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Nov 2005     Mary Czerwinski outlines steps towards building a better partnership between SIGCHI and HFES
May 2005     On Communication -- Welcome to the SIGCHI EC Blog
May 2005     Tom Landauer Receives CHI Lifetime Achievement Award
Sep 2004     2005 SIGCHI Budget
Sep 2004     AVI2004 Report
Sep 2004     SIGCHI EEC Minutes for June 2004
Sep 2004     TOCHI Retrospective
Jun 2004  *  1 Easing the CHI Conference Papers Chair's burdens
Jun 2004     The SIGCHI Bulletin Web Site is here
Jun 2004  *  1 Editorial: SIGCHI Is doing a great job! (Aren't we?)
Apr 2004  *  1 Spotlight on the DIS Conference Series
Apr 2004     Local SIGS - Connecting the HCI 'diaspora'
Apr 2004  *  1 Policy to help guide the creation of new conferences
Apr 2004     President's Report: Advancing the Field
Jan 2004     President's Report: Four Issues
Jan 2004  *  1 Report from Marilyn Salzman, Vice-Chair for Publications
Jan 2004  *  2 Commentary: Democratizing SIGCHI
Oct 2003     President's Report: the ACM SIG Governing Board
Sep 2003     TOCHI Retrospective
Aug 2003  *  1 Discussing New Horizons for Local Chapters
Aug 2003  *  1 Report from Wendy Mackay, outgoing Publications chair
Aug 2003     Report on the Conferences
Jan 2003     I'd Like To Complain About This Software (.pdf)
Jan 2003     Is It On? (.pdf)
Jan 2003     When Technology Can Help Children (.pdf)
Apr 1999     Computers and Kids: Where is the Industry Going (.pdf)
Apr 1999     HCI Education in Sweden (.pdf)
Apr 1999  *  1 That Visual Thing (.pdf)
Jan 1999  *  1 A Journey into Web Usability - What an Informed Architect Learned on His Summer Vacation (.pdf)
Jan 1999     Building a Community Website, SIGCHI.NL goes Online (.pdf)
Jan 1999     Deer Hunter Bucks the Trend (.pdf)
Jan 1999     Image, Image: image, image, image (.pdf)
Jan 1999  *  1 Innovation and Evaluation of Information Exploration Interfaces (.pdf)
Jan 1999     International CHI: Communicating with International Audiences (.pdf)
Jan 1999  *  1 Kids and Computers: Designers of the Future (.pdf)
Jan 1999     Mobile Informatics Innovation of IT Use in mobile settings (.pdf)
Jan 1999  *  1 The Real World (.pdf)
Jan 1999     The User Interface in Text Retrieval Systems Revisited (.pdf)
Jan 1999     VRI'98 Visual Representations and Interpretations (.pdf)
Jan 1999  *  1 Web Navigation Resolving Conflicts between the Desktop and the Web (.pdf)
Jan 1999  *  3 Web Usability A Review of the Research (.pdf)
Oct 1998  *  1 Beyond Internet Business-as-Usual
Oct 1998     Collaborative Virtual Environments: A Conference Report
Oct 1998     Competitive Testing Issues and Methodology
Oct 1998  *  1 Designing User Interfaces for Safety Critical Systems
Oct 1998  *  1 HCI and the Web: World Wide Web Special Interest Area
Oct 1998  *  1 HCI Education and CHI 98
Oct 1998     HCI in the Classroom
Oct 1998  *  1 HCI Solutions for Managing the IT Infra-structure
Oct 1998     Hyped-Media to Hyper-Media - Toward Theoretical Foundations of Design, Use and Evaluation
Oct 1998  *  2 Identifying and Resolving Bloat in the User Interface
Oct 1998  *  1 Incorporating Work, Process And Task Analysis Into Commercial And Industrial Object-Oriented Systems Development
Oct 1998  *  1 Kids and Computers: CHIkids: A Look Back and a Look Forward
Oct 1998  *  1 Learner-Centered Design - Specifically Addressing the Needs of Learners
Oct 1998     Making Technology Accessible for Older Users
Oct 1998  *  1 Outside Looking In: CHI 98
Oct 1998     Persuasive Computing
Oct 1998     Representations in Interactive Software Development
Oct 1998     So You Want to be a User Interface Consultant
Oct 1998     Task-Based User Interface Design
Oct 1998     The Celebration Continues - HCIL 98 Trip Report
Oct 1998     The Screen is not Paper
Oct 1998     The SIGCHI International Issues Committee
Oct 1998     Unifying HCI: The Impossible Possibility
Oct 1998     User Interfaces for Computer-based Patient Records
Oct 1998     Video Conferencing
Jul 1998     As We May Communicate
Jul 1998     Change, Information and Understanding
Jul 1998  *  1 Designing Design Education
Jul 1998     Kids and Computers: How Did You Get To Doing What You Do?
