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Feb 2006     Evaluating interface aesthetics: a measure of symmetry
Feb 2006     Improving Usability by Adding Security to a Video Conferencing Collaboration System
Feb 2006     Everyday Practices with Mobile Video Telephony
Feb 2006     Delivering Newly Published Technical Reports via Database-Generated RSS
Jan 2006     The Global Computer
Jan 2006     Authorization-Based Access Control for the Services Oriented Architecture
Dec 2005     A Conceptual Model and Technical Architecture for Semantic Web Services
Dec 2005     A color selection tool for the readability of textual information on Web pages
Aug 2005     Beyond photographs: A design exploration of multisensory memorabilia for visually impaired people
Aug 2005     Automatic Prediction of Hit Songs
Aug 2005     Lessons Learned from a Personal Sensing Architecture
Aug 2005     A Bluetooth-enabled Digital Picture Frame
Aug 2005     Getting a Good Shot: Remote Picture Taking with Mobile Phones
Aug 2005     Using Film-Making Techniques to Synthesize Compelling Video Shows from Consumer Photographs
Jul 2005     Wearable Wellness Monitoring Using ECG and Accelerometer Data
Jun 2005     Why Traditional Storage Systems Don't Help Us Save Stuff Forever
Jun 2005     Fingertips of the Network: Featherweight Communicators and Sensors
Jun 2005     Integrating Presence and Location Services using SIP
Jun 2005     SNAP Computing: Wireless Location-based Plug and Play
May 2005     Enterprise Streaming: Different Challenges From Internet Streaming
May 2005     PHIZ: Discovering TVs Long Tail through a Channel - Centric Model
May 2005     DJammer: a New Digital, Mobile, Virtual, Personal Musical Instrument
Apr 2005     Generating Unforgeable Evidence for Secure Communications
Apr 2005     An Introduction to the Semantic Web, Considerations for building multilingual Semantic Web sites and applications
Mar 2005     Gesture Keyboard - User centered design of a unique input device for Indic Scripts
Mar 2005     Design and Usability of Interactive Voice Response Systems for Emerging Markets
Mar 2005  *  1 LIM and Nanoweb
Feb 2005     Ontology-based Software Development
Jan 2005     Detection of Out-Of-Focus Digital Photographs
Jan 2005     Semantic Photos
Jan 2005     Argus: Visual Sensing for Large-Scale Tracking
Jan 2005     DAB the gift of the GAP? Augmenting Digital Audio Broadcast with Rich Data
Jan 2005     A Real-Time 3D Interface Using Uncalibrated Cameras
Dec 2004     AIS and Semantic Query
Dec 2004     Detecting Stress During Real-World Driving Tasks Using Physiological Sensors
Dec 2004  *  1 Semantic Blogging and Decentralized Knowledge Management
Nov 2004  *  11 How and Why People Use Camera Phones
Oct 2004     Enabling Informal Communication of Digital Stories
Sep 2004  *  19 Effectiveness of Mathematics
Sep 2004  *  1 Lessons from E-speak
Sep 2004     Rapid Authoring of Mediascapes
Sep 2004     Music Recommendation from Song Sets
Aug 2004  *  1 Setting up an online community as an enterprise information tool
Aug 2004     Intelligent Keyframe Extraction for Video Printing
Aug 2004  *  1 New Concepts for Future Wristwatch Design
Aug 2004  *  1 Utilification
Jul 2004  *  1 Security and Trust in Mobile Interactions: A Study of Users' Perceptions and Reasoning
Jul 2004     Visual Mining Business Service Using Pixel Bar Charts
Jun 2004     Energy Aware Distributed Speech Recognition for Wireless Mobile Devices
Jun 2004     HP's Alan Kay Wins Third Major Scientific Honor
May 2004  *  1 Implementation experience with the DIG 1.1 specification
May 2004     Mining Home Video for Photos
Apr 2004  *  2 NewsTuner: A Simple Interface for Searching and Browsing Radio Archives
Apr 2004     Fueling the ethnographic imagination by design
Apr 2004  *  2 The Ultimatum Conundrum
Apr 2004     Semantic Analysis of Song Lyrics
Apr 2004     Automated System Design for Availability
Mar 2004     Active Photos
Mar 2004  *  1 Semantic Blogging : Spreading the Semantic Web Meme
Mar 2004  *  5 Eavesdropping on Storytelling
Mar 2004     Viewing and Annotating Media with MemoryNet
Mar 2004  *  1 The Everyday Problems of Working Parents: Implications for New Technologies
Mar 2004  *  2 Dealing with Privacy Obligations: Important Aspects and Technical Approaches
Feb 2004  *  2 Discovering Communities in Linear Time: a Physics Approach
Jan 2004     Bibliographic Control and Content Management on the Web
Jan 2004     Custom Content Delivery: Taking the Next Step
Sep 2003     A Large-Scale Evaluation of Acoustic and Subjective Music Similarity Measures
Sep 2003     Integrating the Physical World with the Web to Enable Context-Enhanced Services
Sep 2003     Semi-Automatic Approach for Music Classification
