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Nov 2005     OWL Exports from a Full Thesaurus
Nov 2005     TREC: Improving Information Access through Evaluation
Jun 2005     Chasing Down the Social Meaning of DeCSS: Investigating the Internet Posting of DVD Circumvention Software
Jun 2005     Infomania at Summit '05
Jun 2005     Social Informatics
Jun 2005     Social Informatics in Practice: A Guide for the Perplexed
Jun 2005     Social Informatics: Beyond Emergence
Jun 2005     Social Informatics: Overview, Principles and Opportunities
Jun 2005     The USA Patriot Act Redux: Should We Reauthorize or Repudiate the Post-9/11 Authorities?
Apr 2005     Bella and Yakov and Tillie's Panties: What I Learned in “Construction and Maintenance of Indexing Languages and Thesauri”
Apr 2005     The Historical Development of Information Infrastructures and the Dissemination of Knowledge: A Personal Reflection by W. Boyd Rayward
Apr 2005     Thin Slicing in Information Space
Feb 2005     Constructing a State Web Portal Through Design Alternatives, Measurement and Iterative Refinement
Feb 2005     Pace, Timing and Rhythm in Information Architecture
Feb 2005     The Next Wave of E-Government: The Challenges of Data Architecture
Oct 2004  *  3 Portal Implementation Issues and Challenges
Oct 2004  *  1 Portals in Libraries
Oct 2004     Scary Messages and Content Creep: It's All in a Daily Digest
Aug 2004  *  1 Emerging Content Requirements for News Products
Aug 2004     Highlights of a Career in Information Science (Peter Ingwersen)
Jun 2004  *  1 Becoming Digital
Jun 2004  *  1 Beyond the Gallery Walls: Tools and Methods for Leading End-Users to Collections Information
Jun 2004  *  1 Museum Information Professionals as Providers and Users of Online Resources
Jun 2004  *  2 The Evolving Roles of Information Professionals in Museums
Mar 2004     Statistical Approaches to Automatic Text Summarization
Mar 2004     The Porto Alegre Experience: Toward Digital and Social Inclusion
Feb 2004     A Learning Experience for the Geographically Dispersed
Feb 2004  *  1 Biological Information Standards
Feb 2004     Intellectual Property and Biological Knowledge
Feb 2004  *  1 Publishing Digital Floras and Faunas
Feb 2004     The Name Is Not the Terrain
Jul 2003  *  1 Farmers Access to Agricultural Information in Nigeria
Jul 2003     From Voting Machines to Scary
Jul 2003  *  2 Guarding the Borders or Blocking the Way? IAs to be Banned!
Jul 2003  *  1 Knowledge Compass: Connecting People to People
Jul 2003  *  2 Metadata Use in the Commercial Banking Industry
Jul 2003  *  1 Records and Information Management Perspectives Part 2: Access to Public Information
Jul 2003  *  1 Relevance and Priorities of ICT for Women in Rural Communities: A Case Study From Nigeria
Jul 2003  *  1 The Impact of Web Weather and Climate Information
Jun 2003     Information for Research in Developing Countries: Information Technology - Friend or Foe?
Jun 2003     Pace-layering Meaning and Whatever Comes First: The IAs Are Back in Town
Jun 2003     Records and Information Management Perspectives Part 1: Legislative and Legal Developments
Jun 2003     Shouting Fire on a Crowded Internet
Mar 2003  *  5 The Semantic Web (.pdf)
Feb 2003  *  1 Breaking Developments in Domestic Intelligence (.pdf)
Jan 2003  *  6 Mining The Metadata Quarries (.pdf)
Nov 2002  *  5 Automatic Indexing: A Matter of Degree
Nov 2002  *  6 What Can You Do with XML Today?
Sep 2002  *  1 Knowledge Management: The Collaboration Thread
Sep 2002  *  2 Process of Knowledge Building in Educational Departments
Sep 2002  *  1 Scientific Collaboratories: Evaluating their Potential
Jul 2002  *  1 Do Your Links Stink? Techniques for Good Web Information Scent
Jul 2002     New Course Design: Classification Schemes and Information Architecture
Jul 2002  *  1 Redesigning an E-Business Taxonomy: Egreetings Project Case Study
Jul 2002  *  1 Three Down and Yet More to Come: A Report from the IA Summit 2002
May 2002     Challenges in Accessing Scientific and Technological Information in Indonesia During the Economic Crisis
May 2002  *  8 The Indonesian Digital Library Network Is Born to Struggle with the Digital Divide
Jan 2002  *  2 Information Architecture in Library and Information Science Curricula
Nov 2001     Fulfilling the Promise of Content Management
Nov 2001  *  3 If this is information architecture, I need a plumber!