Jul 1998     Mysteries Worth Pondering
Jul 1998     Protocols for Commerce
Jul 1998  *  1 Standards for Usability Testing
Jul 1998     The Effects of Visual Proxemic Information in Video Mediated Communication
Jul 1998     The User Interface in Text Retrieval Systems
Apr 1998  *  1 A History of the Apple Human Interface Group
Apr 1998     A Psychologist Astray in Computer Science
Apr 1998     An Architecture for Content Analysis of Documents
Apr 1998  *  1 An Online Digital Photography Course for High School Teachers
Apr 1998     An Overview of the ATG Intelligent Systems Program
Apr 1998  *  1 ATG Education Research - The Authoring Tools Thread
Apr 1998  *  2 Beyond Search - The Information Access Research Group at Apple
Apr 1998     Designing Technology to Support Rural Healthcare Workers in India
Apr 1998  *  2 Discourse Architecture
Apr 1998     Drop Zones - An Extension to LiveDoc
Apr 1998     Dynamic Document Presentation
Apr 1998     Empirical Studies of Programmers
Apr 1998     From Documents to Objects - An Overview of LiveDoc
Apr 1998     Graphical User Interfaces For Hierarchies
Apr 1998     Hit Squads & Bug Meisters
Apr 1998     In Search of Design Principles for Tools and Practices to Support Communication within a Learning Community
Apr 1998     Interaction-Driven Speech Input
Apr 1998     Interface Issues in Text Based Chat Rooms
Apr 1998     Key States in Ranges
Apr 1998     Learning Conversations
Apr 1998     Rapid Prototyping of Awareness Services using a Shared Information Server
Apr 1998     Speech User Interface Design Challenges
Apr 1998     Tailorable Groupware
Apr 1998     Teenagers, Sex Education and Microsoft
Apr 1998     The ATG Knowledge Management Technologies Laboratory
Apr 1998     The ATG Learning Communities Laboratory
Apr 1998  *  1 The Graphical User Interface - An Introduction
Apr 1998     Toward an HCI Research and Practice Agenda based on Human Needs and Social Responsibility
Apr 1998     Two Weeks in the Life of a Technology Teacher
Apr 1998     Universal Design
Apr 1998     Update on Recent HCI and Usability Standards
Apr 1998     Usability Engineering 2 - Measurement and Methods
Apr 1998     User Experience Research Group
Jan 1998  *  1 Computers Versus Humans
Jan 1998     Flags are not Languages
Jan 1998     HCI Education and Its Role in Industrial Engineering
Jan 1998     Interactive Systems for Supporting the Emergence of Concepts and Ideas
Jan 1998  *  1 IT Outsourcing - Some Implications for Building Usable IT Systems
Jan 1998  *  1 My Kid Doesn't Need A Computer…
Jan 1998     Snoozing
Jan 1998     Standards for Medical Applications and Documentation
Jan 1998     The Orchestration Age
Jan 1998     Time and the Web
Jan 1998  *  6 Towards a Pattern Language for Interaction Design
Jan 1998  *  2 User Autonomy: Who Should Control What and When?
