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Dec 2005     Using meaningful and stable categories to support exploratory web search: Two formative studies
Nov 2005     Personal Role Management: Overview and a Design Study of Email for University Students
Nov 2005     A Framework for Auditory Data Exploration and Evaluation with Geo-referenced Data Sonification
Nov 2005     Maintaining Concentration to Achieve Task Completion
Oct 2005     How do I Find Blue Books About Dogs? The Errors and Frustrations of Young Digital Library Users
Oct 2005     Beyond Threads: Identifying Dicussions in Email Archives
Sep 2005     Interface Design for Children’s Searching and Browsing
Sep 2005     A Visual Interface for Multivariate Temporal Data: Finding Patterns of Events over Time
Sep 2005     Visualising Graphs as Trees: Plant a seed and watch it grow.
Sep 2005     Knowledge Discovery in High Dimensional Data: Case Studies and a User Survey for an Information Visualization Tool
May 2005     Evaluation a Cross-Cultural Children's Online Book Community: Sociability, Usability, and Cultural Exchange
May 2005     InterSon: Interactive Sonification for Geo-referenced Data Exploration for the Vision Impaired
May 2005     Multiple Small Maps as an Information Seeking Tool
May 2005     PapierCraft: A System for Interactive Paper
May 2005     Pet Enumeration: Usability Testing of U.S. Census Bureau Data Collection Methods Avoiding Protected Personal Data
May 2005     Using Categorical Information in Multidimensional Data Sets: Interactive Partition and Cluster Comparison
Apr 2005     Child’s Play: A Comparison of Desktop and Physical Interactive Environments
Apr 2005     IDFinder: Data Visualization for Checking Re-identifiability in Microdata
Mar 2005     Using Rhythms of Relationships to Understand Email Archives
Mar 2005     Data Sharing in Ecology and Evolution: Why Not?
Mar 2005     Serving computational ecology from a digital library
Mar 2005     Visualizing Missing Data: Classification and Empirical Study
Feb 2005     Generating and Querying Semantic Web Environments for Photo Libraries
Feb 2005     Meaningful Presentations of Photo Libraries: Rationale and Applications of Bi-Level Radial Quantum Layouts
Feb 2005     Representing Unevenly-Spaced Time Series Data for Visualization and Interactive Exploration
Feb 2005     Show Me! Guidelines for Producing Recorded Demonstrations
Jan 2005     Categorized Graphical Overviews for Web Search Results: An Exploratory Study Using U.S. Government Agencies as a Meaningful and Stable Structure
Jan 2005     "I Hear the Pattern" - Interactive Sonification of Geographical Data Patterns
Jan 2005     AppLens and LaunchTile: Two Designs for One-Handed Thumb Use on Small Devices
Jan 2005     Information Visualization and the Challenge of Universal Usability
Jan 2005     Understanding Research Trends in Conferences Using PaperLens
Dec 2004     A Comparison of Zoomable User Interfaces and Folders For Grouping Visual Objects
Dec 2004     A Rank-by-Feature Framework for Interactive Exploration of Multidimensional Data
Dec 2004     Interactive Pattern Search in Time Series
Dec 2004     Knowledge Integration Framework for Information Visualization
Nov 2004     Why Not Make User Interfaces Better Than 3D Reality?
Nov 2004     Project Highlight: Toward a Statistical Knowledge Network
Nov 2004     Designing For Fun: How to Make User Interfaces More Fun
Nov 2004     Dynamic Query Tools for Time Series Data Sets, Timebox Widgets for Interactive Exploration
Oct 2004     Interactive Pattern Search in Time Series
Sep 2004     The International Children’s Digital Library: A Case Study in Designing for a Multi-Lingual, Multi-Cultural, Multi-Generational Audience
Jan 2004     Mixing Ideas: A New Technique for Working with Young Children as Design Partners
Oct 2003     Overlaying Graph Links on Treemaps (pdf)
Jun 2003     Finding Governmental Statistical Data on the Web: Three Empirical Studies of the FedStats Topics Page
Jun 2003     A Design Study of the Integration of Email and Role Management for University Students
Apr 2003     Help! I'm Lost: User Frustration in Web Navigation
Apr 2003     Building KidPad: An Application for Childrens Collaborative Storytelling
Apr 2003     Starting an Intergenerational Technology Design Team: A Case Study
Apr 2003     The International Children’s Digital Library: Viewing Digital Books Online
Apr 2003     Accuracy, Target Reentry and Fitts’ Law Performance of Preschool Children Using Mice
Apr 2003     SlideBar: Analysis of a linear input device
Apr 2003     Dynamic Query Chloropleth Maps for Information Seeking and Decision Making
Apr 2003     Paper Augmented Digital Documents
Apr 2003     Immediate Usability: A case study of public access design for a community photo library
Apr 2003     Automatic Thumbnail Cropping and its Effectiveness
Apr 2003     User Interface Technologies and Guidelines to Support Children's Creativity, Collaboration, and Learning
Apr 2003     Favorite Folders: A Configurable, Scalable File Browsers
Apr 2003     Interactive Graphical Querying of Time Series and Linear Sequence Data Sets
Mar 2003     Data Exploration with Paired Hierarchical Visualizations: Initial Designs of PairTrees
Mar 2003     Improving Accessibility and Usability of Geo-referenced Statistical Data
Mar 2003     New Approaches to Help Users Get Started with Visual Interfaces: Multi-Layered Interfaces and Integrated Initial Guidance
Mar 2003     Comparing User-assisted and Automatic Query Translation
Mar 2003     Comparing User-assisted and Automatic Query Translation
Feb 2003     Searching Large Collections of Recorded Speech: A Preliminary Study
Feb 2003     Sensing, Storytelling, and Children: Putting Users in Control (.pdf)
Feb 2003     MediaFinder: An Interface for Dynamic Personal Media Management with Semantic Regions
Feb 2003     Personal Media Exploration with Semantic Regions
Jan 2003     The International Children’s Digital Library: Description and Analysis of First Use
Jan 2003     Toolkit Design for Interactive Structured Graphics
Dec 2002     An Evaluation of Maryland's New Voting Machine
Dec 2002     Image-Based Highly Interactive Web Mapping for Geo-Referenced Data Publishing
Nov 2002     It's Too Small! Implications of Children’s Developing Motor Skills on Graphical User Interfaces
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