Nov 2001  *  3 Information Architects and Their Central Role in Content Management
Nov 2001  *  1 Understanding Content Management
Sep 2001  *  2 IA: The State of the Profession
Sep 2001  *  1 The Potential of Electronic Document Delivery Services for Academic Libraries in Ethiopia
Sep 2001  *  3 The Role of HealthNet Ethiopia in Disseminating Electronic Health Information Resources
Jul 2001     IAs in search of an identity?
Jul 2001  *  1 Wireless Technology in the Library: The RIT Experience
Jul 2001     Wireless Ways: Business and Personal Applications of Wireless Technology
May 2001  *  1 Classification for User Support and Learning
May 2001     Practice Makes Perfect: IA at the End of the Beginning?
May 2001  *  1 The Gyandoot Digital Library Intranet
Mar 2001  *  1 Architecture, Butterflies and Common Sense: The ABCs of a Profession on the Rise
Mar 2001  *  1 John Seely Brown: Leveraging the Social Life of Information in the E-Age
Jan 2001  *  1 Document Genres: What We Bring from the Past, What We Design for the Future
Jan 2001  *  2 I Think Therefore IA?
Jan 2001  *  1 Identifying Document Genre to Improve Web Search Effectiveness
Jan 2001  *  2 Knowledge Innovations: The Endless Adventure
Jan 2001  *  2 Recognizing Digital Genre
Jan 2001  *  1 The Concept of Genre and Its Characteristics
Nov 2000     InterPARES: Securing the Future of Our Electronic Records
Nov 2000     Knowledge Discovery in Databases Using Formal Concept Analysis
Nov 2000     Knowledge Discovery with a Little Perspective
Nov 2000  *  1 Methodological Approach in Discovering User Search Patterns through Web Log Analysis
Nov 2000     Systematic Knowledge Management and Knowledge Discovery
Nov 2000     Text Mining
Sep 2000     Digital Libraries and the Problem of Purpose
Sep 2000     Information Architecture Practice: An Interview with Gayle Curtis, Modem Media
Sep 2000  *  1 Information Architecture Practice: An Interview with Lou Rosenfeld, Argus Associates
Sep 2000     Information Architecture Practice: An Interview with Seth Gordon, ZEFER
Sep 2000     Information Architecture Practice: An Interview with Steven Ritchey, Sapient
Sep 2000  *  2 Information Architecture Practice: An Interview with Vivian Bliss, Microsoft
Jul 2000  *  1 Access to Music Information: The State of the Art
Jul 2000     The Use of Sound for Data Exploration
Jul 2000     User Interface Design for Speech-Based Retrieval
Jul 2000     World's Fastest Modeling Job, or Information Architecture
May 2000  *  1 Back to the Future: Information Science for the New Millennium
May 2000     Cultural Usability in Digital Libraries
May 2000     Maintaining Diversity in Information Agencies
May 2000  *  1 Prospects of Distance Learning in Kazakhstan and Central Asia
May 2000     Telemedicine: To Mount Everest and Beyond
May 2000  *  1 The Nature of Information
May 2000     The Role of Use Scenarios in Developing a Community Health Information System
Mar 2000     Copyright Protection in Online Education
Mar 2000     Getting Beyond the Simple Assumptions of Organizational Impact
Mar 2000     Museum Informatics: Sociotechnical Information Infrastructures in Museums
Mar 2000     Social Informatics and Aviation Technology
Mar 2000  *  1 Social Informatics and Information Retrieval Systems
Mar 2000     Social Interaction in Computer-Mediated Communication
Jan 2000     Classification and Representation
Jan 2000  *  1 Information Retrieval
Jan 2000  *  1 Knowledge Discovery, Capture and Creation
Jan 2000     Knowledge Dissemination
Jan 2000  *  1 Social, Behavioral, Cultural and Ethical Factors, Part 2
Jan 2000     Social, Behavioral, Cultural and Ethical Factors: Part 1
Nov 1999  *  2 The Digital Libraries Initiative
Sep 1999  *  1 Theory and Practice in the Organization of Images and Other Visuo-Spatial Data for Retrieval
Jul 1999  *  1 Globalization and Information Technologies: New Emerging Partnerships
Mar 1999  *  1 Information Seeking and Finding
Nov 1998     Emerging Information Standards
Jul 1998     Networking the Developing World
May 1998  *  1 From "Storage and Retrieval Sytems" to "Search Engines" in Evolution
Mar 1998     The New Information Professional
Nov 1997  *  4 Organizing Internet resources: Metadata and the Web
Jul 1997  *  1 Electronic Systems and Records Management in the Information Age
May 1996     Reinventing Information Services
May 1995     Environmental Information
Mar 1995  *  4 Information Brokering
Jan 1995     Economics of Information
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