Jan 1998  *  1 User-Centered Requirements - The Scenario-Based Engineering Process
Jan 1998  *  1 Visualizing Personal Histories
Jan 1998  *  1 You Need a Psychologist to Teach HCI Correctly to a Computer Scientist
Oct 1997     Awareness in Collaborative Systems
Oct 1997     Cafés
Oct 1997  *  2 Catching the Eye: Management of Joint Attention in Cooperative Work
Oct 1997     Distance Learning
Oct 1997  *  1 End-User Computing
Oct 1997  *  2 Entertainment is a Human Factor - Game Design and HCI
Oct 1997  *  1 Evaluation Methodology Telematics Systems
Oct 1997     HCI Design for Network and System Management
Oct 1997     HCI Education and CHI 97
Oct 1997  *  1 Hell and Documentation
Oct 1997     Information Technology Standards in ISO/IEC JTC1
Oct 1997  *  2 Issues in Wearable Computing
Oct 1997  *  1 Navigation in Electronic Worlds
Oct 1997  *  2 Object Models in User Interface Design
Oct 1997     Reflection on CHIkids
Oct 1997     Structured Programmers Learning Object-Oriented Programming
Oct 1997     Testing for Power Usability
Oct 1997     The 1997 Basic Research Symposium at CHI 97
Oct 1997     The HCI Educator's Open House
Oct 1997  *  1 Usability Testing of World Wide Web Sites
Jul 1997  *  1 A Critical Examination of Separable User Interface Management Systems: Constructs for Individualization
Jul 1997     Design and Use of MUDs for Serious Purposes
Jul 1997     Design as a Cultural Activity
Jul 1997     How To Get a Ph.D. and Have a Life, T
Jul 1997     Human-Computer-Human Interaction: Trust in CSCW
Jul 1997  *  1 Kids Are Not "Adults-In-Waiting"
Jul 1997     Programmers are Humans Too, 2
Jul 1997     Safety Catches
Jul 1997  *  2 Standards for Multimedia, Accessibility, and the Information Infrastructure
Jul 1997     The SIGCHI Educational Resource Development Group
Jul 1997  *  1 Web Design & Development '97
Jul 1997     Workshop Report on the Theory and Practice of Physical and Network Communities
Apr 1997  *  1 A Semiotic Framework for Multi-User Interfaces
Apr 1997  *  2 Beyond the Interface Metaphor
Apr 1997     Context and Consciousness
Apr 1997  *  2 Forums for Improving HCI Education
Apr 1997     HCI Standards in the United States
Apr 1997     If Six Were Nine
Apr 1997     Powerful Functions
Apr 1997  *  3 The Evolution of CSCW
Apr 1997  *  1 The Internet and HCI in Australasia
Apr 1997  *  1 The Social Design of a Local SIG
Apr 1997  *  1 Why Do We Make Technology for Kids?
Mar 1997     A Comparison of Reading Paper and On-Line Documents
Mar 1997  *  1 A Computer Participant in Musical Improvisation
Mar 1997     Accessing Multimedia through Concept Clustering
Mar 1997     Aesthetics and Apparent Usability: Empirically Assessing Cultural and Methodological Issues
Mar 1997     An Empirical Evaluation of Graspable User Interfaces: towards specialized, space-multiplexed input
Mar 1997     AROMA: Abstract Representation Of Presence Supporting Mutual Awareness
Mar 1997     Autonomous Interface Agents
Mar 1997     Beyond Fitts' Law: Models for Trajectory-Based HCI Tasks
Mar 1997     Body Coupled FingeRing: Wireless Wearable Keyboard
Mar 1997     Building Task-Specific Interfaces to High Volume Conversational Data
Mar 1997     Characterizing Interactive Externalizations
Mar 1997     Cognitive Modeling Reveals Menu Search is Both Random and Systematic
Mar 1997  *  1 Computational Models of Information Scent-Following in a Very Large Browsable Text Collection
Mar 1997     Cooperative Bimanual Action
Mar 1997     Crowded Collaborative Virtual Environments
Mar 1997     Degrees of Comprehension: Children's Understanding of a Visual Programming Environment
Mar 1997     Design For Network Communities
Mar 1997     Designing Effective Multimedia Presentations
Mar 1997     Designing For or Designing With? Informant Design For Interactive Learning Environments
Mar 1997     Does Continuous Visual Feedback Aid Debugging in Direct-Manipulation Programming Systems?
