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Aug 2004     A Conversation About Aesthetics with International Fashion Machines' Maggie Orth
Jul 2004  *  1 Design for Hackability
Apr 2003     Five Books on Design and Culture
Dec 2003     From Bovine Horde to Urban Players: Multidisciplinary Interaction Design for Alternative City Tourisms
Sep 2003     Going Anywhere, Being Everywhere: Metaphors of Mobility for Ubiquitous Computing
Jan 2005     Playful Mobilities. Critical Mobilities.
Jan 2004     Playful Mobilities: Ubiquitous Computing in the City (Part I)
Nov 2004     Postcard From The Urban Frontier (Draft)
Mar 2003     Representing Many Voices: Challenges in Government Site Design
Oct 2003  *  9 Resonances and Everyday Life: Ubiquitous Computing and the City
May 2003     The Augmented City
Oct 2003     Tracing Technological Intimacies: Ubiquitous Computing Assemblages
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