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Apr 2006     Change and the Need for Innovation
Apr 2006     Libraries and the Long Tail
Mar 2006     From Babel to Knowledge - Data Mining Large Digital Collections
Mar 2006     Text, Information, Knowledge and the Evolving Record of Humanity
Mar 2006     What Do You Do with a Million Books?
Feb 2006     A Research Library Based on the Historical Collections of the Internet Archive
Feb 2006     Copyright Issues in Open Access Research Journals
Feb 2006     Observed Web Robot Behavior on Decaying Web Subsites
Jan 2006     Automated Capture of Thumbnails and Thumbshots for Use by Metadata Aggregation Services
Jan 2006     Don't Leave the Data in the Dark
Jan 2006     Folksonomies - Tidying up Tags?
Jan 2006     Galaxy of Knowledge: Art & Design
Jan 2006     The Digital Library for Earth System Education
Jan 2006     UKWAC - Building the UK's First Public Web Archive
Dec 2005     Parallel Worlds - Online Games and Digital Information Services
Dec 2005     Harvard's Perspective on the Archive Ingest and Handling Test
Nov 2005     What Is a Digital Library Anymore, Anyway?
Oct 2005     Development and Assessment of a Public Discovery and Delivery Interface for a Fedora Repository
Oct 2005     Hierarchical Catalog Records
Oct 2005     The CREE Project : Investigating User Requirements for Searching within Institutional Environments
Sep 2005     Anatomy of Aggregate Collections - The Example of Google Print for Libraries
Sep 2005     Exploring Collaborative Annotation to Encourage Interaction with Museum Collections
Aug 2005     Challenges and Influential Work
Aug 2005     Really 10 Years Old?
Jun 2005     Plenty of Room at the Bottom? Personal Digital Libraries and Collections
Jun 2005     The Open Collections Program
May 2005     Influencing User Behavior through Digital Library Design
May 2005     The Cultural Heritage Language Technologies Consortium
May 2005     The Museum and the Media Divide
May 2005     What Readers Want: A Study of E-Fiction Usability
Apr 2005     Featured Collection: Seeing the Invisible
Apr 2005     Initial Experiences in Developing a Chronologically Organized Digital Library for Continuing Education in Biodefense
Apr 2005     Social Bookmarking Tools: A Case Study - Connotea
Apr 2005     Social Bookmarking Tools: A General Review
Mar 2005  *  8 Renewing the Information Infrastructure of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Mar 2005  *  1 The Maine Music Box
Feb 2005     A Metadata Search Engine for Digital Language Archives
Feb 2005     The Relevance of the XML Data Format for Access to Historical Datasets and a Strategy for Digital Preservation
Jan 2005     Building Educational Portals atop Digital Libraries
Jan 2005     Transparent Format Migration of Preserved Web Content
Jan 2005     Trend Analysis of the Digital Library Community
Jan 2005     Understanding Faculty to Improve Content Recruitment for Institutional Repositories
Dec 2004     By the People, For the People: Posters from the WPA, 1936-1943
Dec 2004     How Fares the Wired Museum?