Mar 1997     Dynamic Soundscape: mapping time to space for audio browsing
Mar 1997     Dynomite: A Dynamically Organized Ink and Audio Notebook
Mar 1997     Effective View Navigation
Mar 1997     Elastic Windows: Evaluation of Multi-Window Operations
Mar 1997     From Single-User Architectural Design to PAC*: a Generic Software Architecture Model for CSCW
Mar 1997     From Sufficient to Efficient Usage: An Analysis of Strategic Knowledge
Mar 1997     From Web Press to Web Pressure: Multimedia Representations and Multimedia Publishing
Mar 1997     Helping and Hindering User Involvement - A Tale of Everyday Design
Mar 1997  *  1 How to Personalize the Web
Mar 1997  *  1 I'll Get That Off the Audio: A Case Study of Salvaging Multimedia Meeting Records
Mar 1997     Integration and Synchronization of Input Modes during Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
Mar 1997  *  1 Interval Scripts: a Design Paradigm for Story-Based Interactive Systems
Mar 1997     Life, Death, and Lawfulness on the Electronic Frontier
Mar 1997  *  1 Maintaining a Focus on User Requirements Throughout the Development of Clinical Workstation Software
Mar 1997  *  1 Making Computers Easier for Older Adults to Use: Area Cursors and Sticky Icons
Mar 1997  *  1 MedSpeak: Report Creation with Continuous Speech Recognition
Mar 1997     Paper as an Analytic Resource for the Design of New Technologies
Mar 1997     PaperLink: A Technique for Hyperlinking from Real Paper to Electronic Content
Mar 1997  *  1 Participatory Analysis: Shared Development of Requirements from Scenarios
Mar 1997     Performance Differences in the Fingers, Wrist, and Forearm in Computer Input Control
Mar 1997     Queries? Links? Is There a Difference?
Mar 1997     Relationships Between Users' and Interfaces' Task Representations
Mar 1997     Rendering Drawings for Interactive Haptic Perception
Mar 1997  *  1 Revisitation Patterns in World Wide Web Navigation
Mar 1997     SenseMaker: An Information-Exploration Interface Supporting the Contextual Evolution of a User's Interests
Mar 1997     Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms
Mar 1997     The Cognitive Ergonomics of Knowledge-Based Design Support Systems
Mar 1997     The Design of a GUI Paradigm based on Tablets, Two-hands, and Transparency
Mar 1997     The Design of a Wearable Computer
Mar 1997     The Persona Effect: Affective Impact of Animated Pedagogical Agents
Mar 1997     The Rockin' Mouse: Integral 3D Manipulation on a Plane
Mar 1997     Timewarp: Techniques for Autonomous Collaboration
Mar 1997     Toward an HCI Research and Practice Agenda Based on Human Needs and Social Responsibility
Mar 1997  *  1 WebStage: An Active Media Enhanced World Wide Web Browser
Mar 1997  *  1 WorldBeat: Designing a Baton-Based Interface for an Interactive Music Exhibit
Jan 1997     AVI '96 - An International Workshop
Jan 1997  *  1 CHI Ten Year View: Creating and Sustaining Common Ground
Jan 1997     Children
Jan 1997  *  1 Children, Creativity and Computers
Jan 1997     Eliciting Interactive Systems Requirements in a Language-Centred User-Designer Collaboration: A Semiotic Approach
Jan 1997  *  1 Exploring Human-Computer Interaction and Software Engineering Methodologies for the Creation of Interactive Software
Jan 1997     Finding and Reminding Revisited: Appropriate Metaphors for File Organization at the Desktop
Jan 1997     Formal User-Centered Requirements Engineering
Jan 1997     Generating Requirements in a Courier Despatch Management System
Jan 1997  *  1 HCI Education: Where is it Headed?
