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Dec 2003     e-Commerce and Trustmarks: Results from the ALPINE Working Group
Jun 2002     E-(Embodied) Knowledge and E-Commerce: How Physiological Factors Affect On-line Sales of Experiential Products
May 2002     Impact of 3-D Advertising on Product Knowledge, Brand Attitude, and Purchase Intention: The Mediating Role of Presence
May 2002     Locus of Control, Web Use and Consumer Attitudes Toward Internet Regulation
May 2002     Virtual Communities and Relationship Marketing
Apr 2002     Published 'Word of Mouth:' Referable, Consumer-Generated Information on the Internet
Mar 2002     Buying for different reasons? An integrative model of the likelihood of purchasing clothes on-line and in physical stores
Mar 2002     On the Efficiency of Internet Markets for Consumer Goods
Mar 2002     The Role of Virtual Experience in Consumer Learning
Mar 2002     They Benefit and Suffer More Than I Do: Perceptions of the Internet's Social Impact
Feb 2002     The Competition of Perceived Gratification Niche Between the Internet and Traditional Consumption Channle: Two Exploratory Studies of Young Consumers
Feb 2002     Web User's Optimal On-line Experience: An Examination of a Matching Hypothesis
Feb 2002     Webserices:framework, architecture and evolution: An intrepretative analysis
Jan 2002     The Darker Side of the Net: Public's Willingness to Restrict Controversial Web Sites
Dec 2001     The Influence of Goal-Directed and Experiential Activities on Online Flow Experiences
Sep 2001     Experiential Ecommerce: A Summary of Research Investigating the Impact of Virtual Experience on Consumer Learning
Sep 2001     The Effects of Sequential Exposure of a Virtual Experience Relative to Indirect and Direct Product Experience
Jun 2001     Are E-Privacy and E-Commerce a Contradiction in Term ? - An Economic Examination
Jun 2001     Preference Construction and Persistence in Digital Marketplaces: The Role of Electronic Recommendation Agents
May 2001     Internet Advertising: From CPMs to Results
Mar 2001     Characteristics of Virtual Experience in Electronic Commerce: A Protocol Analysis
Jan 2001     Profitability on the Web: Business Models and Revenue Streams
Jan 2000     Advertising Pricing Models for the World Wide Web
Jan 2000     When Exposure-Based Web Advertising Stops Making Sense
Nov 1999     The Growing Digital Divide: Implications for an Open Research Agenda
Oct 1999  *  1 Measuring the Flow Construct in Online Environments: A Structural Modeling Approach
May 1999     The Evolution of the Digital Divide: How Gaps in Internet Access May Impact Electronic Commerce
Dec 1998     Building Consumer Trust in Online Environments: The Case for Information Privacy
May 1998     Modeling the Clickstream: Implications for Web-Based Advertising Efforts
Feb 1998     Bridging the Digital Divide: The Impact of Race on Computer Access and Internet Use
Nov 1997     Information Privacy in the Marketspace: Implications for the Commercial Uses of Anonymity on the Web
Oct 1997     Diversity on the Internet: The Relationship of Race to Access and Usage
Jul 1997  *  1 Measuring the Flow Experience Among Web Users
Oct 1996     A New Marketing Paradigm for Electronic Commerce
Sep 1996     New Metrics for New Media: Toward the Development of Web Measurement Standards
Jul 1996     Internet and Web Use in the United States: Baselines for Commercial Development
Dec 1995     Commercial Scenarios for the Web: Opportunities and Challenges
Jul 1995     Marketing in Hypermedia Computer-Mediated Environments: Conceptual Foundations
Dec 1994  *  1 Marketing in Hypermedia Computer-Mediated Environments: Conceptual Foundations
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