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Dec 2004  *  15 Living a Virtual Life: Social Dynamics of Online Gaming
May 2003  *  7 Playing and Gaming: Reflections and Classifications
Jul 2001  *  7 Games telling stories? A brief note on games and narratives
Dec 2002  *  6 Creative Player Actions in FPS Online Video Games : Playing Counter-Strike
Dec 2004  *  4 Play Along - An Approach to Videogame Music
May 2003  *  4 Computer Games as a Part of Children's Culture
Dec 2002  *  4 Lara Croft: Feminist Icon or Cyberbimbo?
Jul 2001  *  4 The Sims: Grandmothers are cooler than trolls
May 2003  *  3 Interaction Forms and Communicative Actions in Multiplayer Games
Jul 2001  *  3 Beyond Myth and Metaphor: The Case of Narrative in Digital Media
Jul 2001  *  3 The Gaming Situation
Jul 2001  *  3 The repeatedly lost art of studying games
Dec 2004  *  2 Review: Germans at Play
Dec 2003  *  2 On Virtual Economies
May 2003  *  2 Perspectives of Computer Game Philology
Dec 2002  *  2 Computer Games Have Words, Too: Dialogue Conventions in Final Fantasy VII
Jul 2001  *  2 Computer Game Studies, Year One
Dec 2004  *  1 A Meaningful Read: Rules of Play reviewed
Dec 2003  *  1 When Seams Fall Apart: Video Game Space and the Player
May 2003  *  1 Play Dead: Genre and Affect in Silent Hill and Planescape Torment
May 2003  *  1 Game Noir : A Conversation with Tim Schafer
Dec 2002  *  1 The Player with Many Faces: A Conversation with Louis Castle
Dec 2002  *  1 Latin America's New Cultural Industries still Play Old Games
Jul 2001  *  1 Is It Possible to Build Dramatically Compelling Interactive Digital Entertainment?
Oct 2005     Can A Table Stand On One Leg? Critical and Ludological Thoughts on Star Wars: Galaxies
Oct 2005     A survey method for assessing perceptions of a game: The consumer playtest in game design
Oct 2005     Player-Centred Game Design: Experiences in Using Scenario Study to Inform Mobile Game Design
Oct 2005     Formal Models and Game Design
Oct 2005     The Semiotics of Time Structure in Ludic Space As a Foundation for Analysis and Design
Oct 2005     What WarioWare can teach us about Game Design
Oct 2005     A Conversation with Raph Koster
Oct 2005     The Hunt for Collaborative War Gaming - CASE: Battlefield 1942
Dec 2004     Social Realism in Gaming
Dec 2004     Loading the Dice: The Challenge of Serious Videogames
Dec 2003     Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown: Interactivity and signification in Head Over Heels
Dec 2003     I Lose, Therefore I Think: A Search for Contemplation amid Wars of Push-Button Glare
Dec 2003     Sim Sin City: some thoughts about Grand Theft Auto 3
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