Jan 1997     HCI in Australasia: Towards INTERACT'97
Jan 1997     Integrating HCI and Software Engineering Requirements Analysis
Jan 1997     OOE: A Compound Document Framework
Jan 1997     People, Places and Interfaces
Jan 1997  *  1 Quick! The Future is Coming!
Jan 1997  *  1 Specifying Cognitive Interface Requirements
Jan 1997     The CHI 96 Basic Research Symposium
Jan 1997     The Future of Visual Interaction Design?
Jan 1997  *  1 Towards a Framework for Investigating Temporal Properties in Interaction
Jan 1997  *  2 User Interface Standards in the ISO Ergonomics Technical Committee
Jan 1997  *  1 World-Wide CHI: Future Ethics
Oct 1996  *  1 Cooking
Oct 1996     Cool Stuff and Hot Interfaces
Oct 1996     Designing the User Interface for Speech Recognition Applications
Oct 1996     Educating HCI Practitioners: Evaluating What Industry Needs and Academia Delivers
Oct 1996     Education: Some Progress and Some New Questions
Oct 1996  *  1 Formal Methods in Computer Human Interaction
Oct 1996     HCI and the Web
Oct 1996     Industry-Government Collaboration for System Effectiveness and Efficiency
Oct 1996     Never is a Long Time
Oct 1996  *  1 Psychological Issues of Virtual Environment Interfaces
Oct 1996  *  1 Self Assessment - How Do You Stack Up?
Oct 1996     Standards: A Look Ahead and an Overview
Oct 1996     The Attributistical Understanding of Information
Oct 1996     The HCI Professional as Consultant
Oct 1996     The Missing Link: Hypermedia Usability Research & The Web
Oct 1996     The Voluntary Workcamps Association of Ghana's Computer Literacy/Distance Learning Project
Oct 1996     Time to Go
Oct 1996     Transforming User-Centered Analysis into Concrete Design
Oct 1996     Usability Techniques - What Can You Do?
Oct 1996     User-Centred Design Principles: How Far Have They Been Industrialised?
Oct 1996     What I Learned at CHIkids
Jul 1996     A Multiparadigmatic Environment for Interacting with Databases
Jul 1996     A Tool to Support Specification and Evaluation of Context-Customized Interfaces
Jul 1996     A Visual Approach to HCI
Jul 1996     A Visual Approach to Object-Oriented Analysis Based on Abstract Diagrams
Jul 1996     Beep Beep!
Jul 1996     Building Interfaces as Personal Agents
Jul 1996     Collective Learning and Collective Memory for Coping with Dynamic Complexity
Jul 1996  *  1 Cultural User Interfaces, A Silver Lining in Cultural Diversity
Jul 1996     ESP6 (or, Snowbound during the great storm of '96)
Jul 1996     Field Oriented Design Techniques - Case Studies and Organizing Dimensions
Jul 1996     Formal Specification of User Interfaces
Jul 1996     Human-Computer Interaction through Natural Language and Hypermedia in AlFresco
Jul 1996  *  1 In Search of Clickable Dons
Jul 1996  *  2 Moving Tasks at the Center of the Development, Execution and Evaluation Process
Jul 1996     Programming Languages - A Play in Three Acts
Jul 1996     Reasoning on Gestural Interfaces through Syndetic Modelling
Jul 1996  *  1 Task-centred Design - Turning Task Modelling into Design
Jul 1996  *  5 The Industrial Design of the Software Industry
Jul 1996     The Management of Human Errors in User-Centered Design
Jul 1996  *  1 Time Flies You Cannot They Fly Too Fast
Jul 1996     Virtual ECHO - An Interface for a Simulated Environment
Jul 1996     Waiting
Apr 1996  *  1 A Case For Interaction: A Study of Interactive Information Retrieval Behavior and Effectiveness
Apr 1996     A Collaborative Approach to Developing Style Guides
Apr 1996     A Collaborative Model of Feedback in Human-Computer Interaction
Apr 1996     A Comprehension-Based Model of Exploration
Apr 1996  *  1 A Palmtop Display for Dextrous Manipulation with Haptic Sensation
Apr 1996  *  1 An Empirical Evaluation of Design Rationale Documents
Apr 1996  *  1 An Experimental Evaluation of Transparent Menu Usage
Apr 1996     Assessing Dynamics in Computer-Based Instruction
Apr 1996  *  2 Assessing the Effect of Non-Photorealistic Rendered Images in CAD
Apr 1996     Audio Enhanced 3D Interfaces for Visually Impaired Users
Apr 1996  *  2 Beating the Limitations of Camera-Monitor Mediated Telepresence with Extra Eyes
Apr 1996     BrightBoard:A Video-Augmented Environment
Apr 1996  *  1 Differences in Movement Microstructure of the Mouse and the Finger-Controlled Isometric Joystick
Apr 1996  *  1 Do Color Models Really Make a Difference?
