Comparison of Performance and Perceived Exertion
Feb 2004  *  1 Evaluating the CombiMouse : A New Input Device for Personal Computers
Jul 2005     Evaluating the Usability of Educational Websites for Children
Feb 2004  *  3 Evaluation of Websites for Older Adults: How "Senior-Friendly" Are They?
Feb 2005     Evaluation Toolbox for Aviation Technical Publications
Aug 2003  *  1 Examining First-Time Usage of the RollerMouse
Jul 2002     Examining the Effects of Hypertext Shape on User Performance
Mar 2006     Examining the Legibility of Two New ClearType Fonts
Feb 2003  *  1 Examining Tolerance for Online Delays
Jan 2002  *  20 Examining User Expectations for the Location of Common E-Commerce Web Objects
Feb 2003     Examining Web Design Conventions Across Site Types
Jul 1999     Exploring How the Elderly Use the Web
Jan 2000  *  3 Finding Information on the Web: Does the Amount of Whitespace Really Matter?
Jul 2002  *  3 Fortune 500 Revisited: Current Trends in Sitemap Design
Jul 2005     Hotspots and Hyperlinks: Using Eye-tracking to Supplement Usability Testing
Jan 2000  *  4 How Important is Visual Feedback When Using a Touch Screen?
Jul 1999     How Long is Too Long to Wait for a Website to Load?
Jan 1999  *  1 How Usable are the Airline Websites ?
Feb 2004  *  9 Influence of Training and Exposure on the Usage of Breadcrumb Navigation
Feb 2004     Internet Experience Survey
Jan 2002  *  1 Internet Purchasing Attitudes: Does It All Come Down to Cost?
Jul 2005     Is Multiple-Column Online Text Better? It Depends!
Jul 2000  *  2 Is RSVP a Solution for Reading from Small Displays?
Jul 2000  *  6 Just How 'Blind' Are We to Advertising Banners on the Web?
Jul 2000  *  2 Male and Female Attitudes Toward Computer-Mediated Group Interactions
Aug 2003  *  2 Measuring Online Experience: Its About More Than Time!
Jan 2002  *  1 Menu Design: To Adapt, or Not to Adapt?
Feb 2005     Metaphors and Website Design: A Cross-Cultural Case Study of the Stain Detective
Jul 1999  *  2 Mouse-Over vs. Point-and-Click: It Depends!
Jan 1999  *  1 Mouse-Over vs. Point-and-Click: Which is Better?
Jul 2004  *  1 Online Banking: Why People Are Branching Out
Jul 2005     Online Flipping: Examination of the Digital FlipViewer
Jul 2001  *  1 Online Groceries and Textbooks: Is E-Shopping the Answer for Today's College Student?
Jul 2002  *  1 Online Shopping for Office Supplies: Factors Impacting User Satisfaction
Jan 2001  *  2 Online Shopping: TV's, Toasters, and Toys! Oh My!
Feb 2004     Optimal Web Study
Jan 2002  *  2 Paging vs. Scrolling: Looking for the Best Way to Present Search Results
Jul 2004  *  8 Paper or Pixels: What are People Reading Online?
Mar 2006     Password Security: What Users Know and What They Actually Do
Jul 2005     Perceived Personality and Uses of Fonts -- We Need Your Input!
Mar 2006     Perception of Fonts: Perceived Personality Traits and Uses
Jan 2002  *  2 Planning Your Next Vacation: Orbitz, Expedia, or Travelocity?
Jan 2001     Practicing What We Preach? A Usability Evaluation of the HFES Proceedings CD-ROM
Jul 2004  *  5 Preliminary Examination of Global Expectations of Users' Mental Models for E-Commerce Web Layouts
Jan 1999  *  2 Preliminary Findings on the Use of Sitemaps
Jul 2000     Randomize and Test (RAT): A Program to Randomize Conditions
Jan 2002  *  3 Reading from a Palm Pilot™ Using RSVP
Jul 2002  *  8 Reading Online News: A Comparison of Three Presentation Formats
Feb 2005     Reading Online Text with a Poor Layout: Is Performance Worse?
Jul 2004  *  25 Reading Online Text: A Comparison of Four White Space Layouts
Jan 2001  *  1 Reading with RSVP on a Small Screen: Does Font Size Matter?
Aug 2003  *  1 RSVP in Review: A Comparison of Programs for the PC and Handheld Devices
Jul 2001  *  1 Satisfaction Survey by Web or by Paper? A Case Study at a Fortune 500 Company
Mar 2006     Searching the University Course Schedule Using a Digital FlipBook
Jul 1999     Searching the Web: Who Uses the Advanced Search Options?
Jan 2001     Should You Check In Your Textbooks and Check Out an eBook?
Jul 1999  *  4 Sitemap Design: Alphabetical or Categorical?
Jul 2005     Smooth or Textured: Does Mouse Pad Surface Impact Performance?
Jul 2000  *  9 So, What Size and Type of Font Should I Use on My Website?
Jul 2004  *  3 Technology in the Classroom: Investigating the Effect on the Student-Teacher Interaction
Jul 2004  *  4 The Effects of Contrast and Density on Visual Web Search
Jul 2002  *  15 The Effects of Line Length on Children and Adults’ Online Reading Performance
Jul 2005     The Effects of Line Length on Reading Online News
Feb 2004  *  1 The Effects of Perceptual Grouping on Text Entry Performance
Feb 2003  *  9 The Impact of Paging vs. Scrolling on Reading Online Text Passages
Jul 2004  *  2 The Role of Interactivity in Web-Based Educational Material
Jul 2002  *  7 Top Ten Mistakes of Shopping Cart Design
Jul 2000     Two Years and Six Hand-held Devices Later: What I Have Learned
Mar 2006     Usability Analysis of a Computer-Based Avionics System
Feb 2004  *  1 Usability of Mobile Devices in the Cockpit
Feb 2005     Using Eye-tracking Data to Understand First Impressions of a Website
Jul 2002  *  1 Using Technology to Foster a Student-Centered Classroom
Jul 2001  *  14 What is the Best Layout for Multiple-Column Web Pages?
Feb 2004  *  1 What’s the Skinny on Weight Loss Websites?
Jan 1999  *  3 What's The Best Way to Wrap Links?
Jul 2001  *  16 Where Should You Put the Links? A Comparison of Four Locations
Jan 2002  *  3 Where Should You Put the Links? Comparing Embedded and Framed/Non-Framed Links
Aug 2003  *  1 Wheres My Clicker? Bringing the Remote into the Classroom
Feb 2004  *  2 Where's My Clicker? Bringing the Remote into the Classroom - Part II
Mar 2006     Where's the Search? Re-examining User Expectations of Web Objects
Jan 2001  *  3 Which Fonts Do Children Prefer to Read Online?
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