Sep 2003     Energy Management on Handheld Devices
Sep 2003  *  1 Unifying Browse and Search in Information Hierarchies
Aug 2003     Generating Panorama Photos
Aug 2003     Consumer Media Capture: Time-Based Analysis and Clustering
Jul 2003     An Artificial Immune System Approach To Semantic Document Classification
Jul 2003     Appliance Aggregation Architecture (A3)
Jul 2003     Impact of Virtualization on Management Systems
Jul 2003     Recognition of Emotions in Interactive Voice Response Systems
Jul 2003     The MeetingMachine: Interactive Workspace Support for Nomadic Users
Jul 2003     Semantic Blogging and Bibliography Management
Jun 2003  *  1 Dealing with Privacy Obligations in Enterprises
Jun 2003     Interactive 3-D Media with Structured Light Scanning
Jun 2003     An Observational Study of an Independent Book Store
Jun 2003     VisImpact: Business Impact Visualization
May 2003     Automatically Designed 3-D Environments for Intuitive Browsing and Discovery
May 2003     UBIWISE, A Simulator for Ubiquitous Computing Systems Design
May 2003  *  1 How Knowledge Workers Gather Information from the Web
Apr 2003     Identity Management: Setting Context
Apr 2003     Conceptual Modeling of Web Service Conversations
Mar 2003  *  1 Navigation Using Hybrid Genetic Programming
Mar 2003  *  1 Fusion of Semantic and Acoustic Approaches for Spoken Document Retrieval
Mar 2003  *  1 Fusion of Semantic and Acoustic Approaches for Spoken Document Retrieval
Mar 2003  *  1 Sensor-enhanced Mobile Web Clients: an XForms Approach
Mar 2003     Towards Accountable Management of Identity and Privacy
Mar 2003  *  1 Usability in Telephony Voice User Interfaces
Mar 2003     Creating and Experiencing Ubimedia
Mar 2003     Visualizing Multi-Attribute Web Transactions
Feb 2003     First Steps Towards Mutually-Immersive Mobile Telepresence (.pdf)
Feb 2003     Gathering and sharing Web-based information: Implications for "ePerson" concepts
Jan 2003     device independence and the web
Jan 2003     Measuring the Capacity of a Streaming Media Server
Jan 2003  *  1 ROC Graphs: Notes and Practical Considerations for Data Mining Researchers
Dec 2002  *  4 When Can I Expect an Email Response? A Study of Rhythms in Email Usage
Nov 2002     Computer Games and Economics Experiments
Nov 2002     Impact of imperfect OCR on part-of-speech tagging
Nov 2002  *  1 The ePerson Snippet Manager: a Semantic Web Application
Nov 2002     WISE -A Simulator Toolkit for Ubiquitous Computing Scenarios
Nov 2002  *  1 How can you trust the computer in front of you?
Nov 2002     Visualising Evolutionary Pathways in Real-World Search Spaces
Oct 2002  *  1 An immune-based approach to document classification
Oct 2002     Visualising Search-Spaces for Evolved Hybrid Auction Mechanisms
Oct 2002  *  2 Avoiding Moral Hazards in Organizational Forecasting
Oct 2002     User-Centric Appliance Aggregation
Oct 2002     Device Independence Web Application Framework (DIWAF)
Oct 2002  *  4 The Dynamics of Reputations
Sep 2002     Choose Your Words Carefully: An Empirical Study of Feature Selection Metrics for Text Classification
Sep 2002     Wild Wild WEB : Wildlife enthusiasts' use of the Internet
Aug 2002     A Personal Email Assistant
Aug 2002     The Future of the Mobile Internet: Lessons from Looking at Web Use
Jul 2002     Towards a Semantic, Deep Archival File System
Jul 2002     Rememberer: A Tool for Capturing Museum Visits
Jul 2002     The Web and Evolving Business Models : An Analysis of the Commercial Print Industry
Jul 2002     Searching Digital Image Libraries
Jun 2002     An ontology for publishing and scheduling events and the lessons learned in developing it.
Jun 2002  *  1 Usability and privacy: a study of Kazaa P2P file- sharing
May 2002  *  1 Rich Media from the Masses
Apr 2002     Experience Design in Ubiquitous Computing
Apr 2002  *  1 The Electronic Guidebook: Using Portable Devices and a Wireless Web-based Network to Extend the Museum Experience
Apr 2002     Semantic Web support for the Business-to-Business E- Commerce lifecycle
Mar 2002     Visualization of Large Web Access Data Sets
Mar 2002  *  1 A Day in the Life 2010
Mar 2002  *  1 Managing and Searching Personal Photo Collections
Mar 2002     From Informing to Remembering: Deploying a Ubiquitous System in an Interactive Science Museum
Mar 2002     Does Online Gender Masking Work?
Mar 2002     Speech Technology and Localisation
Mar 2002     Speech-As-Data Technologies for Personal Information Devices
Feb 2002     Reinventing Corporate Research
Feb 2002  *  1 User attitudes towards wireless technology : 802.11b
Jul 2001     Dynamics and Evolution of Web Sites: Analysis, Metrics and Design Issues
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