Apr 1996     Dual Device User Interface Design: PDAs and Interactive Television
Apr 1996  *  1 Emacspeak --A Speech Interface
Apr 1996     Email Overload: Exploring Personal Information Management of Email
Apr 1996  *  3 Embed User Values in System Architecture: The Declaration of System Usability
Apr 1996     Exploring the Unrealized Potential of Computer-Aided Drafting
Apr 1996  *  2 Externalising Abstract Mathematical Models
Apr 1996     Gratuitous Graphics? Putting Preferences in Perspective
Apr 1996     Helping Users Program Their Personal Agents
Apr 1996  *  3 HomeNet: A Field Trial of Residential Internet Services
Apr 1996  *  1 Integrating Human Factors in Customer Support Systems development using a multi-level organisational approach
Apr 1996  *  3 Learning Theory in Practice: Case Studies of Learner-Centered Design
Apr 1996  *  2 LifeLines: Visualizing Personal Histories
Apr 1996  *  2 MailCall: Message Presentation and Navigation in a Nonvisual Environment
Apr 1996  *  1 Making A Difference - The Impact of Inspections
Apr 1996     Multimodal Interfaces for Dynamic Interactive Maps
Apr 1996     NewsComm: A Hand-Held Interface for Interactive Access to Structured Audio
Apr 1996  *  1 Pavlov: Programming By Stimulus-Response Demonstration
Apr 1996     Pen Computing for Air Traffic Control
Apr 1996     Physical Versus Virtual Pointing
Apr 1996  *  4 Remote Evaluation: The Network as an Extension of the Usability Laboratory
Apr 1996  *  1 Reusable Hierarchical Command Objects
Apr 1996     Scatter/Gather Browsing Communicates the Topic Structure of a Very Large Text Collection
Apr 1996     Self Disclosure on Computer Forms: Meta-Analysis and Implications
Apr 1996  *  4 Silk from a Sow's Ear: Extracting Usable Structures from the Web
Apr 1996     Structuring Information With Mental Models: A Tour of Boston
Apr 1996  *  1 Systematic Design of Spoken Prompts
Apr 1996  *  3 Talk and Embodiment in Collaborative Virtual Environments
Apr 1996  *  3 Technomethodology: Paradoxes and Possibilities
Apr 1996     The Influence of Muscle Groups on Performance of Multiple Degree-of-Freedom Input
Apr 1996     The Thin Glass Line: Designing Interfaces to Algorithms
Apr 1996  *  3 The WebBook and the Web Forager: An Information Workspace for the World-Wide Web
Apr 1996     The Zephyr Help Instance: Promoting Ongoing Activity in a CSCW System
Apr 1996     Toward Automatic Generation of Novice User Test Scripts
Apr 1996     Usability Problem Identification Using Both Low- and High-Fidelity Prototypes
Apr 1996  *  1 User Customization of a Word Processor
Apr 1996     Using small screen space more efficiently
Apr 1996     Using the Web Instead of a Window System
Apr 1996  *  1 Visualization as an Emergent Behavior of Active Design Agents
Apr 1996  *  1 Wayfinding Strategies and Behaviors in Large Virtual Worlds
Apr 1996  *  2 Assessing the Impact of Time on User Interface Design
Apr 1996     Automated Verification of Temporal Dialogue Properties
Apr 1996  *  1 Cognitive Architectures and HCI
Apr 1996  *  3 Delays and Temporal Incoherence Due to Mediated Status-Status Mappings
Apr 1996     DesignTools & Techniques in Visual Design Development
Apr 1996     Educating Computer People about People & Computers
Apr 1996     Education: More Needles in the Haystack
Apr 1996     Gesture at the User Interface
Apr 1996  *  3 How Machine Delays Change User Strategies
Apr 1996     Including Time in the Notion of Interactor
Apr 1996  *  1 Interactive Video
Apr 1996  *  2 Long-term Variation in User Actions
Apr 1996  *  1 So How Are Your Hands? - Thoughts from a CS Student with RSI
Apr 1996     Sticky Labels
Apr 1996     Teaching Human Computer Interaction to Programmers
Apr 1996  *  1 The CHI '95 Conference Electronic Publication
Apr 1996     Time Modelling in Petri Nets for the Design of Interactive Systems
Apr 1996  *  1 Time, Tasks and Errors
Apr 1996     Visual Interaction Design: Enough is Enough, and Enough is Too Much!
