About UsabilityViews.com

Who runs this site ?
Christopher Sean McEvoy, otherwise known as Chris McEvoy or Mac.
My blog is called Confusability. I also publish a site called usabilitymustdie.com which contains some pictures of me.
I live in the United Kingdom in a city called Bristol.

You may also be interested in my WebWord and Joel On Software statistics, which provide a different view of two weblogs.

I also maintain two sites that use Amazon Web Services to present extracts from Amazon: Topazon and BookRank.

I also publish a set of statistics relating to Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox Articles, based around my view that "Alertbox is Dead".

How often is it updated ?
I update the site once or twice a week, although it may be a bit less frequent if I am on holiday.

Who and what are the 'Userati' ?
"Userati - A group of people concerned with issues relating to software and users, who are known to their peers."

In December 2002 I decided to try and build a web page that showed connections between different people who work in, or have been influential in the field of usability. I christened this group "The Userati".

I want to discover and create connections between people who may share a common interest in improving the lot of humans when they use computer software.

You may also want to take a look at the Finderati.

I update the pages about once a week.

How do you calculate the userati connections score?
In a nutshell - Google.

I take two names like "Jakob Nielsen" and "Ted Nelson", and using Google I search for web pages that contain these two names. I can also have one alternate name for each person, so using the same example I would search for "Jakob Nielsen" OR "Dr Nielsen" "Ted Nelson" OR "Theodor Holm Nelson".

I will then go to the last page of Google results and get the number of connections from there.

Next I perform the same search in Usenet using the Google Groups Search.

I then add the two numbers together to get the 'connections score'.

How do you calculate the userati ranking score?

((Connection Ranking / (Number Of Userati / 100))
+ (Site Mentions Ranking / (Number Of Userati / 100))
+ (HCI Bibliography Ranking / (Number Of Userati / 100))) / 3

For someone with rankings of 31 of 119 for Connections, 55 of 199 for Site Mentions and 5 of 119 for HCI-BIB the userati ranking would be :
((31 / (119 / 100)) + (55 / (119 / 100)) + (5 / (119 / 100))) / 3
= (26.02 + 46.22 + 4.2) / 3
= 25.49

What an ugly picture of me!
If you appear on this site and would like to provide an alternative picture. Please e-mail one to me at chris@firstcircle.co.uk and I will update it on this site.

You haven't answered my question!
Send your question to me at chris@firstcircle.co.uk and I will do my best to add the answer to this page.

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