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Feb 2005  *  124 Jef Raskin passed away peacefully on Saturday February 26th, 2005 our condolences go out to Jef's family, friends and wider community.
Jan 2004  *  6 Celebrating 20 Years of the Mac - Interview with Jef Raskin on NPR
Jul 2003  *  6 A Conversation with Jef Raskin (From Ubiquity Magazine)
May 2001  *  4 Bad Design Can Be Costly
May 2003  *  2 The Woes of IDEs
May 2000  *  2 The Humane Interface : Ubiquity
Sep 2001  *  1 Mini Modeling Gear: Honey, they shrunk the accessories!
Jun 2001  *  1 How to Build Jigs for Small Models
Dec 1999  *  1 The Toy that Drove the Universe
Jan 2005     Jef Raskin Center for Humane Interface gets $2 million in start-up funding
Nov 2004     Tech Spec
Nov 2004     Canon Cat Reference Card
Oct 2004     The Man Who Should Be King
Oct 2004     Pascal Syntax Poster
Oct 2004     Canon Cat Manual
Oct 2004     Canon Cat Reference Guide
Jul 2004     Macworld Expo kicks off with 20 years on the Mac
May 2004     Sopwith SS3 Biplane Drawing
Apr 2004     The World Has Changed, But We Forgot To - Keynote at Desktop Linux Summit Conference
Feb 2004     Improved RC Aircraft Transmitter and Control System Design
Jan 2004     Jef's One-Page Solar System
Nov 2003     The Elusive Green Flash
Nov 2003     Estey Folding Chaplain's Harmonium
Nov 2003     Jef Outdoors
Oct 2003     How a Toy Drove the Design of the Universe: Undoing the Anthropic Principle
Oct 2003     Twestid Wrods: Debunking a web item
Sep 2003     THE Zoom Demo
Jun 2003     Humane Environment Mission Statement
May 2003     There is No Such Thing as Information Design
May 2003     Widgets of the Week
Apr 2003     Computers by the Millions, An Apple Document from 1979
Apr 2003     Shanghaied to the Windward Islands
Apr 2003     How to Balance a Model Airplane
Apr 2003     Usborne Medieval Port
Apr 2003     Summary of The Humane Interface
Apr 2003     How To Read a Model Plane Review
Mar 2003     The Dismal State of Computer Curricula
Mar 2003     The Flawed Calculus of Torture
Mar 2003     The Bible Code
Mar 2003     Holes In The Histories
Mar 2003     Mr. Rogers and Mr. President
Mar 2003     Robot Rules the Rugs
Feb 2003     In Defense of Music Education
Feb 2003     Pacifica Moods
Feb 2003     I Before E, if Taken with Caffeine
Feb 2003     Raskin's Sure Guide to Determining a Modeler's Skill Level
Feb 2003     Voting for a Portal
Feb 2003     Vitriolic, Spleen, and Invective
Jan 2003     Humbug: Nursing Theory
Nov 2002     uDrive Me Crazy
Jun 2002     In the Shop with Your Buddy Bot
Mar 2002     Toy planes can elude Star Wars shield
Sep 2001     Portable PCs show where technology is headed
Aug 2001     Scale Speeds: Why Park Flyers Look So Good in the Air
May 2001     How to Balance Models with a Calculator
Apr 2001     The Toyota Prius: Hybrid car, mongrel interface
Jan 2001     Effectiveness of Mathematics
Feb 1997     Will Computers Ever Become Easy to Use?
Jan 1994     Coanda Effect: Understanding Why Wings Work
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