Apr 1996     What Was the Subject of Titchner's Doctoral Thesis?
Jan 1996     Finding and Reminding Reconsidered
Jan 1996  *  2 HCI Education - Past, Present and Future?
Jan 1996  *  1 Knowledge-Based Support for the User-Interface Design Process
Jan 1996  *  1 Minimizing Bias in Computer Systems
Jan 1996  *  1 Programmers Are Humans Too
Jan 1996     SIGCHI: The Early Years
Jan 1996     SIGCHI: The Later Years
Jan 1996     Standards: Simplifying Conformance
Jan 1996     The CHI Conference - Interviews with Conference Chairs
Jan 1996     The Denver Model for Groupware Design (Yeeeeee Haaaaaa!)
Jan 1996     The Evolution of the Student Experience: Interviews with Stuart Card and James Foley
Jan 1996     The SIGCHI Bulletin - Interviews with the Editors
Jan 1996     Trip report: Designing Interactive Systems
Jan 1996     Uppers and Downers
Jan 1996     Visual Interaction Design - Rites of Passage
Jan 1996     Why Don't More Non-North-American Papers Get Accepted to CHI?
Jan 1996     Window Sharing with Collaborative Interface Agents
Jan 1996     World-Wide CHI: Perspectives on Design and Internationalization
Oct 1995  *  1 Buttons
Oct 1995  *  1 HCI Challenges in Government Contracting
Oct 1995     Metaphorically Speaking
Jul 1995     Coffee
Jul 1995     Finding and Reminding: File Organization from the Desktop
Jul 1995     Things that Stay Us from the Swift Completion of Our Appointed Tasks
May 1995     A Comparison of Face-To-Face and Distributed Presentations
May 1995     A Comparison of Still, Animated, or Nonillustrated On-Line Help with Written or Spoken Instructions in a Graphical User Interface
May 1995  *  1 A Comparison of User Interfaces for Panning on a Touch-Controlled Display
May 1995     A Focus+Context Technique Based on Hyperbolic Geometry for Visualizing Large Hierarchies
May 1995     A Generic Platform for Addressing the Multimodal Challenge
May 1995     A Theoretically Motivated Tool for Automatically Generating Command Aliases
May 1995     A Virtual Window On Media Space
May 1995     An Organic User Interface For Searching Citation Links
May 1995  *  1 Applying Electric Field Sensing to Human-Computer Interfaces
May 1995     Back to the future: pen and paper technology supports complex group Coordination
May 1995     Bricks: Laying the Foundations for Graspable User Interfaces
May 1995     Bridging the Gulf Between Code and Behavior in Programming
May 1995     Building Geometry-based Widgets by Example
May 1995     Collaborative Tools and the Practicalities of Professional Work at the International Monetary Fund
May 1995     Design Space Analysis as "Training Wheels" in a Framework for Learning User Interface Design
May 1995     Designing SpeechActs: Issues in Speech User Interfaces
May 1995     Developing Dual User Interfaces for Integrating Blind and Sighted Users : the HOMER UIMS
May 1995     Dinosaur Input Device
May 1995  *  1 Display Navigation By An Expert Programmer: A Preliminary Model Of Memory
May 1995     Dynamic Generation of Follow Up Question Menus: Facilitating Interactive Natural Language Dialogues
May 1995     Dynamic Stereo Displays
May 1995     Electronic futures markets versus floor trading: Implications for interface design
May 1995  *  1 End-user training: an empirical study comparing on-line practice methods
May 1995     Enhanced Dynamic Queries via Movable Filters
May 1995  *  1 Ethics, Lies and Videotape…
May 1995     Evolution of a Reactive Environment
