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Nov 2002  *  2 Representing and supporting action on buried relationships in smart environments (.pdf)
Feb 2003  *  1 Stop making sense: Designing sensor-based interaction to facilitate exploration and reflection (.pdf)
Feb 2003  *  1 Creating new user experiences to enhance collaboration (.pdf)
Nov 2002  *  1 NASA Position Paper for the CSCW 2002 Workshop (.pdf)
Nov 2002  *  1 Exploring Situated Interaction With Ubiquitous Office Door Displays (.pdf)
Nov 2002  *  1 Designing Displays for Human Connectedness (.pdf)
Apr 2002  *  1 Supporting two-party collaborations with new forms of shared interactive representatons (.pdf)
Apr 2004     Eliciting reactive and reflective feedback for a social communication tool: a multi-session approach
Mar 2004     Does it matter if you don't know who's talking? Multiplayer gaming with voiceover IP
Jan 2004     New Theoretical Approaches for HCI (.pdf)
Dec 2003     From text to talk: multiplayer games and voiceover IP
Feb 2003     Putting it all together: information visualizations, display arrangements, and sales transactions (.pdf)
Feb 2003     Collaborating aound large interactive displays: which way is best to meet? (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Subtle ice-breaking: encouraging socializing and interaction around a large public display (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Shared Displays for Small Communities: Optimizing for Privacy and Relevance (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Using a situated display appliance for socially mediated space management (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Research on Public Community and Situated Displays at MERL Cambridge (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Designing New Workspaces to Provide Physical and Social Affordances for Successful Interaction (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Using Public Displays to Create Conversation Opportunities (.pdf)
Nov 2002     What’s Happening: Opportunistic Displays for Promoting Community Awareness (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Supporting Collaboration in a Context-Aware Office Computing Environment (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Digital Bulleting Boards for Social Networking (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Coordinate Displays in the Home (.pdf)
Nov 2002     When is a bed not a bed: the situated display of knowledge on a hospital ward (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Shared Information Displays in Management Learning – Lessons from Experience and Experiment (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Implications of a New Technology Platform for Wall-sized Interactive Displays (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Speakeasy: A Platform for Interactive Public Displays (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Supporting informal communication across local and distributed communities (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Personal Mobility Through Situated Displays (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Large interactive public displays: Use patterns, support patterns, community patterns (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Perceptual and social cognition aspects of situated displays (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Informative Art: Situated Displays Supporting Communication in Public Places (.pdf)
Nov 2002     A conceptual framework for mixed reality environments: Designing novel learning activities for young children (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Using ‘Tangibles’ to Promote Novel Forms of Playful Learning (.pdf)
Nov 2002     Learning through digitally-augmented physical experiences: Reflections on the Ambient Wood project (.pdf)
Oct 2002     Designing novel interactional workspaces to support face to face consultations (.pdf)
Sep 2002     The value of a virtual environment for learning about narrative (.pdf)
Sep 2002     Seamful ubiquity: Beyond seamless integration (.pdf)
Aug 2002     PUPPET: a virtual environment for children to act and direct interactive narratives (.pdf)
Jul 2002     Designing Dynamic Interactive Visualisations to Support Collaboration and Cognition (.pdf)
Jul 2002     Informing the design of a virtual environment to support learning in children (.pdf)
Jun 2002     Understanding Interaction: going beyond the seamless integration of the digital and the physical (.pdf)
Jun 2002     Taking the 'No' out of Lotus Notes (.pdf)
Jun 2002     The generation gap: Managing technology-mediated and personal social networks. (.pdf)
Oct 2001     Knowledge transfer in a rapidly changing field: what can new theoretical approaches offer HCI? (.pdf)
Jun 2001     Can we afford it? Issues in designing transparent technologies (.pdf)
May 2001     Experiments with Reactive Robotic Sound Sculptures (.pdf)
Apr 2001     The Sound Gallery: Recent Developments (.pdf)
Mar 2001     How many ways can you mix colour? Young children's explorations of mixed reality environments (.pdf)
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