Dec 2004  *  52 The Role of RSS in Science Publishing
Nov 2004  *  4 A Service-Oriented Framework for Bibliography Management
Nov 2004  *  9 A Web Service Interface for Creating Concept Browsing Interfaces
Nov 2004  *  4 Archiving and Accessing Web Pages
Nov 2004  *  9 Assessing the Durability of Formats in a Digital Preservation Environment
Nov 2004  *  6 Toward a Metadata Generation Framework
Oct 2004  *  3 Cross-Language Evaluation Forum - CLEF 2004
Oct 2004  *  10 E-Books: Challenges and Opportunities
Oct 2004  *  4 Healthcare Digital Libraries Workshop - HDL 2004
Oct 2004  *  1 Visualizing Bibliographic Metadata - A Virtual (Book) Spine Viewer
Sep 2004  *  2 Library Web Accessibility at Kentucky's 4-Year Degree Granting Colleges and Universities
Sep 2004  *  1 Reengineering a National Resource Discovery Service
Sep 2004  *  4 Search Engine Technology and Digital Libraries - Moving from Theory to Practice
Sep 2004  *  2 The "Rights" in Digital Rights Management
Jul 2004  *  3 If You Build It, Will They Come? Participant Involvement in Digital Libraries
Jul 2004  *  4 Integration of Non-OAI Resources for Federated Searching in DLIST, an Eprints Repository
Jul 2004  *  2 The Continuing Access and Digital Preservation Strategy for the UK Joint Information Systems Committee
Jul 2004  *  5 The Role of ERPANET in Supporting Digital Curation and Preservation in Europe
Jul 2004  *  8 Thirteen Ways of Looking at Digital Preservation
Jun 2004  *  3 DAFFODIL - Strategic Support for User-Oriented Access to Heterogeneous Digital Libraries
Jun 2004  *  3 Implementing an Open Jurisdictional Digital Repository - the STORS Project
Jun 2004  *  10 Search Engine Technology and Digital Libraries
Jun 2004  *  3 The Use of Consortially Purchased Electronic Journals by the CBUC (2000-2003)
May 2004  *  1 Combining Place, Time, and Topic
May 2004     Determining Space from Place for Natural History Collections
May 2004  *  1 Georeferencing in Historical Collections
May 2004  *  2 Issues in Georeferenced Digital Libraries
May 2004     Spatial Data Infrastructures and Digital Libraries
May 2004  *  3 The Alexandria Digital Library Project
Apr 2004  *  1 Continuing Education, Libraries and the Internet (CELI) Project
Apr 2004  *  4 Implementing Metadata in Digital Preservation Systems
Apr 2004     NESTOR - A Digital Preservation Initiative for Germany
Apr 2004  *  5 Virtual Remote Control - Building a Preservation Risk Management Toolbox for Web Resources
Mar 2004     A Developing Search Service: Heterogeneous Resources Integration and Retrieval System
Mar 2004  *  7 The Right to Preserve: The Rights Issues of Digital Preservation
Feb 2004  *  2 Search and Retrieval in The European Library
Feb 2004     Supporting Member Collaboration in the Math Tools Digital Library
Jan 2004  *  8 Library Periodicals Expenses: Comparison of Non-Subscription Costs of Print and Electronic Formats on a Life-Cycle Basis
Jan 2004  *  6 The Cost per Article Reading of Open Access Articles
Dec 2003  *  8 Comparing Library Resource Allocations for the Paper and the Digital Library
Dec 2003  *  5 Open Archives Data Service Prototype and Automated Subject Indexing Using D-Lib Archive Content As a Testbed
Nov 2003  *  4 New Ways of Sharing and Using Authority Information
Nov 2003  *  5 Public Opinion Polls and Digital Preservation
Oct 2003  *  6 Building a Digital Library the Commons-based Peer Production Way
Oct 2003  *  6 Patterns of Journal Use by Faculty at Three Diverse Universities
Oct 2003  *  4 The Digital Book: A Medial Revolution without a New Medium
Oct 2003  *  16 Who Uses What? Report on a National Survey of Information Users in Colleges and Universitie
Sep 2003  *  1 Aggregate Record Management in Three Clicks
Sep 2003  *  6 The Digital Preservation of e-Prints
Sep 2003  *  6 The Intellectual Property Rights Issues Facing Self-archiving
Jul 2003  *  4 User Evaluation of the Montana Natural Resource Information System
Jul 2003  *  8 What Do We Mean by Authentic?
Jun 2003  *  8 Google Meets eBay: What Academic Librarians Can Learn from Alternative Information Providers
Jun 2003  *  2 Trends in Use of Electronic Journals in Higher Education in the UK - Views of Academic Staff and Students
Jun 2003  *  1 Visualizing Keyword Distribution Across Multidisciplinary C-Space
May 2003  *  4 Developing a Content Management System-based Web Site
May 2003  *  7 Keepers of the Crumbling Culture: What Digital Preservation Can Learn from Library History
May 2003  *  6 Patterns of Journal Use by Scientists through Three Evolutionary Phases
May 2003  *  4 Usage Analysis for the Identification of Research Trends in Digital Libraries
May 2003  *  6 Visions: The Academic Library in 2012
Mar 2003  *  1 Building Upon the MyLibrary Concept to Better Meet the Information Needs of College Students
Mar 2003  *  4 Usability of Hypermedia Educational e-Books
Feb 2003     Visual Resource Reference: Collaboration Between Digital Museums and Digital Libraries
Jan 2003  *  3 Building Safety Systems with Dynamic Disseminations of Multimedia Digital Objects
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