May 1995     Finding and Using Implicit Structure in Human-Organized Spatial Layouts of Information
May 1995     GeoSpace: An Interactive Visualization System for Exploring Complex Information Spaces
May 1995     Glove-TalkII: An Adaptive Gesture-to-Formant Interface
May 1995     Implicit Structures for Pen-Based Systems Within a Freeform Interaction Paradigm
May 1995     Improving GUI Accessibility for People with Low Vision
May 1995     Information Foraging in Information Access Environments
May 1995     Integrating Task and Software Development for Object-Oriented Applications
May 1995  *  1 Interactive Sketching for the Early Stages of User Interface Design
May 1995     KidSim: End User Programming of Simulations
May 1995     Learning and Using the Cognitive WalkthroughMethod: A Case Study Approach
May 1995     Learning to Write Together Using Groupware
May 1995     Modeling Time-Constrained Learning In A Highly Interactive Task
May 1995     Multidisciplinary Modelling In HCI Design...In Theory and In Practice
May 1995  *  1 Pictures as Input Data
May 1995     Planning-Based Control of Interface Animation
May 1995     Pointing the way: active collaborative filtering
May 1995     Practical Education for Improving Software Usability
May 1995     Predictive Engineering Models Using the EPIC Architecture for a High-Performance Task
May 1995     Pre-Screen Projection: From Concept to Testing of a New Interaction Technique
May 1995     Providing assurances in a multimedia interactive environment
May 1995     Recognition Accuracy and User Acceptance of Pen Interfaces
May 1995     Recommending And Evaluating Choices In A Virtual Community Of Use
May 1995  *  1 SageBook: Searching Data-Graphics by Content
May 1995  *  1 Situated Facial Displays: Towards Social Interaction
May 1995     Social Information Filtering: Algorithms for Automating "Word of Mouth''
May 1995     Space-Scale Diagrams: Understanding Multiscale Interfaces
May 1995     Telephone Operators as Knowledge Workers: Consultants Who Meet Customer Needs
May 1995     The High-Tech Toolbelt: A Study of Designers in the Workplace
May 1995  *  1 The Time Factor in Diagnostic Usability Heuristics
May 1995     TileBars: Visualization of Term Distribution Information in Full Text Information Access
May 1995     Transparent Layered User Interfaces: An Evaluation of a Display Design to Enhance Focused and Divided Attention
May 1995     Turning Research into Practice: Characteristics of Display-Based Interaction
May 1995     User Embodiment in Collaborative Virtual Environments
May 1995     User-Centered Video: Transmitting Video Images Based on the User's Interest
May 1995     Using Computational Critics to Facilitate Long-term Collaboration in User Interface Design
May 1995     Virtual Reality on a WIM: Interactive Worlds in Miniature
May 1995  *  1 Visualizing Complex Hypermedia Networks through Multiple Hierarchical Views
May 1995     What Help Do Users Need?: Taxonomies for On-line Information Needs & Access Methods
May 1995     What Mix of Video and Audio is Useful for Small Groups Doing Remote Real-time Design Work?
Apr 1995     Gbldgk
Apr 1995     Local SIGs: What Does It Mean To Be Local?
Jan 1995     No Such Number, No Such Zone
Oct 1994     Let Vs Coniectvre VVhat the VVorld VVovld Be Liqe Had the Roman Empire Not Fallen
Jul 1994     A Word of Encouragement
Apr 1994     Parallel Worlds
Jan 1994     East-West International Conference on Human-Computer Interaction
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